I got home and managed to get my MAME Cabinet put back together. I had just refinished the whole thing. It came out pretty nice. I had to strip off the layers and layers of black paint over the original Pac Man cabinet. Sadly the side art was far to gone to save. So I sprayed it with 14 coats of gloss yellow, installed new t-molding and called it done. When I finished the reassembly and started it up I was in for a shock. Apparently at some point I formatted my F: drive, the one with MAME on it. I had all the roms and all the clones on that drive. It is gonna take me months to re download all of that. I did still have Callus installed so I played a quick game of Rockman The Power Battle before I had to go to work. Oh and also my Nintendo Vs. Golf arcade game has developed a sound problem. I am thinking it is either RF interference or a loose wire. (I moved it yesterday so it could be either).

The day starts out like any other. I'm moving as quickly as humanly possible to shower, get dressed, and get out the door for work. I've managed to get the whole process down to an art. It takes me exactly fifteen minutes to wake up, jog through the shower, get dressed, and in my car and on the way to work. Now the real fun begins.

On the way, my friend Jack calls to inform me that he just got his compensation check for his car accident, and will be paying me back for the bass guitar. Coolness; another $300 on top of my paycheck, tax free. I get to work, log in to my Windows XP dual-monitor pimp-action workstation, only to find in my e-mail that I am also getting a bonus of $400 on this paycheck as well. Hmm... an extra $700? Right on.

About half way through my work day, I get another e-mail, this time, from my mother, telling me that she opened my mail, and I had gotten a letter from good ole GWB, and I'm getting another $300 back from taxes. Holy shite. I'm speechless at this point, now that I'm getting another half of a paycheck, on top of the norm.

Couldn't get any better? HA!

After work, I went home, only to find out that a beautiful young lady whom I met only about a week ago, is about to break up with her boyfriend of about one week. This is the same situation which made me upset at him, knowing that I had in interst in her. I don't plan to jump right in head first, but I'm definately going to pursue this. I think Gihran knows who I'm talking about, and had better keep his mouth shut, too. :)

So now, after a game of pool with Gihran and (we'll call her Morgan) Morgan, I'm in a stupified daze of happiness and glee, and am, as impishlaugh put it when she gets excited, "twitterpated."

So that was my day. How was YOURS?

YAY! It's a girl!

I have at least one sweet, sweet girl in my garden!

She is the indica! The other 5 are sativa, and are
still androgeneous. She is trailing gossamer
tendrils 1 inch into space all around a thick
growing head. This seemingly happened overnight!

They are all 3 feet tall, been topped three times.

yay yay yay
10.20 bst
Shortly before 8am, the leader of the UK's Conservative Party, William Hauge announced he was standing down as leader, after failing to increase the party's number of seats following the General Election - with 25 seats left to declare, Labour lost 6, Conservatives remain unchanged, Liberal Democrats gained 7, and the SNP lost one.

As we were discussing in the pub last night, Hauge was probably just there as a stand-in until Michael Portillo was re-elected anyway. He has been, now.

Mohammed Sarwar remains my MP, the turnout was down quite a bit from last year, but he managed to get nearly half the votes. The SNP in my area were down over 10%.

Meanwhile, the one person I know who was standing for election (Tim Shand, standing for the Green Party in Glasgow Kelvin) only got 4.8% of the vote, which, I believe, means he has lost his deposit. By 0.2%!

Well, my exams are over! The final one was Fluid Mechanics, yesterday. It was the only one to not go well, largely because I hardly did any studying for it. I also realised about three hours before the exam that I didn't have a calculator with me, but managed to track one down at the student radio station, eventually.

After the exam, it was straight up to the Pool Bar, where I didn't win a game (surprise surprise), and a mini pub crawl before some Chinese food at a friend's flat, and out into town. We were going to be going to a very cheesy club, but their policy is to deliberately hold up the queue before midnight - students get in free before 12, so they let as few people in as possible. Some of us got fed up of waiting after half an hour, so tried the Art School, but that was full, and ended up at the Velvet Rooms instead. Good, but not enough people there, so I left at around 1, went home and watched some TV.

What I don't quite understand is why my head is so sore considering I didn't feel drunk in the slightest when I got to bed last night.

(My all time lowest rep: -6. Lowest of all writeups in this node. Do I hate it when this sort of things happen?)


/me explores the "remote work" opportunities...

I was actually somewhat motivated to go today, but then it started raining.

Yesterday, nothing extraordinary happened. The wicked thing was that the DVDs I ordered arrived today. Yep, my PAL player plays NTSC discs fine. At least digital video has some advantages over analog =)

The movies - which I didn't mention - were Wonders from Far East: Fong Sai Yuk (a Jet Li movie, so it has to be good! =) and Wings of Honneamise (which hasn't been, as far as I know, released as R2 disc with Finnish subtitles yet - I'm Really Impatient. =)

Let's see what happens today...


Upgraded to Mozilla 0.9.1... and I have to say this new and improved Modern chrome is just plain SWEET.


(Seemed to be down or something for a while...)

I cleaned up my bookshelves, moved some stuff away from there... I have a huge load of videos here that I would need to catalogue somehow.

::sigh:: One web page that tried to determine my "psychological" gender said I'm probably a woman, which isn't true. I thought the test was sort of stupid anyway... For example, Real Men like to chop wood? Two points: a) The house I live in has central heating, and b) being a geek, I would obviously figure out less annoying method of chopping wood =)

(Okay, okay, I'm softer than most people. Personally, I consider it an advantage. I just can't understand why people value Real Men™®© so much. What's wrong with nice people?)


*sigh* Worthless life.

/me apologises for looking too much after the glittering XP and not concentrating enough on Noding. I've learned my lesson and punned myself.


...and systematic downvoting? Kids, are we immature today?

Have I angered someone?


It's not fun to be hated.

Random comment about the state of E2 in general, skip if you're not into philosophy: (Now I'm just more and more convinced that daylogs should not be voteable - or that reps would be "collapsed" after a while to, say, (-2,+2) range and voting ability should be stripped then. Also, I really think the users should be able to see who nuked what node.) Okay, end of the metababbling, time for something more interesting.

E2 Scratch Pad rocks. Try it today. A very cool tool for reminding what you need to up/downvote tomorrow if you run out of votes.

Tomorrow's stuff (I hope): A fox show in TV - Pokémon episode devoted to Vulpix... if I can believe my sister. That thing has to be recorded.

Other day logs o' mine...

Late news: It is NEVER safe to turn off your computer

Noded today by y.t.: Pokemon: The Movie 2000 portal plague

Updated: Lapsuuden Sankarille (Added lyrics and translation)

I've been feeling a chest pain of late and on Wednesday I saw a general practitioner. She listened with a stethoscope to what my body had to say and the lower part of my right lung sounded unusually glum. I was sent to hospital for a checkup.

I arrived hoping it would only take an hour only to discover that I was now an in-patient. I was shown to a bed (though I resisted lying on it) and my temperature etc was taken. My blood was sampled and my lung functionality was assessed. I was X-rayed and prodded with needles. I was soon told that I would have to remain in hospital overnight.

The Filipino nurses took care of me, measuring my blood pressure and body temperature with the latest medical gadgets. My near neighbour was in a grave condition but he faced it with humour and graciousness. His bravery was a true testament to the resilience of humanity when faced with mortal danger.

The next day I had a profusion scan. This involved injecting technitium-90, a shortlived radioactive isotope, into my veins and following its path along the highways and byways of my circulation system. Any blood clot on the lung would be spotted. Fortunately, the test turned up negative and I was allowed to leave.

I now have seven days of antibiotics to take. I was granted ibuprofen and paracetamol to ease the pain. I hope for a speedy recovery.

I'm blowing light bulbs again. In the past couple of days I've blown 4 light bulbs around the house. When i flick the switch, they go pop. That may not sound like a big deal, but it is. I have some sort of strange electrical energy on my body, and it seems to get stronger at times. I can't wear watches. I fry the batteries. I've owned many watches in my life and they all last about a week, then the batteries go dead. I put new batteries in, and they last a week then go dead. There are times when every light I turn on goes poof. I don't know what's up with it, but I do know one thing. It's real. It's not some coincidence. It's not my imagination.

My mom is the same way, but I think she's actually worse. She blows cameras up too. Over the years she's bought so many expensive cameras with fancy accesories, and she fries em. I don't fry cameras, but I sure can't wear watches or turn on lights safely at some times.

I have no idea what is causing this. I sure would like to know. I used to think it was my imagination, but it's happened for too long and with too much consistency for it not to be real. I'd love some clues.


If you dig on cows and kinky farmers, this ones for you.

Still no word back from my publisher, but they're a busy company and at least they sent me a message saying such so that's alright.

Today was the release date of Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me two years ago in the U.S.. I know this because that night was the first date my fiancee and I ever went on and that was the second movie we ever saw together. The first movie we didn't even know the other one was there as it had been a month earlier at the Star Wars Phantom Menace midnight showings that all of the theatres were holding on it's opening day.

All of my friends and I, decked out with laptops and trenchcoats, had gotten tickets for the 3:00 AM showings and were bunched around a table outside some little gourmet coffee house playing whatever we had on hand. Little did I know that inside that same coffee house was my future girl and her friends, all drinking coffee and making fun of the guys in trenchcoats right outside, ie: us.

Her and I actually bumped into each other at the supermarket around the corner where we had both gone for snacks about an hour before the movie started, we chatted for a moment about how late it was, how tired we were and then went our seperate ways. It was two weeks later that we stumbled across each other online and starting talking and during that time we figured out who the other one was to some extent. It's been the best two years of my life ever since.

Anyways, enough about me, go watch the cow thing.

a pig in a cage on antibiotics

Feeling rather out of it today. The program I have been hacking to bits now resembles a run over french fry. It still works, but I don't know how to add certain needed features... I just wish I could spend all my time at work learning ruby.

I never want to get too personal on e2. Even though I have always noted people revealing everything about their and their friends personal lives. I try to stay away from using names or anything like that. Different strokes for different folks... which remindes me, the diff'rent strokes marathon on nick at nite has been rocking my world. A man is born, he's a man of means...

general thought regarding current situation. empathetic tangent to which some noders can relate. regurgitated verbiage describing a situation which happened last night. lamenting statement. common bitch regarding one walk of life be it co-worker, family, so, or driver.

old idea stated differently with the purpose of seeming more intelligent. modest retort against previous statement. random tangent. thought regarding current situation with a significant other. cliche idea about situtation with significant other. imagery not intended but conveyed with another random tangent.

negative comment about current noding abilities on E2. happy thought. random tangent. ending comment with a positive look on things that may come.

do you know what I mean?
inspired by section of the movie Schizopolis

This morning I pushed the snooze button 8 times. My alarm is set to go off at 9:00AM; I ended up getting up at 10:12AM; the snooze length is 9 minutes, which I hear is just short enough to not allow a human to reach REM.

Last night I met up with an old friend. Well, she is not that old, it’s just that I have known her for a while. We had dinner at Ti Couz. I had the Salmon Crepe and she had egg and cheese. We stopped by KiloWatz for a glass of vodka. Then we went to her place to drink some more and play some guitar. I got drunk.

I interacted with a large brown spider last night. He was about the size of a ping pong ball. He had long pointy crab-like legs, which he used to build a very long web. The spider had two threads attached to the back deck about 6’ in the air. These threads spanned the entire garden area to a lemon tree by the fence. Two threads, parallel with frequent cross threads, incase of oncoming traffic.

My head hurts.

Happy Birthday, darsi!
Happy Birthday, KernelPanic!
Congrats on the Sensi, spazm!

I am tired.
My shoulders are sore.
My left shoulder, the one I separated a year ago, aches.
My arms and legs are covered with ugly bruises.
My right thumb is sprained.

I am nearing the end thank God of my week of intensive training in preparation for the brown belt test in kung fu. I've been going to class every day we've had class. Other days I've gone to black belt class or had one-on-one training. This morning I was training at 6 am. Tomorrow morning I go back at 6 am.

I was told that you learn a lot about your body doing an intensive. I have learned that my body hurts and gets tired. I feel ache in the little muscles. But on another, more cerebreal, level I am enjoying training every day. I enjoy class and leave feeling uplifted.

I'll be glad when it's over.
I am tired.

I took Bean to the vet for the third time in three months. He’s getting on in years, and has had one bacterial infection after another since January. Every time he disappears for a day or three and his food is untouched, I know he’s sick again. He knows the whole vet routine by now, so whenever I pick him up and walk to the garage he starts his horrendous, painful meow. When he’s just sitting around the house, meowing for some trivial attention or if he wants to get inside the cereal cupboard, he meows in a squeaky, adorable fashion. This is in stark contrast to the awful screeching I witnessed today.

We made it to the car without too many injuries. I buckled us into the driver’s seat, and we were off. Bean must listen to classical music while driving, preferably violin or piano soloists. However, Bean is not the one doing the driving. In fact, it takes one hand to hold him comfortably in my lap (he must be held at all times, or the meowing starts anew), one hand to steer, two hands to take corners, and at least a thumb and middle finger to shift gears. I am currently in possession of two hands. This makes driving with Bean a challenge.

We arrived at Ottawa Animal Hospital safe and sound, and I even managed to get out of my car with Bean and my keys all in one trip! Usually all of Bean’s twelve and a half pounds of wiggly kitty goodness takes both my hands and arms to contain, which forces me to abandon my keys in favor of the scared cat. Once we were inside, Bean calmed down a little bit. I put him on the scale only to find he had lost a few ounces. Kitty weight loss is never a good thing. The fatter, the better, especially as they get older. Poor Bean.

We were ushered to a waiting room, where a nurse of some sort examined Bean’s hideously infected neck. I am the only one in my family that will even come near him any more. The nurse was not phased by the sight too much, but she was slightly taken aback when Bean sat still as a mouse and allowed her to look him over. He is such a well-behaved gentleman. The nurse left with promises that the doctor would soon make an appearance. I let Bean wander the floor, but when he started meowing hollowly at the nearest cupboard, I sat him back on my lap to wait. He settled down abruptly and rested patiently.

The doctor is such a nice guy. He fearlessly pulled the matted fur away from Bean’s wound, gently holding him on the table. He took a small sample with a Q-tip to further examine to determine what sort of infection it was. Bacterial, he soon reported, just as I had suspected.

Bean received two shots, one to calm the inflammation of his neck, and the other was some sort of immunization that he was due for anyways. I was handed the dreaded bottle of antibiotic drops to be force fed to my kitten, as well as a bottle of Bacteen-like spray to apply directly to his neck.

I then took Bean out to the waiting room once again, where we waited patiently for the man in front of us to finish paying his bill. He was nice enough to close the door for me after he saw how hard it was to hold a lounging cat and two bottles of meds while grasping for a door knob.

Bean and I made it home just fine. He is predicted to recover within a week, perhaps a little longer. I am in charge of his medication, which will be a wonderful experience. Trying to give you cat oral medication is always a thrill.

In order to see a picture
of the lovely Bean taken
at a healthier moment in
his life, see kaytay's

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