It's my birthday today, and flag day in the states, and aliens day I gather here on everything. My co-workers are apparently conspiring to take me to an Imax movie. I'll torture you all with my musings on being 20 sometime a bit later - I'm writing this now from june 9th. Ooh, eerie. It's not time travel quite but I'm running out of good sci-fi at the library so it's a cheap thrill I'm not too proud to indulge in. Cheeeeeeerio...

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sabre23t: Random Nodes

There is no change to the top 20 of EBU today. But, I'm glad that jessicapierce is now clean of dirty XP and has increased by clean 38 XPs.

I've been mulling about The Voting/Experience System is not perfect, we can make it better. I'll node it including reference to previous suggestions such as Node-tending for XP and new ones such as EBU by Levels. Lets see whether I can make time for that today ...

sabre23t: Nodes to node

It's but a half hour or so into this new day for me, and I find myself dwelling nicely on the events that occurred yesterday.

The phone is an evil thing, at times.. my ex called three times today, we talked a total of four (I had to call him back the first time because I didn't get to the phone in time). I could be wrong, but it sure does seem like he wants to get back together.. but it's just not going to happen, and if it does it would only end up with me hurting again any way. He acts so horridly oblivious to everything that has happened between us.. and it's taken him five months of doing whatever the hell he wants to realize that he really doesn't want to be without me in his life. He wants me to come visit, he wants me to go see him, niether of which should happen if I want to be any sort of happy with myself and my life. Bleh! Bleh, I say. I just had to vent that, it's been bothering me all day. His dad is actually sick and in the hospital.. he had heart surgery. I wish I understood more fully why I have such undying compassion for him even though he's hurt me so badly so many times. Ah well.. I've said it before, it's too late to say he's sorry at this point.

I'm feeling kind of alone tonight because Eean went off somewhere and my best friend is schmoozing with random internet boys.. alone isn't so bad, though, I suppose. And ToasterLeavings is hanging around too. Hmm..

I spouted off quite a few nodes in the last little while, many kind of just slipped into the e2 abyss.. I noded a bunch of lyrics too, simply because they either mean a lot to me or I love them dearly. My favourite node of the moment is "tell me about your secret places". I noded about my cousin Mike too.. and the Barenaked Ladies whom I happen to be listening to right now. I'll probably spout off some poetry later on for the hell of it.

Being that this daylog is already mostly about yesterday.. which seems to be my new habit of sorts, I'll stop for now and add more later if anything mind-numbingly excting happens after I go to sleep, and then subsequently, wake up.
The high point of yesterday was someone falling asleep on the phone while talking with me.

The second-highest point was my parents coming to visit, and I should take this opportunity to reiterate I am not a 'my parents' person.

That should give you some idea of how Purgatorial (see: modernism) this sibling favour is turning out to be, especially since the allergies have decided that they approved of the results of the previous two days' clinical testings and that now was the time to flood the market with their product: iMucous.Com. To mangle words I shared with another earlier in the day, it's not that it was a bad day; merely that it was far from a good one. Not the opposite of good, but a flyspeck somewhere on the continuum of greyness.

If I am very lucky, today I may repeat yesterday's high point with one degree less of abstraction; having someone fall asleep in person! while talking with me. I can hardly wait!

in our last episode... | p_i-logs | and then, all of a sudden...

13:16 EET

I missed the bus for the third time since last friday! They seem to be 3-4 minutes ahead of schedule every day. And for a guy like me who times his arrival to the bus stop by the second, this isn't good.
But it's not really that bad.. The walking only does good for a lazy slob like me. And don't get me started with the bus fares in Hämeenlinna.. :)

Our firm's football game didn't seem to go that well yesterday.

        Me: "Hey, how did the game go last night?"
      Boss: "Don't ask."
        Me: "No, seriously. How did it go?"
      Boss: "We were completely FUCKED!"
A loose translation. The final sentence ("päin vittua" in Finnish) loses something when transformed into English.

At the moment the players are going through what went wrong.
Nobody seems to be sure about the official result, one estimate I heard was 10-0 in favor of the opponent. Ouch! I bet you won't see many employees of our company being bought by Dutch soccer teams in the near future..

Btw. Is it just me, or are the soft-linking cowards excessively productive these days? Is writing down their opinion along with the E2 username really too scary for these individuals?
I guess everybody needs a hobby, no matter how childish and inane..
Damnit, everyone's already drowned out everything I was going to say. But I'm going to say it anyway because this is actually a good day, so far anyway.

Today is my 22nd birthday. I was kinda loathing that, because I don't feel like I should be grown up yet, but many of my friends are considerably older than me and they're not grown up yet either, so it's not that big of a deal. And on a definitely happy note, I'm down to 166 pounds. I think it's from eating lots of unsalted, unbuttered popcorn - it fills me up, tricks my metabolism into accelerating, and is only 10 calories per serving (which is only a cup, but engorging myself on three cups is still only 30 calories, and they're all in the form of complex carbohydrates too - definitely a winning proposition for weight loss). I call this the popcorn diet.

I already rewarded myself with a present - I ordered yet another big batch o' anime from - but I think today I'll go all-out and finally take my first step into the world of body modification. I think I'm going to reshape my earlobes the way I like. It's something which would definitely be aesthetically pleasing, to myself anyway, without any serious consequences later on. I'm most likely going to use a very simple technique. You know those big black binder clips which look like the aliens from Sesame Street? As far as I'm concerned, they're an essential tool for the DIY bodymodder.

Oops, gotta go... I'm at work and I hear El Jefe coming. :)

It's Flag Day in America!

Coincidentally, I had to wave the white flag and surrender a day of work due to the back pains I had yesterday... they didn't go away. Drat.

However, my day at work was not completely without merit. I happened across a piece of cardboardish paper with very odd writing on it... it looks for all intents and purposes like an informational bit for something from Japan or China (I can't tell the difference), but it has overlays of cartoony Hershey's candies (Kisses, Resse's, etc). Very odd. I'll have to scan it and see if anyone else can make sense of it...

less tired and pissy today than yesterday. still a bit down in the dumps but miles above where i've been. i finally mustered up courage to do something that really shouldn't have taken any courage at all. my silence on certain issues has been detrimental despite my real intention of "staying out of it". live and learn.

unsolicited advice of the day:

always speak your mind

juliet rules. i mean really really rules.

woke up, went to the grocery store for cigarettes, a banana, and coffee creamer. went to work. noded asteroid stuff. did some real work.

practice was nice last night. a girl who i hadn't seen in a while came back. she's so nice. she just got back from a latin dance convention in Las Vegas where she got to dance with the best in the world. she said she'd never be afraid to dance with anyone ever again. admirable. i don't have the kind of strength or confidence to perform in front of people. she's strong physically as well. i'm amazed. she's very petite. maybe 5'2" and 120 lbs (tops, probably closer to 100lbs), but she can lift me like i'm a bag of feathers (i'm 5'9" and ~160 lbs). she's a good fighter, particularly in her ability to defend her point zone while keeping up an aggressive attack.

more later...


2:35PM, EST. i won't go to practice tonight. wednesdays are always an at-home night for me. things i should accomplish are as follows:

I was driving a friend home after a very long rehearsal last night on a very crowded highway when I almost caused a multi-car pileup. Silly me, thinking I could drive on one hour of sleep! When you're tired, everything sems to move faster around you. I swerved, luckily, but the shaking in my knees did not stop for an hour. I couldn't take it. I started crying as we exited the crowded highway. It was all too much; the car I had already hit an hour ago, the lack of sleep, the road moving around me, the soft music playing, the fact that I had just completed my last day of high school and before this I had felt nothing. Poor guy, he just grabbed my shoulder and looked scared for me. I apologized. What the hell? I wasn't sorry! Far from it; it was not my fault that he chose to take a ride home from an emotional wreck.

As I dropped him off, he looked at me, grabbed my hand, and said "Hey, cheer up. You're living a movie! Look at you, laughing one second and crying to beautiful music the next; some of us would kill for that."

He was right. When I thought of the night before, I realized that it was worth not sleeping and the consequences that came from it. Life is good. Unstable as hell, but good.

A little nudity goes a long way:
Call it fate... call it luck, but when I stepped out of bed and peered out my window this morning my eyes happened to land upon a beautiful woman who lives in a building next to mine. Fortunately this building has been blessed with huge windows because she was standing there completely naked looking outside. Don't get me wrong, I'm no peeping tom, but I do appreciate a fine naked female body. It only lasted for a moment and afterwards I just kind of shrugged my shoulders and began my normal morning routine (breakfast, feed iguana, shower, etc.). You see, I am not a morning person by any means, so if I can use something like this to make the birth of my day a little more pleasant, I will.

Mmmmm speed:
Last night I saw "Gone in 60 Seconds" starring Nicolas Cage and Angelina Jolie. Far from the best movie I've ever seen but there were some nice car chases. I was surprised (and happy) to see them race a Porsche versus a slammed Honda Civic Si. There was a very dumb scene where someone (I will not divulge any more information than needed to make my point) is driving a car 160mph through huge puddles of water without hydro-planing or spinning out at all. Ms. Jolie is so damn hot. My summary: if you like fast cars and one fully clothed extremely hot Angelina Jolie, go see it but don't expect too much realism.

Right now, this guy is still here. He is sort of my roommate's token lay, so when I stumbled into her room this morning with a slight hangover and encountered the two of them looking up at me I wasn't surprized or disappointed. He is a nice random guy to have around for 'breakfast the next morning' type events. But it is now 3:00, my roommate has been gone for hours and he is still sitting here staring at me as I try to do my work, or anything else I can use to hint that I want to be alone. I mean, he has gotten me high several times, but he talked during the entire movie I tried to watch with him and now I want him to leave. Aparently he can't get enough of me even though I'm engaged to one person who lives here and he is fucking the other one. If he leaned his head around my monitor right now he would read all this. I feel so deviant writing this and knowing he could happen to see it if he just moved a few inches over here......
hee hee

I didn't eat today, or yesterday. Which kind of depresses me. Wolfgang had off today, and we spent part of the morning playing Gran Turismo 2. Then we came back to my place, and he had some lunch. We really have done a lot of nothing today. I am just not motivated to do much of anything else right now. I miss my friends. The ones I only get to see a few times a year. Peg, John, Josh, Jason, Irina, Scott, Chris F, Dan, Kent.. I miss you guys like crazy.

I had one chance to make my vacation-within-a-vacation less painful, and I took it. I went to a book store and bought the book "Cybill Disobedience" by Cybill Shepherd. Well, I wanted to buy a book to read in the vacation and to do some computer shopping in North Carolina and Florida, but I didn't have much of a time yet in both states.

I don't like to stay in Florida so much because I don't get to do more "intellectual" stuff. I also played Star Control 2 to kill time, unraveling the Star Control: Ur-Quan conflict in the dining room with my brother's computer. I also have my CD player playing Eminem's new CD with the new book in from of my arms...

My brother, his family, and my sister (all older) went to Universal Studios for last evening, and I'm still not convinced. I refused to go to any of the Disney theme parks because I don't like 'em. I'd kill to go to anywhere with a Fry's Electronics. I wanna do some computer shopping like a bat out of Hell.

I'm also making good progress with my home page project using a cracked copy of DreamWeaver. I want to make sure my page(s) are in one piece...

8 hours of work, and I can't remember anything I did. It's almost like it never happened, there's just a hole in my memory where it all leaked away from me. I worry that it might happen to other things that are a bit more important in relation to who I am.

Cable was finally installed today. It wasn't at my insistance, however, but my SO. I realized over the last few weeks that I don't miss it, I'm not bothered one bit about the lack of that monthy payment for a ton of dreck that I don't really care about. We watched movies on DVD, read, played games, talked, and just in general spent more time with each other.

But I can already feel that damn television taking away what was there, going back into a routine that I don't want to see ever again. Sure, it gave me time to play on the puter, but I'll give that up, as I do it enough at work.

A few moments watching for a thunderstorm that never comes, lightning on the horizon, a horizon that I hadn't been able to really see for a few years because all the windows showed were more buildings and trees. Traffic is easy to let disappear from your view when you have such a good view.

A few moments of sunlight, highlighting the light rain coming down, seeming like nature forgot to pay attention for bit, giving something new, interesting, and so vibrant to look at.

Cats that have decided they don't like their new wet food and won't eat it. We bought them a light version so they'd lose weight, not eating it at all is even better. Though I can tell they don't like it, and they're holding it against us.

A few moments realizing how much I miss hanging around friends like back in college, and wondering why I feel so alone, yet with so many people around.

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