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Today I complete my 19th year of existence on this great Earth

And here I am, mashing out code in a pseudo-cubicle. What happened to this birthday parties I used to get? The presents? The adoration of your peers? What am I doing at work?!? I need to get out of here!

A quick recount of this year's events, in approximate chronological order:

I better get back to work. The boss might be dropping by any minute, and the birthday boy excuse will get me nowhere. I will celebrate this occassion later in the day by kicking some chigger ass.
Things that are better than compliments:

Recommended reading.
Hug me so hard as to lift me off the ground.
Molten wax.
Present: a pack of postcards, a Crayola pencil, and a button reading "birthday girl."
Ruffle my hair.
This morning in the elevator one of the hotel maids pushed the button for my floor and then avoided eye contact, which is normal. When it was time for me to get off she said, "I think your haircut looks cool." Without a grain of sugar in her voice: it's as if she were answering a question, probably one both of us had. Technically, that was a compliment, but it felt a whole lot better.
Cover me with a blanket just before I fall asleep.
Tall shadows in late afternoon; the rattle of trains; the glow of streetlights in winter fog; black-and-white photos; finding a boy who gets it.
Water fights. Noogies. Tickling. And love taps: this is the masochist in me.
Warm socks.
Secrets are probably best of all.

The hardest letter in the alphabet to find in a clothing department is D. 36D. It's always colored pink and on the bottom rack, where people put things they are too lazy to re-locate.

My watch fogged up during the hard rains today. I learned two things from the rain today. When you run out to find that your window has been down for the last 15 minutes of downpour, you should not sit down without grabbing some plastic or a towel or something. And, if you should have a spare change of clothes at work (as I always do) it is pretty meaningless if you don't have a dry pair of underpants. Hence my temporary nickname, pickle butt.

Pink Floyd makes me wish, albeit sporadically and halfheartedly, that I still smoked pot.

Shmuel's dad Ralston was at me all today to commit to reading some poetry at some coffee shop when I arrive in Grand Rapids this weekend. I wonder if I really am afraid of making an ass out of myself, but deep down I'm determined to convince myself that it's just not something I want to do.

I want to buy a bike. I want to feel the wind moving faster than it does for walking people.

I spent $125 today at Wal Mart on clothes and toiletries I need for Cornerstone. Maggie said that you run into people there that you never think you'd see there. I wonder if I'll see Chris Patton there, the guy who once had FAMOUS WRITER tattooed on his chest, only to get in covered up my a thick barred cross in the back of a nail salon in the suburbs of New Orleans.

Someone once told me that a foot of shit per day was the sign of a healthy digestive system. Again I am below average. Heh.

I am wondering what I can do to get you people to call the number on the he said, she said web site that's on my home node. What would it take you to call me, even. One noder called to tell me something he wanted to say out loud but didn't want to discuss with anyone, so he called me. What about you? You have anything to confess?

Well, the bandage from my biopsy of June 26, 2000 came off with relatively little pain, the fact of which my chest hair rejoices. Fine, except now I've got a fresh wound exposed to the world. Joy. At least it's sutured up, but the xylocaine's worn off and the prospect of sleep and turning over on it is unappealing. Still, maybe the sacrifice of... hmm... pi*4*8... roughly 100 cubic millimeters of flesh will make my computer work again. Damn thing better just be an evil mole and not cancer - I knew I'd get cancer at some point in my life, but not this early.

Fuck the DMV and fuck the hour-long line. The permit shall be gathered on Wednesday.

14:00 EET

The flu is nearly gone, but the insomnia is going strong.

I never had noteworthy problems sleeping before early last year. It was my last semester in lukio. The stress from completing the last courses and preparing for the finals caused me to miss sleep every once in a while. When the worst part was over, so was the insomnia. After that I've only had singular nights with that problem happen very rarely, which is normal and healthy according my doctor.
But in the last 3 weeks or so I have had trouble with this for several nights. The first case had to do with some stress coming from work, the second night from being over-excited over next day's trip. And now I'm just nervous over the insomnia itself and losing sleep over it.
This sucks. I really need to relax. Tips are welcome.

Needless to say, I don't feel like noding today. But I'm doing it nonetheless. One can never be too tired to node. Never.

And a happy birthday to DMan.

Track of the day:  Simon Bartholomew - Akimbo

tuesday morning

the day-after-tomorrow i go under the knife. ugh. i got a call from the anesthesiologist this morning, wanting every little nuance of my medical history. that seemed to kinda hit me, "yes, they are actually going to cut me open". i admitted to the lady on the phone all the ugly skeletons in my medical history. namely, the eating disorder. i also felt it might be pertinent to get a medical opinion on my marijuana use and how it could effect surgery. should i stop smoking until the surgery, etc. i was told that i may continue until the night before the surgery. no problem, says i. it helps me more than the mind numbing pain killers they gave me.

i have a burning feeling in my tum, not really high enough to be heartburn. i keep belching, too. more than you lurvely everythingians want to know, perhaps, but these are some of the symptoms of a bum gallbladder.

i got word from an aunt that one of the worst parts of the surgery is the carbon dioxide they fill your tum tum up with so they can see what they're doing. she said that as it dissipates, it can be quite excruciating. oi.

anyhoo... i should get my mind off it. i should do some work, and start gathering the stuff i need to work from home. more later...

Today is my dad's birthday. Sing! It's a big pain in the ass having your parents' birthdays this close to each other, especially when you're poor like me. Present season is rough.

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I just wandered out of bed about an hour ago and it's already painfully apparent that this day isn't going to hold much in the way of goodness. My best friend, who happens to live with me, is probably crying as I write this and I hate when she cries, it's as if they're my own tears. Her dad is sick, he's been sick for a while (with something called colitis or something like that).. but he's going in for an "emergency" explorative surgery today. This wouldn't be so bad except that there is a high probability that it's cancer, since his pre-existing condition leads to cancer if it doesn't go away and his hasn't. Her mother called (my friend is still at work), and wanted her number there. I thought it might be better if she had a person to cry on rather than a cash register or some such.. so I went over and told her. I hate telling people things like that, though I think I'm pretty good at it, in a way. She decided to stay at work because she'd only have more time to worry if she were home.. but it left me wondering whether I should have told her or not though she thanked me for it. It sucks having to make judgement calls.. bleh.

I slept for about ten hours last night, and though I guess it was much needed I still hate sleeping for that long. I had a funny dream where the bath tub fell apart and my friend and I were in the middle of a huge FBI operation, our lives were in danger the whole time. Dun dun dunnnn... I'll add to this later in a dreamlog perhpas.

Oh, it is later. And things are looking much dreamier at this point.. he's okay, my best friend's dad that is. I think I've never been quite so happy to hear that someone is okay as I was when I found that out.. he had his appendix out, and everything seems to be alright now. Dreeeeamy.. I'm so glad, because I don't think I could have bared to see her cry anymore. Ah.. sweet, sweet goodness.

Also, I won the Whose node is it anyway? thing, and that was very nice and dreamy as well. I guess the day kind of completely turned around, now, didn't it?

hamster bong, ophie, ccunning, dragoon: I hope you and your loved ones are OK. Though I've never met anyone from Everything*, I've come to think of all of you as friends. Hang in there.

I went to another temp agency this morning, but it didn't bother me since I went straight from there to the ISP where my roommate works, and they made me an offer. So as of next Thursday I'll be working tech support there for decent money and stock options, with a salary review in three months and a good chance of being promoted to programmer when the position is created. Hopefully they won't retract the offer like those bastards at the Space Telescope Science Institute did.

*: With the exception of those I knew already like knarph, Slightlymadman, and protozoa.

Okay, well today I spent most of my time just hanging around home. It was a sunny day, but I mostly read. I learned about a man in Bend, Oregon who is building his own rocket to fly into space. I talked to my girlfriend, but not much had happened with her either. I walked my dog and met some nice people. I learned that my neighbors had build a fountain in their front yard. I played Infantry, a cool online game and listened to a lot of music. That's about it for today.

You know, one of these days I'm either going to get back in the habit of mostly working at work instead of noding, or I'm going to get in some sort of serious trouble. I just hope it's the former, but because I have an addicitive personality, a knack for procrastination, and not a whole lot of willpower, I worry it will be the second. I think I spent all but maybe an hour of my work day on Everything, even with the horrible slowness it had. Not a good thing.

You'd think it would take more than two days to take a nice, healthy plant and reduce it to a withering state, at least without the help of chemicals to kill it. But that's just what we managed to do. Sunday, while picking out various plants and flowers for the flower boxes to go on the balcony, we saw this beautiful hanging plant I'd never seen before. Hmmm... a fuschia, and I can definately see where the name for the color came from.

Well, when they say it's a shade plant, they mean it. It took took only two days worth of direct afternoon sun to see the side facing the sun withering up, leaves and flowers turning brown, and that once bushy section going flat. It turns out that the fuschia is apparently a high maintenance plant. So, inside it has come, and after we find a spot to hang it without the horrors of the sun, maybe it'll become nice and healthy and bright again. It's way too beautiful of a plant to let die.

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