straight to the lord of overstock
he spoke for the millionth time
don't be late for the superdeal
will save you a lot
and take every cent you earn

heavenly tits
it's open for us

so trust in the king of overstock
invest in his wisdom and learn
there's less to go around
if everyone counts
but if you got the money to burn

then you will be in
always give faith
for what's it all worth
in heaven on earth

--Guided By Voices from their album Under The Bushes, Under The Stars

I used to sing this song to myself when I was shelving records at Tower (back in the dark days when I was still working there), moving CDs from understock to overstock so they could sell better and keep that whole tide of commerce flowing.

One day a customer overheard me and asked if I was humming a GBV song. Remembering my friend Clark's theory that all GBV fans give good head, I immediately perked up and said to her, "Why, yes! Yes it is!"

"God. I haven't heard them in a while. You have anything by them?"

I took her to the ever shrinking indie rock section, visions of hot oral sex dancing in my head. I flipped to the Guided By Voices card and there was... Alien Lanes! A fine album!

But she was unimpressed. "Oh. I already have that one."

Alas, 'twas never meant to be. So it goes.

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