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Tasklist for June 8, 2000

Season - Summer

Current Status:
Age: 16
Mood: Bored, Slightly Depressed
Job: Unemployed
Car: 1995 Saturn SL1 w/ Factory System
Girlfriend: Single
Best Friends: Good Relationship (we've been hanging out a lot more lately)

Things to be started and finished today

  1. Read: Chapter 2, Programming Perl
  2. Read: Chapter 1, Teach Yourself C++
  3. Read: Chapter 1, Using Visual Basic 6
  4. Read: Chapter 1, Schuam's Outlines: College Physics
  5. Locate: Copy of Neuromancer
  6. Read: Whatever chapter I'm on in Neuromancer
  7. Install: ChemASAP! program from CD-ROM
  8. Task: Drive to Petsmart and obtain application (they didn't have any yesterday...)
  9. Task: Return application to Suncoast
  10. Task: Pick up Ingredients for Sweet and Sour Pork
  11. Task: Pick up some rice
  12. Task: Make copy of Dr. Dre CD and send back original copy of CD along with Mix CD.

Things to be started today and possibly finished today

  1. Movie: Watch Heat
  2. Movie: Watch Tommy Boy
  3. Work: Clean bedroom
  4. Work: Clean office
  5. Work: Clean out car and use wet-vac
  6. Work: Fix loose speaker in car
  7. Work: Clean out garage so both cars can be parked

Tommorow > >

The Wonder Bread truck driver must have been playful this morning. Cutting bleary-eyed through back parking lots this morning, i got to witness him turning around - but instead of a simple U-turn, he looped twice around the parking lot island.
you were born
and so you're free
so happy birthday
Happy birthday blowdart! i remember when my father turned 30 (i would have been - nine). He was so bothered that he was getting old, my mother warned me not to tease him. So of course, i made him a card which read inside HAPPY BIRTHDAY, OLD MAN! When you're nine, it doesn't get much funnier than that.

Anyway, now he's older, i'm older, and i call my parents "the kids". It seems they're younger than many of my peers. And people my age (or younger!) call themselves old. Feh i say to that! Feh! (insert necessary cliché here) Or as a friend of mine once said:

Ha! Fuck youth! I'm old!
And remember: if you were a caveman, you'd be dead by now, so do loop-de-loops whenever possible. And write your friend in Kuwait a letter.

Happy Birthday blowdart !!

Hot Bugs have been screaming in the early morning heat when I leave for the gym. Some perv from a nearby Hotel was videotaping us when I came out last Friday. Hid behind his camrea and slinked away like the snake he was when I saw him. My workouts are up to an hour, 3 d ays a week and three mile walks 5 days a week. The last two weeks I've noticed that I feel stronger and healthier than I have since illness first struck 6 years ago now. Two years ago May 18th I was taken off all meds, six months later I went back to working out. Walking and working out became a lifestyle for me in 1988. It's good to have it back. Eighteen months it's taken to get back my strength I NEVER thought it could happen. Absolutly amazing what the human mind and body can endure and still recover. Fortitude best describes it!

Number One Son has been promoted at work so I see less and less of him. Thinking of him moving out one day truly saddens me, but he'll be fine. Both boys have been pretty much 'cordless' since illness turned my topsey turvey. I've resorted to dancing by his room when he has company and the music is too loud. They all grin and shut the door. No one knows ...so don't tell on me.... I've set the Universal Remote up so I can slip it under his door and turn down the stereo. Isn't SCIENCE amazing!!

The A/C out at my husband's restaurant. We stopped in after a visit to the dentist and he was soaked in sweat. Nothing but fans and indoor swamps running. With the ovens and grills running and temps outside over 100ºF it's no wonder the poor guy's been coming home exhausted. I finally convinced him to at least wear short sleeved dress shirts till they get it fixed. By Friday so they say.

Number Two Son, his friend Corey and I went to see Gladiator violent is some scenes, but an excellent story nonetheless. My neighbor insists that I call her and make her walk with me and it's the last thing I sincerely want to do. I've tutored all her kids except one and every time they have problems at school I get an earful. She's gone from homeschooling to private to public schools with them. Moving around so much as a kid I always wanted my boys to go to the same school. We're lucky that we live in an excellent school district for public schools. I finally started charging $40 an hour (the normal rate here) to tutor her kids and that was the end of that, or so I thought. It's frustrating to hear her go on so about these kids that I've known since birth. Hubby says to just go on without her but it's not my nature to do so. I think I will though. I treasure my walks as a time to think and relax.

AT&TWorldNet has crossed that fine line of harassment this week will node about that today.

Lately I've wondered if all that I've done to teach, raise my children, be a good wife and grow up (I can be hopelessly silly sometimes) has made a difference in this world. I come from a fairly well known family and have had big footsteps to follow in and measure up. Some of my reflections from my walks have brought to mind the parable from Matthew 13: 1-9 It's really the first parable I understood. One of not wasting resources in places where growth would be slow to respond or not at all. An epiphany of sorts gained this week ~ whether the seed of my effort will grow well or not at all is not for me to determine. The money time and talent used well in obedience to God is not for me to judge. If God gives me the opportunity, my job is to sow, not to analyze the soil.

As the rain and the snow come down from heaven, and do not reurn there until they have watered the earth, making it bring forth and sprout...so shall my word be... it shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose.
- Isaiah 55:10-11 (NRSV)


Earlier I wrote a node here, before I submitted it I read about everyone else's day. A certain node stuck out, and I realized that they were very similar. They were similar enough to sound like a "me too!". That was enough to make me ashamed. So ashamed, at the fact that I was doing something that I wasn't proud of. Also slightly embarressed that someone might think I was just trying to attention grab, and that I was making it up. Or that I was trying to "be cool", or that I thought I was just writing to brag about "how fucked up I am". This was enough for me to not to submit it.

An hour later I talked to this person, and voiced this. They understood. It made me realize how trite it was to assume most people aren't very understanding, and that it was retarded of me to fear the people who would assume I was like that.

Today started yesterday. I didn't sleep last night. I read from 3am to 7am while my boyfriend slept (we were at his place). Then played some video games. Around noon we ran some errands. Later on I went to a friend's, picked up some intoxicants, and around 8pm got stoned.

The day was a blur. My day has been 40 hours long so far, and not because I had so many things to do. Well I do, but I didn't do them. Instead I used that fabulous dexedrine, to follow my "stupid made-up, sounds funny.. but really can get out of hand it you let it" diet.

One of the fun perks of the dexedrine diet is, NOT FEELING THE NEED TO SLEEP! For hours and sometimes days. I decided to remedy this by buying some stuff to get stoned, so I sleep.

I don't get stoned habitually, but pot doesn't have any calories like a glass of red wine, nor does it have the "groggy in the morning" feeling that typical sleep-aids have. Perfect logic .. snicker ..

Blarg. What is wrong with me? Well I know basically what's wrong. I even know how to fix it. Stop. It is so easy to say, "Ok, I'll just stop", but it would be a lie to myself. Every day I stare at my reflection in the mirror, to see if my face seems slim or not. I check to make sure those stretch marks you get from losing weight faster than your skin can shrink are there, are fading fast, and that new ones are forming. Thank god this happened now, so they don't scar my flesh forever.

I wonder daily what would happen if I just said, "Fuck it". If I just let my body be healthy, but maybe bigger than I would like? I've done this. I just get upset that I was weak. I get mad that I didn't have the stregnth to strictly calorie count, and that I let myself have that last meal. That this time it was too late, and forever would I loathe myself for letting myself get so digusting. I guess I feel as if I am fighting to be, and look how I desire. {fuck blame|This isn't one of those, "My life is so crazy, my weight is the only thing I can reign over!" things. It really is about the size of my body.]

Tomorrow is Friday, I am allowed to have a meal. The sick thing is, the anticipation of it will be more enjoyable. Because I know until that moment, I haven't had more than 4 pieces of gum, a ton of water, some vitamins, and a glass of Diet Dr. Pepper since dinner on Monday (Yesterday I didn't eat because I decided I needed to make-up for not dieting for a while.. yeah i know.. but it did sound good at the time). So not only do I get to have a nice dinner, it is a small victory towards being thinner.

the argument in my brain continues..
The discussion concerning DMan took on a new dimension today with the node, a groundswell of support:
What I like about DMan

I find myself unable to comment directly; its all I can do to look on in more or less mute wonderment. Though I had to comment on one of DMan’s nodes:

miseducation of the children - A Comment

Had an interesting discussion with dannye concerning several nodes--singer,songwriter, a song has a lyric, songs have lyrics (it all depends on your audience, dannye), songwriting.

Roninspoon, (I love the user names here) and I, decided that History is an immaculate irony

I had several exchanges with root, unwanted, over misspelling the marshmallow’s name (another great name, but something simpler, Felicia say, would cut down on the dialogue with root).

Posted more of the Epictetus sayings:

Posted more of the Wallace Stevens:

Some opportunistic nodes, that is, nodes in response to others:

And a node string that is, an idea started off as an opportunistic node, today with Why do Americans persist in misusing the word liberal?, then developed into the following:

I am relieved that some of my colleagues at the piano school are having the same problems as me with the scheduling. In a way, I have it easier: I teach every day except Sunday, so I just open up me week to students; they have to pick and choose among the days.

The Recital grows nearer. On this thing about scheduling: one of my students, and his family, have just informed me that he will not be able to attend. They have had an appointment for Sunday since two months. Now, I sent a letter home with the date of the Recital at the beginning of May. My Director sent a letter home with the date several weeks ago. I’ve been talking up this event for two months. And they wait until the last lesson before it to tell me.

we seemed to have survived the Space Weather. No, I don’t know why we need to know this, sensei, except that its interesting, and that I got aurora borealis out of it. Thanks to opuie for the cool.

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