1996 record from Guided By Voices, put out on Matador Records, catalogue number OLE161-2.

Under The Bushes..., produced by Kim Deal, ushers in a new era of GBV wherein the band, for the most part, stows their 4-track recorders for the relative luxury of more conventional studio amenities. The result here in this pivotal transitional stage is a very clear representation of the band's characteristic fuzz: hi-fi lo-fi rock, if such a thing is possible. This is also the end of the Tobin Sprout era: Sprout writes four songs, by the next album (1997's Mag Earwhig!) is merely a guest player, and on 1999's Do The Collapse is out of the lineup completely.

This album has the distinction of being a split between many a hardcore GBV fan, many of whom are too "indie" to admit that they like the new "polished" sound. I see it as a necessary evolutionary step. The songcraft is still superb, and the production value helps bring Bob Pollard's mock-British accent lilting above the tunes.

Track List:

  1. Man Called Aerodynamics
  2. Rhine Jive Click
  3. Cut-Out Witch
  4. Burning Flag Birthday Suit
  5. The Official Ironmen Rally Song
  6. To Remake The Young Flyer
  7. No Sky
  8. Bright Paper Werewolves
  9. Lord of Overstock
  10. Your Name Is Wild
  11. Ghosts of a Different Dream
  12. Acorns & Orioles
  13. Look at Them
  14. The Perfect Life (an instrumental)
  15. Underwater Explosions
  16. Atom Eyes
  17. Don't Stop Now
  18. Office Of Hearts
  19. Big Boring Wedding
  20. It's Like Soul Man
  21. Drag Days
  22. Sheetkickers
  23. Redmen And Their Wives
  24. Take To The Sky
Note: the back of the CD incorrectly lists the album as ending at Office of Hearts. See holliman's writeup below for why.

A few things:

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