Alright so I didn't really mean to see these guys, but they were playing alongside five of my favorite bands, so I'll go ahead and write them up.

First of all let me start by saying that they were very entertaining, even if their music sucked hardcore. And I guess it might have helped out some that I was at an indie show and hence surrounded by indie kids who always seem to have have their friends Jay, Bud, or Mary Jane with them. Anyways it was hilarious for the following reasons:

The Drummer (Richard Hughes): The epitome of a indie-rocker-drummer type, copious amounts of hair gel, no enthusiasm, stoned out look on his face, least interesting of the bunch.

The Singer (Tom Chaplin): Alright so take the popiest boy band singer you can think of, dress him in a tight collared t-shirt, give him a huge belt buckle and force him into tight fitting jeans, then make over his voice so that it has an emo feel to it blended with non-sensical indie lyrics, and an overall sensationalist feel so commonly manifested in those "I'm too good even for myself" types. Tadaa!! you have Tom, who just gave this overall impression that he was trying way too hard, but by the end I actually felt slightly sorry for him due to the fact that every person I saw in the crowd just laughed at him, but again maybe it was due to something else... But as goofy as this character came across as, the best was yet to come.

The Keyboardist (Tim Rice-Oxley): HAHAHAHA, when they first started I didn't even really see him, but as we moved towards the front of the crowd I began to notice. Ever seen a grown man dry hump a keyboard? I have, and it wasn't just for one song, it was for the ENTIRE SET! Seriously! Yeah he was rocking out to every one of his own songs that weren't even that rockin'. They were just mediocre jams with mild beats, but the entire time he played his keyboard he nearly smashed his face on the keys. At that point my friend Andrea leaned over and said, "is he okay? it looks like he's having a seizure", and I just laughed. So we just stared for the longest time at this convulsing guy and was suprised at how securely the keyboard must have been fastened to the floor.

So if you are ever in the mood to see a trio of some truly goofy bastards thrown together on a stage I would recommend checking these guys out, but as far as their actual music goes, I would say pass it up.

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