work sucks

I am not allowed, at the moment, to tell you why work sucks, because the company is in the midst of a quiet period, and because I've revealed the name of the company I work for in past nodes. But suffice to say, I am not happy in the least with the way things are going down, nor is anybody I work with, and I think I'm going to start looking for a new job because this company is going to die a horrible, flaming, tortuous death.

I have recently become fascinated with nieken's Pizza Chronicles. Despite the fact that he has to work in the food service industry (which people keep telling me is terrible...I've never experienced it firsthand), he has such an interesting job! My job is terribly boring. I sit in front of a computer screen all day. That's it! About the most exciting thing that ever happens to me is when people laugh at the insipid comics I draw on my whiteboard. That is the high point of my day.

nieken's "adventures" intrigue me because interesting things keep happening to him. It's like some people just have interesting events following them around. Nothing interesting ever happens to me! Or at least, interesting things rarely happen to me. My life is so terribly boring that I have to make interesting things happen.

Last weekend, in a futile attempt to make something interesting happen, I drove to the beach at 2am. I parked my car in full view of the highway. After walking around on the pitch-black empty beach for a while (nothing interesting happened), I went and curled up under a trenchcoat in the backseat of my car, in hopes that some strange person would attempt to kill me, rob me, or at least just wake me up and ask me for the time. I seriously wanted this to happen. And guess what?

Nothing happened.

I drove home in the morning with nothing gained except a sore back and bloodshot eyes. I had some meager hopes that my apartment had caught on fire and burned the complex down, but alas, everything was perfectly intact, un-burnt, and un-burglarized when I returned.