A quick trip around campus today taught me a wonderful lesson: The location of the off-campus bookstore. And this one HAS the student solutions manual for the calc class. Niftykeen.

I also beat the ~42,000 mark on Pac-Man in the OU arcade. Too bad the tourney ended yesterday.

Besides that, it was amazingly uneventful. The language department is in a state of complete disarray, meaning our German test was delayed until Monday. Huh. That's about it.

At home? Huh, just as uneventful. I started a noding spree which died out when the suggestion was made to go out and get some Dr Pepper and Vernor's. I'll get back to it, though... *evil cackle*

NEW NODES TODAY: You Don't Know Jack, Nate Shapiro, Buzz Shapiro, Guy Towers, Cookie Masterson, Josh 'Schmitty' Schmitstinstein