Today is my birthday

In my waking life, I have been considering getting a tattoo for some time now. I want to do a bilateral set, dextral and sinistrodextral. On the right arm, I have long figured on getting my family's Scottish Clan Badge. I lucked out and we have a cool one, a very iconic looking mountain with three fires on it, and the motto "Stand Fast." The symbolism of the badge 's imagery is that these are the signal fires that the Clan leadership would light upon Craig Elachie to rally the fighting men. Good stuff.

I've always figured on the right arm being symbolic of my genetics and family history - hardware and lineage. I wanted the left arm to be personal, more reflective of my interior world - software, the Igloo OS.

Waking on my birthday morning, my unconscious mind was gracious enough to finally settle this problem for me by delivering a fully rendered vision. In the dream, I could see the tattoo on my arm, vibrant, supersaturated with color.

Laid out along the length of my upper arm was a Great Blue Heron. Its plumed head and long dagger-like beak pointed to the viewer's right, or the bird's left. Its head was wreathed in the Sun, surrounding it like a halo, glowing with a powerful yellows and oranges. The artwork was iconic, and the halo looked like something that might crown a Byzantine saint. The heron's wings were fully extended and pointed upwards, wrapping around my bicep and tricep. His feet extended downward, where they were submerged in a clear blue pool. In the pool was a rainbow trout, swimming with his head also pointed to the left. He was beautiful, a dappled male that was iridescent with color. In the dream, I knew that the tattoo was on MY left arm, and that I needed to make arrangements to have it done.

I woke up feeling really great. I've been thinking about this for 2 years now. I guess that settles it, and now I'll have something to say when people ask what it means.

IRL I am going up for my brown belt in kung fu, a state that is weighing heavily on my mind and informed this dream.

I and several other people were participating in a free-for-all competition in a skating arena. The colors orange, yellow and red dominated the venue decor. We wore bright yellow overalls. We were all armed with various passive weapons, but mostly I remember table knives. Whoever was the last person standing would face a humanoid robot. If I could defeat every person and the robot, I would get my brown belt.

On skates, I easily defeated every person in the arena, earning me the right to face the robot. For this I had to don a bright yellow radiation suit. The robot was toxic and this would protect me against poisoning if it accidentally touched me.

The venue changed to a street sidewalk. I was armed with a "ray gun" that looked and acted very much like a Super Soaker without water. I faced the robot, which taunted me. My goal was to get past the robot to an alcove at the end of the sidewalk.

I shot at its head. It laughed. I shot at its brown pickup truck, parked by the sidewalk. It taunted me further. I had to find its source of power and destroy it. I couldn't think of what that would be. The robot closed in on me, taunting me. I pushed past the robot and ran to the alcove. I realized I was a brown belt.

At this point the dream forked.

Ending #1: I still had to disable the robot. The robot transformed into one of our black belts, whom I find attractive. It continued to taunt me as it pinned me to the ground. I found some pleasure in having it/him on top of me and was surprised that I was not poisoned by it. I started talking to it about recipes and it disappeared. I had defeated it by introducing illogical human behaviour into the situation, instead of trying to defeat it by brute force. I earned my brown belt.

Ending #2: I still had to disable the robot. As it continued to taunt me, I realized I could ask it any question and it would answer. I asked it if it could compute prime numbers and it answered affirmatively. So I asked it to compute prime numbers, thus committing all its resources to a single task, effectively rendering it impotent. Thus I disabled the robot and I earned my brown belt.

I dream that I am driving around a large state park in a van. In the seat next to me is my own corpse. I am still in my body and totally in control of it, but there is also a body next to me that looks exactly like me. It is my body. I carry it around with me whenever I get out of the van and I keep asking people 'How can this possibly be happening?' It doesn't make sense to me at all in the dream.

Later on I encounter a state trooper at a race track. He is pointing out race car drivers to me that are deformed from accidents they got into while they were racing. He points to one driver,

 "Hey, wait, look at this guy. This one's precious."

The driver's head is shaped like a potato.

I dreamt of Jeanne...

her skin so soft, cheeks rosy pink just a little not
the room is dimmed. started as a concert but now it's
my bed.
there lurks a lingering fear of being discovered by my
we kiss sweetly but intently
as lost lovers who have not met for years but have just been waiting waiting waiting
hands feel bodies finally another's to pleasure to feel to
warm breath on soft skin
on necks on lips on the sweet smell of her skin
her beautiful eyes looking at me
so innocent, so sweet so kind so intent
"didn't you used to have a crush on me or something?"
"back in Y.O.U. yeah
I wrote you a love note.
you are so enchanting" still. she's still got it.
and we pull eachother together to taste each other's lips again. hands can't feel enough,
excitement rises, touches more insistent more pressing
changing positions more means our anticipation is building
suddenly she is in her panties and her shirt and i yearn to feel the soft flesh of her thighs
that which is closest to her sex but is not her sex
the most delicious temptation, the sweetest tease
her hands removing my pants
they only get halfway off my ass before

the alarm buzzes

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