I just came back from a two and a half week trip to the dolomites, and this is my first node in all that time. I've written a trip log and I'll be putting it on E2 soon, in the daylogs, which means I'll have tons and tons of unread daylogs, which is a pity, but then again it's the memories that count.

The trip was amazing, and we (my girlfriend and me) saw an incredible diversity of stuff (breathtaking views, churches, little rural towns, big rural towns, animals, people, earth pyramids...) We also had several small adventures, as is suitable for such a trip.

It's strange to be back in Israel. The trip was a perfect length, and it's nice to be back. I like my friends, and I noticed it again when I came back and wanted to share my experiences with them.

My girlfriend's mother came to pick us up at the airport. That was all nice and well, but as we were leaving, I felt a tap on my shoulder, and my father was there. I was thrilled to see him. It surprised even me. I hugged him about 10 times, which I guess is silly, but I always get emotional about how much he cares about me.

And my ex-girlfriend left me a message about what a dick I am for going abroad without telling her. She just left for New Zealand, and called to tell me, but I was away. We'd been on a sort of 'friendship' relationship for a year or so. But that really pissed me off. Why the hell should I tell her? And may I just mention that I bought her quite a nice present for her birthday in March, but got nothing in return in June. I don't see why I should call her to tell her I'm leaving. We speak on the phone about once a month - that's all our relationship has been for the past year.
She started calling more since she has a new boyfriend. Maybe she's still hurt from our break up and wants to flaunt him? Who cares?

I just got back and already I have 3 job offers. I got them all in the space of one hour yesterday:

  1. I have a jazz gig on Staurday
  2. A guitarist friend of mine called to ask me to play in a band which performs at weddings etc. This is a bit like prostitution for musicians, but it pays well.
  3. A rock/jazz/blues band needs me. The say they have shows lined up. I hope they do. I'm through with spending money on bands and not getting any in return.