IRL I am going up for my brown belt in kung fu, a state that is weighing heavily on my mind and informed this dream.

I and several other people were participating in a free-for-all competition in a skating arena. The colors orange, yellow and red dominated the venue decor. We wore bright yellow overalls. We were all armed with various passive weapons, but mostly I remember table knives. Whoever was the last person standing would face a humanoid robot. If I could defeat every person and the robot, I would get my brown belt.

On skates, I easily defeated every person in the arena, earning me the right to face the robot. For this I had to don a bright yellow radiation suit. The robot was toxic and this would protect me against poisoning if it accidentally touched me.

The venue changed to a street sidewalk. I was armed with a "ray gun" that looked and acted very much like a Super Soaker without water. I faced the robot, which taunted me. My goal was to get past the robot to an alcove at the end of the sidewalk.

I shot at its head. It laughed. I shot at its brown pickup truck, parked by the sidewalk. It taunted me further. I had to find its source of power and destroy it. I couldn't think of what that would be. The robot closed in on me, taunting me. I pushed past the robot and ran to the alcove. I realized I was a brown belt.

At this point the dream forked.

Ending #1: I still had to disable the robot. The robot transformed into one of our black belts, whom I find attractive. It continued to taunt me as it pinned me to the ground. I found some pleasure in having it/him on top of me and was surprised that I was not poisoned by it. I started talking to it about recipes and it disappeared. I had defeated it by introducing illogical human behaviour into the situation, instead of trying to defeat it by brute force. I earned my brown belt.

Ending #2: I still had to disable the robot. As it continued to taunt me, I realized I could ask it any question and it would answer. I asked it if it could compute prime numbers and it answered affirmatively. So I asked it to compute prime numbers, thus committing all its resources to a single task, effectively rendering it impotent. Thus I disabled the robot and I earned my brown belt.