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Back from the traditional midsummer party in the northern parts of Sweden. I had a lot of beer, which had two effects:
  • The alcohol evaporating from every pore of my body scared the mosquitoes away.
  • After playing kubb (or whatever it is called in English), I got a little tired and had to take a short nap on a conveniently placed couch. After a while, my ex joined me for some snuggling. Neat-o.
Yay for beer!

I also spent some time at my parents' house and rediscovered my sack of Lego. Spent some time building a gearbox and a differential drive.
Permit test at the DMV tomorrow (it's not tomorrow until you go to sleep), followed by a frantic run towards my employers, capped by a visit to the biblio-crack den society calls a bookstore. Perhaps a visit to the library. And my stomach's still a little queasy from over-celebration on Friday.

I haven't even glanced at the DMV booklet yet. Whoops.

1PM Update: Well, due to the dermatologist's office calling in and having an opening, no DMV, no permit, no biblio-crack. Instead, I had the fun of having a 4 mm radius 8 mm deep cylinder of flesh taken out of my chest with a dermal punch. Thank god for xylocaine - my navel piercings hurt more. And the ephidrine made it not bleed. How strange, one would think a stimulant like ephidrine would *increase* bleeding by dilating blood vessels and acting as an anti-coagulant. I mean, caffeine does, so why not? And now I've got a big bandage on my chest that's going to hurt like hell when I take it off. Hair + adhesive is a bad and painful combination.

Update: epinephrine, not ephidrine. Vasoconstrictor, not stimulant. I understand.

Woke up bright and early to go out and interview for stupid temp jobs. I feel pretty good, considering I was up until 1:30 playing Railroad Tycoon 2--but then, that's hardly the worst thing I ever did to my body or brain. At least I have some interview clothes that fit now; after losing 50 pounds thanks to the Hacker's Diet, my old suit fit on me like a tarp.

later:There's an interesting lightshow going on over my house. From my front window, it looks like a nasty, bright, muggy Baltimore summer day. But for half an hour or so I've been hearing these low booms. I looked out the back window and saw huge dark thunderheads. They look very cool as a backdrop for the old city jail, which I can see the roof of.

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I'm not able to post the EBU Snapshot at 00:00 UTC for the next month or so. I'll try to post it consistently at about 13:00 UTC (about 21:00 my local time) in that period. Ah ... for an always on connection.

sabre23t: Nodes to node

friday evening

i was feeling better than i had in a long time. craig and i went to his sister and brother-in-law's house to babysit their children. we wore them out early. they went to bed without protest. after they were asleep, i promptly konked out. i had to be up pretty early.


i tested for my purple belt and passed with flying colours. i am glad. it was my last time at the studio before i go in for surgery. i don't know how long i'll have to take off from practice, but i am glad to have gotten the next belt beforehand.

later that afternoon, craig and i invited my sister and brother over for dinner. they didn't stay long, jenn wasn't feeling too well, but it was nice to see them.


slept until 2pm. WOW! that felt good. went for a wonderful dinner at The Palm. Craig had a big big prime rib, i had some chicken, and we ordered the asparagus as a side. A bottle of merlot topped the meal off nicely. then we went back to my house were vegetables for a while. went to sleep around 1am.

monday morning

wake up, get dressed, walk the dog, kiss craig goodbye (such an angel when he's sleeping), and head to work. here i am.

my mother arrives sometime late this evening. she's going to be helping me out while i'm down and out after the surgery. i'm so glad she's coming down. i love my mom.

more later...

monday afternoon

feeling kinda (okay, REALLY) poopy, so i leave work early. if it was just pain i'd stay at work, but i don't want to stray too far from my toilet today, if'n you know what i mean. when i got home i was pleased to see that craig is still here.

since ma is coming tonight, i decided to clean a bit.

now there's a nice loud thunderstorm outside (that i hope isn't slowing mom's drive here), and i'm smoking a bowl. i'm trying to hold off on pain killer usage this afternoon. it's leaving me wonky and mom is coming over.
Today is the Florida Everything Get-Together.
That makes me a tad nervous. I don't really remember what people look like from jpg/gif compared to real life. I think it will be fun, I like meeting people off the net after I've gotten to know them some. I wonder if I don't recognize, anyone if they will recognize me? Wolfgang is going with me, so worse comes to worse.. we will just have dinner by ourselves.

Yesterday Wolfgang read me to sleep.. it was really sweet.. I spazzed Sunday night/Monday morning. I got paranoid about whether or not I should be in a relationship.

I have things to do this week like call all 3 of my doctors.. I hope I remember.

I took new pictures this morning.. I made one just for everythingians! http://www.escape.com/~juliet
I spent the weekend in Southern Missouri, which was to say the least interesting. There was a boat with a trolling(sp?) motor. It basically kept anyone from racing into the shore or any other boat, because it's top speed was around 6 miles per hour.

On Saturday, we went to a thrift store in De Soto called Books N' Things. It seemed to be an old ladies house. She was pretty much selling all her crap before she died I guess. We walked around the house and picked things up and she told us the prices like a stock market ticker tape. I bought a bonanza restaurant cap and a pair of old glasses. I put both on and feel like a dishwasher from said establishment.

In conclusion, I recommend before you die, visit Southern Missouri. You won't regret it in terms of experiential knowledge.

I'm so utterly exhausted today, sort of floating around in a state of semi-awareness, which is dreamy but not best for accomplishing any of the things I'd planned to. I'm taxing resources just thinking today, nevermind doing. I went to bed shortly after 5am this morning, watched the sun come up and listened to the sweet little birds chirping outside of my open window. I love that, those moments when I know I should be in bed sleeping, dreaming, doing the opposite of what I should be. I don't know why, exactly, other then I like that I have the ability.

I wouldn't be tired today but the phone kept ringing this morning, ringing and ringing and I couldn't stand it i just gave up and ended up spending a great deal of my time here on e2 and talking to a few people on IRC. Actually, I just talked to toasty.

I can't even watch msyelf type because my eyes don't quite have that ability, the reading thing.. I'm staring out the window as a cool breeze slips through the screen and over my face. I'd probably fall asleep were it not for this, the wind is a bit cool today, but not cold and heartless like it's been as of late. This is nice.

I've many things to do this week but I'm npo sure how many I'll actually do.. the most plausible right now would be taking a little nap or something along those lines because I don't think I'll last much longer sitting here. I need to go to the doctor's but I'll probably put it off until my head falls from my shoulders. I really hate those weenie's sometimes, they've not helped me much in the past..

Ah well, more to come later when I've had my nap. naps n the middle of the day provoke very strange things. Never-the-less, I'm off.
Today was a day of monotonous energy draining work that seems so pointless now. In other words, a normal day.

I made an ass of myself last night i'm pretty sure all I know is a came to a grave realisation and i'm still sort of in shock about the whole incident. It really made me think about my life. I came to realise that I was becoming what i've always hated and I know I must change because its not right to be that way.

I made so many mistakes, but that's in the past and I must move on. I can only learn from the past, I cannot change it or modify it in anyway.

I lashed out at my best friend. She's never been anything but honest with me and I took it all for not. I in effect became the type of person I hate most in the world. I know now that I must learn from my mistakes and not repeat them. This is my last chance my own mind made it very clear to me that if I screw up this time I won't get another chance and i'll be forced to start over.

No more will I carelessly toss around apologies or lose track of what's important to me.
I know who I want to be and I know what I want to do with my life.

Thank you everyone who has helped me along the way.

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