Today is my last day of vacation living with my brother in North Carolina. It looked like a disappointment in the morning, but it will get better tonight.

I woke up at 8:00 AM, after five hours of sleep. I idled through #everything last night as always. I didn't had breakfast in the morning because I had to reinstall Windoze in my computer. My sister-in-law took her youngest son and a few other kids to a McDonalds around noon. I didn't want to eat stuff from McDonalds until I went back home at 1:00 PM for what I considered breakfast. I fried two eggs, and made toast at home.

When my sister-in-law took me to my brother's second workplace (a Chinese/Thai restaurant), I looked at the newspaper only to find out that my favorite comedian is in town -- Wendy Liebman! My brother asked his friend if he can drive me off to a comedy club to see Wendy, and I'm ready to go tonight at 10:00 PM.

So far, I had to push off all of the coolest things to do for the vacation to this last day. I went to the local CompUSA, nothing interesting to buy. Well, everything else I want to buy will require more luggage so I'll leave that to New York City. I went to Stay Online, the hardcore computer store in Durham but I had nothing to buy in there. I didn't buy any SCSI cables or anything like that!

Tomorrow I'm expected to have breakfast, then a trip directly to the train station where I can buy a jar of fire jelly to go with my breakfasts next week back in my Home Office.