Extremely prolific and very fine rock group from Dayton, Ohio. Fronted by the far too cool for his own good Bob Pollard.

Released 12 albums and counting, not including the countless related solo albums and multitudes of EPs and singles.

Used to favour lo-fi sounds but now hang around with big-time producers like Ric Ocasek.

Recommended albums: Bee Thousand, Alien Lanes, Vampire On Titus. But you can't go too wrong with any of them.

Update: 2001 album Isolation Drills, produced by Rob Schnapf, is among GbV's best.

One of my personal favorite rock and roll bands of all time, if only for the fact that they were the best and most consistent and hardest-working band for five years(1992-1997). They're still going, and they're still good. But nothing measures up to those 5 years.

Fun facts about GBV:

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