I read a post that other people practice 28 hour days. When I have my 12 hour Cg modelling runs nothing is more agreeable than my workstation, my red light bulbs, and my indie music playing in the red darkness of the room.

I've come to grips that under certain comparitives to people who don't live a certain hacker way of life, I might be considered a recluse.

But it's a small price to pay to know the intimate beauty of technology married with ideas that only coders, multimedia artists, and uber-geeks will ever really feel.

Immersion into a digital culture is even more-so to do with a sound atmosphere of some of the most beautiful music and lyrics surrounding, engulfing you. I'm a big fan of independant music, and advise any music afficionado to verse themselves with this genre of music.

favorites of mine are
built to spill
modest mouse
death cab for cutie

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