Decided to start daylogging again. I thought the situation would change as I returned to school, but it hasn't, and one day fades into another and another, and only my preferred medium of thought, text, will seperate them apart. The alarm clock actually went off today for once, but it still didn't get me up until 9:15 or so. I guess I'm just glad I stopped waking up before the damn thing. I could pick two of:

and my traitor stomach and sweat glands won out over the itchy and scratchy hair of two days growth. It seems I've joined the "Shave Each Day" club. Yay. I made it to Econ on time and I still sat on the side - they must line up outside like Star Wars freaks or something. Chem class was three minutes of sleep, two minutes of frantically scribbling what had been written, and a return to sleep. I am not learning anything so far in lecture. Chinese held the pleasant surprise of a near-perfect dictation (although I'll admit the advantage) and the revelation of Amanda's candy kid status. Perhaps we'll go out for a night of music and moving sometime.

Ate lunch with Steven and was introduced to various freshmen through his mighty gravitational force. Merissa was cute if tiny, Lindsey is nice if taken, and the names of the other two fled my head. We went back to his room for music and conversation, and Amber dropped in later. I saw The Perfect Drug video for the first time - eerie, and Trent Reznor downs a cup of absinthe, or the Little Green Fairy. Hmm - perhaps we'd call it the Little Green Man nowadays. I had to run for chem lab, though showing up late wouldn't have been a problem. It was a simple exploration into the properties of color. My partner was more interesting - a senior who had spent ten years or so away and was finally returning for his thesis. Spooky. After we cleaned up and copied the relevant papers, I went for a bite and had some girl ask for a light. Didn't happen to have one, so she felt a need to justify it by saying "Well, you look like a smoker." Guess I kinda took offense and made some poorly chosen jokes ("Let me open my wrists right now!"), but I just find it hard to imagine me looking like a smoker to anyone. I need to not take people at face value sometimes. I shall be doing my laundry tomorrow morning, as I'm too tired to drag it around tonight. Yeah, sure you will... Going to give Abby an email telling her to come on down - that's going to be interesting.

end of day

Meet a friend on serious amounts of narcotics and guess it from thirty feet away.
Hear someone complain about the overly large nature of their signifcant other's genitalia.
Run into an ex-girlfriend.
Come really damn close to faceplanting over the handles of the crappy communal bike you're riding in the parking lot at midnight, twice.
Finally crash the damn thing on the lawn and sit back, looking at the stars, laughing at first and then just enjoying the view...

What a nice end to a night.