As the touring schedule of the Tree People became too much strain, Doug Martsch left that band to form a band which wouldn't be require quite so much touring. He formed Built to Spill, and for the next few albums cycled through many different lineups -- which was the point, to give Martsch a break from the rigid lineup and touring schedule of the Tree People. After the release of There's Nothing Wrong With Love, BTS signed a contract with Warner Bros. which appears to be the greatest record contract ever: Martsch got enough money to build a studio right next to his home in Boise, Idaho, with little pressure by the label. With the new label came a solidified lineup; ex-Spinanes drummer Scott Plouf and Brett Nelson on bass have joined Martsch on every album since Perfect From Now On.


Ancient Melodies of the Future - 2001, Warner Bros.
Live - 2000, Warner Bros.
Keep It Like a Secret - 1999, Warner Bros.
Perfect From Now On - 1997, Warner Bros.
The Normal Years - 1997, K Records
Built to Spill Caustic Resin - 1996, Up Records
There's Nothing Wrong With Love - 1994, Up Records
Ultimate Alternative Wavers - 1993, C/Z


By The Way 7" (split with Marine Research) - 1999, K Records
Distopian Dream Girl 7" - 1995, Up Records
Car 7" - 1994, Atlas Records
Joyride 7" - 1994, K Records
So and So and So and So - 1994, Saturnine Records

If you dig Built to Spill, and can handle Calvin Johnson's, um, "interesting" vocal style, you may want to check out the Halo Benders. Excellent if you can get past Mr. Johnson's seemingly purposefully annoying singing.

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