This is a song by Ween, from the album God Ween Satan: The Oneness.

Oh look, a melodic song! It's a little fuzzy as far as quality goes, it sounds almost like its accompaniment (on guitar) was recorded onto the master tape when it was playing in the background from another stereo.

Gene uses his sweet and soulful voice (for once) in this song, which was written for a girl. He really means well, but this is sort of a sad song:

help me now, i'm going down
and i don't know if i'll be ok
i'll be around, i'll be in town,
if u need a place to stay

Aww. How sweet.

This girl is later dissed in Ween's song "Baby Bitch" on Chocolate and Cheese, and she is called a "stinkin' ass ho," but at this point apparently they are still on good terms.

At one point a radio comes on in the song announcing happy birthday to "Aaron," saying he's no longer a teenager but a "full grown twenty," or something. Aaron is Gene Ween's real name.

This song is © 1990 by Ween, Twin/Tone records.

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