I was driving a friend home after a very long rehearsal last night on a very crowded highway when I almost caused a multi-car pileup. Silly me, thinking I could drive on one hour of sleep! When you're tired, everything sems to move faster around you. I swerved, luckily, but the shaking in my knees did not stop for an hour. I couldn't take it. I started crying as we exited the crowded highway. It was all too much; the car I had already hit an hour ago, the lack of sleep, the road moving around me, the soft music playing, the fact that I had just completed my last day of high school and before this I had felt nothing. Poor guy, he just grabbed my shoulder and looked scared for me. I apologized. What the hell? I wasn't sorry! Far from it; it was not my fault that he chose to take a ride home from an emotional wreck.

As I dropped him off, he looked at me, grabbed my hand, and said "Hey, cheer up. You're living a movie! Look at you, laughing one second and crying to beautiful music the next; some of us would kill for that."

He was right. When I thought of the night before, I realized that it was worth not sleeping and the consequences that came from it. Life is good. Unstable as hell, but good.