You know, one of these days I'm either going to get back in the habit of mostly working at work instead of noding, or I'm going to get in some sort of serious trouble. I just hope it's the former, but because I have an addicitive personality, a knack for procrastination, and not a whole lot of willpower, I worry it will be the second. I think I spent all but maybe an hour of my work day on Everything, even with the horrible slowness it had. Not a good thing.

You'd think it would take more than two days to take a nice, healthy plant and reduce it to a withering state, at least without the help of chemicals to kill it. But that's just what we managed to do. Sunday, while picking out various plants and flowers for the flower boxes to go on the balcony, we saw this beautiful hanging plant I'd never seen before. Hmmm... a fuschia, and I can definately see where the name for the color came from.

Well, when they say it's a shade plant, they mean it. It took took only two days worth of direct afternoon sun to see the side facing the sun withering up, leaves and flowers turning brown, and that once bushy section going flat. It turns out that the fuschia is apparently a high maintenance plant. So, inside it has come, and after we find a spot to hang it without the horrors of the sun, maybe it'll become nice and healthy and bright again. It's way too beautiful of a plant to let die.