In school, you seem to always worry about what everyone thinks, well at least I did.

I remember coming home and crying in my mothers arms because someone had again made fun of me. It happened on a regular basis and I would get upset, I remember feeling ashamed and I remember getting so angry at myself. I always asked myself why I couldn't be popular, or why I wasn't pretty, but now I know the answer.

Strength... something that comes to very few. I'm not talking about the physical strength, i'm talking about emotional. The things that hurt me so many years ago, built up a hard skin, I can take things and turn them into dust. Not too much bothers me and now today to go with my strength I have a best friend, hamster bong, and a couple of other people, who tell me I'm pretty. At first I couldn't trust them because I had spent my whole life building up a layer of protection. Today, I can now become more trusting and understanding. To add to this, the people that used to hurt me, I saw not too long ago and they are not that special.

So I guess things do change.

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