Halfway between a bit and a pinch.

Seattle band fronted by man-mountain Tad Doyle. Responsible for some of the most classic early Sub Pop 7" singles, including "Daisy" and "Loser".

Third album "8-Way Santa" initially featured a sleeve with a smiling man holding a woman's bikini'd breast, but which was later banned on request of the woman, who had apparently got religion in the meantime. Not shy of controversial sleeves, the original cover to the "Jack Pepsi" single featured the Pepsi logo with TAD where PEPSI should have been. Banned, of course.

Left Sub Pop for a major label deal which went awry. Recently made a re-appearance with a 7" on Up Records.

adj. Military abbreviation: Temporary Active Duty.
Spoken as "Tee Ay Dee". Naval jargon, syn. for TDY, because the Navy need to have their own phrase for everything. Any assignment lasting under 180 days, esp. one requiring travel. "I was TAD to Da Nang in '68, when the shit was hot."

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