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This is what I thought today (which is my explanation for it not making much sense):

My Physics Homework

Everything has its limitations, sometimes we find that these limitations can be bent, other can be broken. Do you really think that’s air your breathe.coming now? (Source: Iains Head). Some days I feel like eating some sausages, other days jumping out of a plane would be the most suitable option.

Television, as a communication medium, is dieing a slow painful death. I am finding television to be an unproductive method of gathering (of developers) of information. The Internet however, is taking televisions place at the forefront of information interchange.

I don’t know what I want to be, I am trying to decide if I am indecisive or not. How can I live with these pressures, expectations, responsibilities, and most important of all, how can I live with these people. Trying to blame other people for this life is useless, deep down, I am simply searching for reasons not to blame myself.

Things I hate about me:

  • What I look like
  • What I think
  • What I say
  • How I communicate with others
  • My Brain
  • How I feel

I have grown and evolved this way, no longer can I do anything, I am truly a stupid-geek.

Roll on the Exit Music