In Australia it's illegal not to vote in any election. We are told this is because Australians are so apathetic that if we were free not to vote in elections, the voter turnout figure for a Federal election might be in the single figures. However, in the light of some information from my learned foreign freinds, I can see this is not the case.

Obviously Australian politicians and beaurocrats know the inherent secret power of the Australian people. Obviously all this means that we Australians can change the system by not voting!

I suddenly feel a new surge of power over the system. I do make a difference! I'll show them what I think of a two-party Westminster democracy where both parties argue over which road to take to the same undesirable end!

maxlittlemore charges off into the desert wearing nothing but thongs, a singlet and a pair of stubbies and a look of wild apathy in his eyes.

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