September 15, 2000
Everything Editor Logs
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O dem bones, a new day has dawned for the server. New efforts must now be made to clarify the nodeflow. Your servants have girded their loins, made steely their gaze, and have marshalled their forces. Into the breach once more, my friends!

The steaming maw of the Crypt accepts:

  • One word title for your life by whimsy. By request.
  • April 19, 2000 by the lovely Lometa. By request.
  • healthiest by chaosape. By request.
  • let me burn in the sun by jellybowl. By request.
  • work and all women are lesbians by Spuunbenda. By request.
  • kiss my magic sword! by brasse. Suggested by TheNastyCanasty.
  • C! ME NOW DAMN IT! DON'T MAKE ME SHOOT! by MegaAaron. For Lord Brawl.
  • Survey by Smurfette. By request.
  • CaptainSpam had a number of wus to be nuked. Rather than retype everything, I reproduce the main body of his request here:

    Let's start with IF THE NODE SUCKS, EXTERMINATE!... My lousy Dalek impersonation does not impress.

    poll: describe your mousepad... Though the writeup's fairly well-written, IMHO, nowadays the atmosphere of E2 is "Poll nodes fucking suck" or something.

    Canada... Sorry, I made it into a hockey node. Oops.

    American Psycho... yes, a vague attempt at Microsoft-bashing. My fault.

    pi to 50 decimal places... my writeup consists entirely of "Oh.". Go at it.

    blunt... I thought my "blunt" humor would fit well, but oh, well...

    (BTW, yes, these are my lowest rep nodes... Thanks for asking)

    Why did the baby fall off the swing?... Nope, no content there. Just a reply to the previous writeup.

    Reasons why level 5 noders are superior to other noders... I'm not level 5 anymore. This one's a TAD outta date.

    hoopy frood (THE WRITEUP, NOT THE PERSON)... comments on homenoding? Nah.

    Loose woman marries Ugley man.... Again, no particular content.

    Who has the lowest number on ICQ?... the information is simply mirrored in the Everything ICQ repository.

    And now:

    • Loose woman marries Ugley man. by loothi. Nov. 13, 1999.
    • User Jetifi wanted hir nodes and self nuked. I queried but received no reply. They logged out and have now fled the building.Gone are:
      • i'm an everything addict
      • not the brightest bulb in the chandelier
      • Why does my heart feel so bad?
      • shunt
      • signal to noise ratio
      • Human Waste Project
    • sesquipedelianism by Kung. Suggested by mblase: a misspelling of "sesquipedalianism".
    • Fled user cow. No writeups.
    • angela by sexndeath (last seen March 1): Empty writeup.

    • Daniel Pritchett by sexndeath (last seen March 1):

      "cool ass motherfucker / He's giving me a computer. / Aint that some shit? " Gee. There's also a writeup there by an active user, which contains only the word "me". It's informative, I guess; maybe a god would want to zap that one painlessly...? Or not. Well, I /msg'd him. Tick, tick, tick . . .
    • dumbass by drwiii (never seen on E2): "Typical Microsoft customer. See: PHB". Listen, I don't like Microsoft either, but can we at least try to be interesting or informative about it?

    • e-mail by daglo (last seen June 21): "see: email". Thank you, daglo. Daglo says in his home node that he has three kids (one was due in August but it's September, so the kid will have been born by now). He's trying to make me feel sorry for him. He's sadly deluded: I have no mercy. The milk of human kindness does not flow in my veins. I have no more human feeling than a bowling ball or a Boston tow-truck driver (said tow-truck drivers do, however, have a sharp nose for the long green: If you catch 'em in the act, they'll give you a 50% discount for cash on the barrelhead; you keep your car and no hard feelings). I kill without compunction and sometimes (as in "see foo" writeups) with damn little hesitation.

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