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Time: Fri, 23 Jun 2000 01:06:33 GMT
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So, today I did boss things, like having a meeting with my Subdirector of Transportation. Then I did a geek thing, and finally bought myself a Palm Pilot (the Vx model). Then, even more geekily, websurfing for stuff to make the little aluminum beast talk to my Linux machine, and interchange calendars and things like that.
In the process I reinstalled Gnome, via the super-sexy remote upgrader. That took 20 minutes, because it downloads 50 Megs of stuff. Restart X. Point Netscape at the Gnome site. Netscape starts allocating vast amounts of RAM, until it finally hits the ceiling and tanks. Duh ? Try again, same thing happens, but this time it kills the window manager.
Not Gnome: it restarts and says "Dude, you are not running a Gnome-compliant window manager". Of course not, you little fucking creature of the woods: I am not running any window manager at all.
So I restart Enlightenment, and the whole mess crashes horribly, leading to a healthy, controlled, shutdown and reboot.

In recent news, yesterday the Big Kahuna decided that since the Fisheries and Wildlife Division, where baffo works, has so much free time, hardware, and people, it should also take charge of an image bank project, and redesign the firm's web page adding a sprinkling of e-commerce. But stealthily, so that the people that are supposed to be in charge do not realize. Our heroes, Baffo and the Lesser Kahuna, bravely said "Yes Sir, would you like fries with that ?" - they know that they are already doomed. Nothing bad can happen to you beyond disaster and destruction.
"An organizational fuckup that will make dotted lines look like something healthy and pleasant", someone muttered coming out the meeting room. An example of Mexican Democracy, says I (not out loud).

In a further development, today baffo screwed around with his new geek toy instead of doing serious and productive things like writing reports that will not be read and taking decisions that will not be implemented. He declared, "yes, but I feel much better now".
In the forthcoming weekend news: Baffo's SO comes back from Bacon-n-Maple-land, needing affection, care and tenderness and expecting a clean house. Will the Italian techie be able to make her happy or will they end up yelling at each other ?

Movie at 10, but not for me 'cause I have no TV.

Note to self: learn the fucking Zope, already !
My little heart ached today for things lost and things still left to find, things better left unsaid mixed with things that must find their way from my thoughts to words, and possibly to the rest of the little universe we inhabit. I'm so tired, so tired, a physical exhaustion tainted by emotional frustration that seems only to build up when kept inside, but at least it will spill forth but at once if I hold it for a while longer. I tend not to like it tumbling out slowly, a harsh burst of pain is best when the other choice means only slow, drawn out hurt.

I had a nice day of noding, I think, I spouted off some easily dreamy content mixed with a bit of humor and perhaps a touch of my longing found its way into my words. I like the thought that what I'm feeling often times ends up in my writing, whether I plan it that way or not.. I'm quite fond of my addition to "Whose node is it anyway?".

It is far too cold here in this corner of the world, far too biting and chilly, where is the comforting warmth, heat, that I usually wish away? I've been listening to the Counting Crows muchly today, they seem to have a song for each of my moods, and others that I've not even experienced yet, which happens to be quite dreamy.

The phone woke me this morning from an interesting little dream, though I'd imagine it best not to have such unconcious thoughts. I just want everything to feel more like a dreamy movie starring John Travolta and the love of my life, whomever that might be, the thoughts in my head suggest I might want to examine that issue in depth.

I wrote most of this daylog half asleep and with my eyes closed.. which reminds me of one of my favourite nodes, close your eyes.

"someone should be with me here, 'cause i don't wanna be alone.." - catapult, counting crows

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A day like today, just a month ago, I discovered Everything...

I know, I know... I didn't want to nodevertise, I just remembered that maybe this node was the place to node this after creating the other node....

Understand now what I mean when I say I am a newbie?

"Sometimes he would accuse chestnuts as being lazy":
Thank the gods(?) for napster! Can anyone think of a better use of digital technology? I think not. Today I'm on a soundtrack kick. Reservoir Dogs, Natural Born Killers, and Shaft have been successfully acquired. What more could I possibly ask for?

Parties galore! This weekend has much potential. A friend of mine is hosting a 3 day party here in Cincinnati. He claims to have a musical surprise for everyone which could prove to be interesting. Mr. Dibbs? Dose? Who could it be?

This weekend marks the first of two 4 day weekends for me. I took Monday and Tuesday off because Erin is finally returning from Arizona/Las Vegas. Apparently she really liked Arizona and even mentioned going to school out there instead of locally. Hmmmmm...

Things to do today:

  • Pick up some refreshments for this evening
  • Obtain no less than 20 more mp3s
  • Browse around on Gnome's site
  • Spec out new Dell server
Today is my last day of vacation living with my brother in North Carolina. It looked like a disappointment in the morning, but it will get better tonight.

I woke up at 8:00 AM, after five hours of sleep. I idled through #everything last night as always. I didn't had breakfast in the morning because I had to reinstall Windoze in my computer. My sister-in-law took her youngest son and a few other kids to a McDonalds around noon. I didn't want to eat stuff from McDonalds until I went back home at 1:00 PM for what I considered breakfast. I fried two eggs, and made toast at home.

When my sister-in-law took me to my brother's second workplace (a Chinese/Thai restaurant), I looked at the newspaper only to find out that my favorite comedian is in town -- Wendy Liebman! My brother asked his friend if he can drive me off to a comedy club to see Wendy, and I'm ready to go tonight at 10:00 PM.

So far, I had to push off all of the coolest things to do for the vacation to this last day. I went to the local CompUSA, nothing interesting to buy. Well, everything else I want to buy will require more luggage so I'll leave that to New York City. I went to Stay Online, the hardcore computer store in Durham but I had nothing to buy in there. I didn't buy any SCSI cables or anything like that!

Tomorrow I'm expected to have breakfast, then a trip directly to the train station where I can buy a jar of fire jelly to go with my breakfasts next week back in my Home Office.

I got a package today that made me happy! It had bubble wrap in it, and a mix tape. Top that! I like. But that comes in the middle of the sequence, so i'll start at an earlier arbitrary point..

I was happily working along, i was guiding a customer through installing software over the phone, simultaneously working on our website, simultaneously watching the chatterbox, when Mishele brought around the ice cream. Ice cream for everybody! I didn't get to thank her because i was on the phone, but i thank her. At first, a year ago now, when they hired her, i jumped to conclusions at the name while i set up her accounts and thought, just what the marketing frickin' department needs, a silly, silly woman who can't even spell her own name. To add to the gossip klatch that it is. Ah, but i underestimated her. She's silly, but kindhearted. A worthwhile person. I only make these harsh judgments in jest, you understand. At any rate, hooray for ice cream. Of course, at the same time, ToasterLeavings got a beer.. but i wasn't jealous. I was sweating from playing frisbee at lunch with Abdiel, and the melting ice cream was perfect, and reminded me of the night before.

Ah, but i'm rambling. The next thing that happens is X calls. He wants to know if it's ok for him to come up this weekend, to get some of his stuff. He can't find a job in New York, and everything is going badly. Except - everything is always going badly for him. I, against my better judges shouting out, say that there's no problem because i can't find a good script that would leave me still generous. And i am so generous. He verifies - you sure? I verify - uh, i guess.   sure. i'm, sure.   oh. kay.

So he's coming up. After work hours, there's a beer flag downstairs and Rick is telling stories. They're the kind of stories that make you wonder if you weren't brought up in a ball of cotton - full of drunkenness and blood. My father has worked with this guy for 12 years and still has not heard all of his barfights and drunk encounters with cops stories. He keeps swearing on his "daughter's life." The stories are entrancing as i imagine bullfights must be. Broken beer bottles and borrowed guns and car chases and public urination and nightsticks. I'm glad to have been brought up in a ball of cotton - or i would not have this pretty face! - but glad i know Rick. I missed most of the story, though, because i tried to call X and got our friend - the one he's staying with - who confirms that he's left already but it's silly for him to come here, when he's running out of money and bus tickets cost so much, and the things he needs could be sent to him: the upshot is, he's coming to see me. And i don't need that.

It's not that i don't love him. It's that love is so complicated.

I have problems of my own. And i have joys that he is not a part of, and so, when i come home to the package on my doorstep, with photos of people i almost know but none of the sender, and the tape i'm listening to right now, i am so happy. Thank you! Thank you. I am on my fourth beer, X will be here soon i'm sure, so forgive me my rambles. I thought i was free but i am tied by my compassion, or whatyoucallit.

Well today was fun to say the least.

Booted linux 2.2.14 to try my hand at sockets. Got to connect(), and couldn't figure out the struct sockaddr. Oh well, talked to someone, he gave me advice, will try again tomorrow. Anyone have a basic example?

Got a hair cut. Also found out the place next to the hair cutter's makes the best mocha, ever.

Picked up girlfriend, rented The Shining, neither of us felt like watching it. Oh well, have it until wednesday, always another day. Went swimming, snuggled.

My cell phone came in, Nokia 5190. It came free with the plan we have, cost us 20$ a month to add it on. Not a bad deal for all the stuff. Oh, and my dad pays for it all. :)

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