I got home and managed to get my MAME Cabinet put back together. I had just refinished the whole thing. It came out pretty nice. I had to strip off the layers and layers of black paint over the original Pac Man cabinet. Sadly the side art was far to gone to save. So I sprayed it with 14 coats of gloss yellow, installed new t-molding and called it done. When I finished the reassembly and started it up I was in for a shock. Apparently at some point I formatted my F: drive, the one with MAME on it. I had all the roms and all the clones on that drive. It is gonna take me months to re download all of that. I did still have Callus installed so I played a quick game of Rockman The Power Battle before I had to go to work. Oh and also my Nintendo Vs. Golf arcade game has developed a sound problem. I am thinking it is either RF interference or a loose wire. (I moved it yesterday so it could be either).