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Today I had no meetings. Tomorrow I have three, two of them overlapping. Thank you, Art, for this masterful screwup of a pretty complex day.

I tried to buy a Palm Pilot, but I failed. Apparently all the shops in Mexico City have decided to sell only the very stylish, aluminum-cased, ultra-thin Palm V, which is cool as hell and costs about 60% more of the Palm III. But I want a Palm III, because I think that my personal image is beyond repair, so a stylish PDA would be simply out of place on me.

I also did boss-things, like inventing an email account management policy, pondering quota, being supportive to nice budding engineer boys almost out of the eggshell.

No hacking. Damn. The boss-things are serious time traps.

Oh, and a secretary had pity on me and organized my (paper) files. I also wrote some email to my SO which I did not feel like writing but felt was necessary to give the impression that I care. And I do care, but there are days when I would rather not write email.

  • Note to self: going home at 2200 every day is not normal. 12 hours of work is kind of like too much.
    Now that tomorrow is here, I can vent my uncontrollable anger about the bloody bastard who is drilling a concrete wall just below my office.
    Why, oh why, in office hours ? How can one hack in these conditions ? Why can't I stop my violent and destruction filled thoughts of revenge ?
  • Maybe I'm dwelling, maybe I'm just lost in a bunch of thoughts that I shouldn't be but I'm pretty sad tonight, quite sad even. I tried keeping my mind occupied.. it didn't seem to matter, it still doesn't. It's nearly 3am so of course if I want an easy excuse.. I can attribute it to being tired, at least that way I can just pass it off and stop thinking about it.

    I miss people. A lot of people.. I don't mind being alone, heck I prefer it a lot of the time.. but I'm just tired of the way I hear less and less from the people I really care about. Ah well..

    I noded a bunch of Cat Stevens lyrics today because I was desperately trying to remain calm, sort of content and his music is so utterly soothing. Someone soft-linked "The Everything Copyright Problem" to it, which is fine, but I mean.. I really doubt Cat Stevens will give a sweet crap. He "never wanted to be a star", any way. Oh, also someone softlinked some sort of nasty/mean comments to another of my nodes.. normally I wouldn't have cared but it kind of hurt today because I'm already down, and it was a poetry node. (I don't want sympathy or anything, not even a cookie.) I did a little thing about Tom T. Hall and a bunch of other stuff. I even slipped in a factual thing about spray-foam. Whatever, you know? I'm feeling really lost tonight and just wish that I could pick myself up out of it before I venture off to dreamland.. I always have either really sad or really depressing dreams when I go to sleep like this. Ho-hum. Perhaps I should read some dreamy nodes from dreamy little humans..

    Speaking of dreamy little humans, I'd like to say thank you to all of the noder's lately who've been so sweet and kind and made me say "awwwww" and smile a whole lot. I know I've thanked each of you personally, but I guess I couldn't say it enough.. I'd say you are the reasons I'm not depressed but rather just a bit sad/down right now.

    I want to go to the NYC noder gathering but I imagine I'll just have to put a trip there off because my birthday is in July and I kind of need to save up money for that.. though I do so want to meet yossarian. Hrmph.

    Of all the things that can massively screw up a life, love has to be the biggest factor in there.. I mean it can be this dreamy blissful thing or it can just mess with your mind and leave you wondering what on earth you're doing at all. Not that I don't want to be in love.. I don't know, I just wish it were simpler. (Love has too much fine print attached to it, I maintain.)

    ToasterLeavings has a sore ear.. a ruptured eardrum, poor dreamy little human. Get well soon, okay toasthead?

    Well.. I think I'll wander off to bed shortly after I browse through some hopefully "uplifting" nodes, like.. "shut the #($)@! up and stop whining", or "poor, poor you.. oh no, wait, poor me for having to listen to you". Sorry noder's, I promise I'll be more upbeat tomorrow.. spew some joyous content in your direction, etc.

    See the lyrics to trouble by cat stevens, they go nicely with this node and my thoughts at present, methinks.
    Bloomsday. I just finished watching Wonder Boys with Emerald and Becky, both my good friends. The moon was wonderful, with tissue clouds passing before it, lighting the sky in luminous spiderwebs.
    It is only 3 a.m. What is this feeling? Unbridled optimism mingled with affection and bits of peace. I haven't felt this way in... perhaps years. and the day has just begun.
    On the Dreariness of Meetings

    Spent last day in a meeting that was interesting, but far too long. Sitting in a small room with a great number of oxygen-consuming individuals left me with a borderline headache, so I spent the lunch break outside, raking the pétanque court. This reminded me of japanese businessmen who, according to legend, pay to do various kinds if work in parks in Tokyo.
    The meeting inferno continued today, with a different project group. Luckily, we seem to have left the managerspeak behind us, and began planning the setup of the platform.

    I got two of the CDs I ordered some time ago. The majority (>25 CDs) of the order seems to be stuck in customs. That means I will have to pay VAT. Lots of VAT.

    Today's Soundtrack: Portishead's Glory Times remix compilation.


    woke up this morning feeling pretty funky. i leave for another appointment shortly. the prescribed no-fat liquid diet isn't so bad. i've been having fruit smoothies. mmmmm.

    i didn't sleep well at all last night. i'm not sure why. the percocet should have conked me out pretty well.

    more when i get home...
    Number Two Son, through the crack in the bathroom door asked if we get A&E and Grandpa called to say there was a special on about horses. Thats enough to get me out of the tub and turn on the TV. Horses have connected Dad and I since I was a little girl. A lot of times he would bring me home a ceramic horse from his TDY's(Temporary Tours of Duty). My favorite one was the one he brought back from Vietman. It was hand carved out of some kind of wood by a Montanyard. Every birthday and Christmas it was my fervent wish to have a horse, but being in the military and moving all the time made it impossible. So he did the best he could taking me horseback riding whenever he could. On my grandparents ranch I would ask him to tell me over and over about Snip and Ribbons, two horses thay used from plowing fields to pulling the buggy into town.It was there that he taught me the meaning of cowboy up. The last time he took me riding was for my son's birthday. He took pictures and sent them to me. I still look at them from time to time and see how sick I really was. They say the camera adds ten pounds and I looked like a bit of nothing on that horse. So very thin and a scarf covering my patchy hair. I vaguely recall the day, but mostly as a recollection by pictures. What does a mother do to help her children understand that life's not all it's cracked up to be. To instill hope in a hopeless situation. The best I can come up with is to look on the positives and provide focus for them hoping to make that a habit of their thinking,to look at how far one has come. I would never admit to needing a rest; but long before we reached the end of the riding trail I dismounted, turned around and said, Look how far we've come! Stopping was my excuse for me to catch my breath as well as to enjoy the beautiful desert God had given us. To point out to my sons that it is good to stop, rest and reflect on how far we've come in life.

    This week I had another check up and all is well. The doctor asks how old I am and is shocked that I could be in my fourties. Of course this immediatley endears him to my heart. We talk about my recent cognitive tests and he says just forget about the results . He says it's not that surprising considering what I've gone through. Yea I agreed, it's a startng place for my next endeavour in life. He hinted at maybe a receptionist's job in a doctor's office and wanted to know if I have seen Dr. G ( a friend of his) lately. Teaching he says doesn't pay as a profession as in comparison to the ongoing education required to keep one's credentials. I am almost certain that I don't want to teach. It would be a disaster considering my problems with concentration and short term memory. No mention of an MRI (Yipee!) But a ton of hormone tests ugh! Blood pressure is 112/75 (normal for me) and resting heart rate is 72. A nice drop from the 82 last check up. The working out helps in so many ways I can't count them.

    Walkng 3 miles in 45 minutes is my next goal. Five to six nights a week, I'm a regular now on the street. I recoginze the pizza delivery guys driving back and forth, one always sticks his head out the window of his faded blue Toyota truck and hails me with an eager wave, his palm flashing by pointing out a great intensity of fraternity. A couple last week stopped me in the grocery store and said your the lady who walks her dog every night. We see you and wave. They explain the kind of car they drive and tell me to look for them. I will I promise. It's been such a long time since I've been to the real world that it's renewing to see and hear this sense of community among strangers.

    ophie I remembered you in my devotions last night as I promised and will continue.

    There is still no stumbit button on my E2 e-mail registry. I would like to remove Asamoth since he has decided to leave and put another noder on my list. dem bones says he'll do some snooping and thinks it may be a coding problem.

    How Far!

    You will show me the path that leads to life; your presence fills me with joy and brings me pleasure forever.
    - Psalm 16:11 (TEV)


    I was just going over my lowest writeups. I know a lot of my early writeups were not very good, so I'm ready to improve or nuke them as needed. The vast majority of them are just zero reps, but there are a handful of negatives. I looked over them and did the following:

    - Added a little more info to Final Fantasy 8

    - Requested a nuking on my pointless high school nickname entry (hey, it was one of my first writeups -_-;)

    - Made a MINOR change to idoru only to make it clear it wasn't an anti-William Gibson node--I'm not going to change it more because it's true

    - Didn't change an E2 Poll answer becuase I don't care if I annoy Quake fanatics

    - Didn't change addiction by proxy. It had a positive ranking at one point so a number of people must have downvoted it, which mystifies me. I mean, it's not brilliant, but I can't see how it's offensive either.

    - Ditto "makes an ass out of "U" and "mption"!." It's a movie quote, sheesh.

    The others were obviously methodical downvoting, so I don't care. I have an urge to mention some of my favorite nodes that are at 0 here, but I guess that would be nodevertising, eh?

    Okay, off to look at an apartment. Possibly some hard choices today... Titan A. E. comes out today, yet another movie I'm missing. Grumble. At least the heat wave is over.
    June 16th is also National Mortiticans Day.

    It's also the day eldritch48 was conceived.

    Today was a rare day, in that I wasn't tired all day and was more social than normal. I also ate more than what is normal for me (though still not enough to be healthy).

    Inside, today was a bad day. I was quite tense throughout the day and unable to concentrate on things. Motivation was absent. Last night, I came up with an exciting new noding project which I thought would be fun. Today, I don't feel inspired enough to begin it. Although I held myself back (as usual), my tension created in me a strong desire to strike out at inanimate objects at various points during the day. At other points, apathy overcame me, and I barely had enough motivation to move. My sexual drive (which oscillates between overwhelming and absent) was completely missing today. Thankfully, work went quickly, and maintaining my facade of happiness at work was not too difficult.

    Today was my first day on Zoloft. They say it may negatively affect your mood when you first begin to take it. I do not know if my slightly-worse-than-usual disposition today can be attributed to the new drug.

    A lot of people around me are depressed. Like me, they are hiding it, but I can tell. It's in their eyes and their words. But for most of them it is temporary - a combination of stress, bad weather, and sad events. I am jealous, but I should remind myself that my depression will one day lift as well.

    I am going to be spending this Friday night alone at home. My one remaining friend here in Philadelphia asked me if I was up for something tonight, but I am very withdrawn tonight and do not feel like going to hang out with him. I think he is the only one who cares enough about me to talk to me or to ask me if I want to go outside. Sometimes I try to reach out to others, but their responses are either ignoring or rejecting. I will keep trying, because I love them. To be my friend right now is to accept a burden onto one's shoulders, and I cannot blame anyone for avoiding it. I will try to hang out with my last real friend later this weekend. He is an angel for trying to help me, but I cannot connect with him like I have with other people. And deep down, I know he is alone too.

    Someone sat at my desk and cleaned my phone with that antibacterial stuff, which makes me feel no small amount of nausea. It pisses me off when people fuck with my stuff. I don't like my screen to be touched my papers to be moved, my setting changed - oh, and that's rich, when I got on someone for changing my settings and they defend themselves with 'This is company property, it's not yours,' etc. Oh? It's a standard build, motherfucker, with standard settings that people expect when they log in. People who make my workstation look like Windows 95 shall incur my wrath.

    My back still hurt today. Y kneaded the knot or trapped muscle in my right upper back for a few minutes. It hurt like hell, but worked to a decent extent. Now it feels like I've been shot.

    I watched disc 5 and half of six on my X-Files Season 1 DVD, which I've been obsessed with. If I had Season 2 I'd probably lose my job, Y would probably break up with me, and the person that my mom would send in to do "tough love" would find a skeleton partially encased in cobwebs. So it's probably best that I don't have Season 2. Yet.

    And my car stereo just shut off in the middle of my commute. Usually I can take it off, then put it back in, and it's fine, but it stayed off. I've seen Christine. I know what's going on here.

    I drove home to St. Louis today in record time (2 hours, 35 minutes) from Champaign, IL. I am visiting the parentals, however I spent tonight in a bar in St. Louis city watching the sublime live show of Calexico. They played a 25 minute encore, which made me feel good.

    My brother's (Jef) girlfriend (Cara) was visiting and so as not to allow such a coupling in the same house as my parents, I was required to sleep on the couch in the living room. I was awoken at 7 by the padding of a cat on my stomach.

    By the way, thanks Segnbora-t for the post-card. It was actually the kind of thing I wanted.

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    note: We left on Thursday, arrived on Friday, and I finished writing this on Saturday.

    Perhaps I should start with how our journey began instead of the final destination. I woke up around 7:30 this morning, took a shower, etc. Got to school before anyone else had even shown up. Mom had volunteered to drive so that my car would not be left in an empty parking lot for days and days. Mom is obsessing about this trip a hundred times worse than me.

    Anyway, I thought I saw Kate’s mom’s car, but instead it was Miss Hill* driving a white BMW. Since when do school employees drive foreign cars? She must be a drug dealer, I suppose.

    Eventually everyone showed up (except for Ariel) and we loaded all the luggage into the back of Danny E.’s mom’s van. Mr. Allison drove Danny E.’s mom’s other car, and poor Mrs. Allison was stuck between Danny E. and Danny L. for the entire four hour trip to O’Hare in Chicago. We all felt so bad for her.

    The traffic was horrible. Mr. Allison drove at least 80mph along the shoulder to avoid bumper-to-bumper congestion, and we lost two more cars on the way to McDonald’s. But we all arrived at the airport eventually. Not that getting there really mattered; we waited in a stagnant line that occasionally worked up the momentum to move a few feet. There were a bunch of Spanish-speaking people with fifteen suitcases (I counted), all of which were absolutely gigantic. We were all trying to guess why they had so many and finally decided they must be moving to Cleveland. Mr. Allison complained because we had been waiting in a practically dead stand-still line for two hours, and our plane was taking off in less than 45 minutes. The airport people opened another line for us, but two men with briefcases cut in front of us without apology. We cursed then to no end.

    But we eventually made it through the line with a few minutes to spare, and couldn’t help but wonder why another line hadn’t been opened two hours ago. Our gate was E4, which was a relatively short walk when one considers the vastness of that particular airport.

    On the flight from Chicago to Cleveland I was sitting between Kate and Danny E. He kept talking the entire time. It would have been understandable if he had been trying to make polite conversation, but I had headphones on and was reading a book.

    We made it to Ohio just fine, and I lost my stomach a few times on the way down to land due to turbulence. It was exciting. People around me were getting sick, but I just sat back and enjoyed the ride. Too many rollercoasters, I guess. I am immune. Had an hour and a half layover between flights, so I bought myself some cheese pizza from Sbarro’s. Ended up sitting next to Aunt Sue (she’s really only Stef’s aunt, but everyone calls her that) on the way to [London. I tried to sleep but wasn’t very successful. In fact, I have been awake for well over 24 hours now. I spent most of the flight eating airplane food, keeping my elbows out of the aisle to avoid injury, and reading. The stewardesses are vicious with those big metal carts. Dozed a little, but only enough to twitch violently awake after a few minutes of unrestful half-dreaming.

    Aunt Sue told me that my neck pillow thing was officially called a Bucky. I didn’t really believe her, but after a while I was convinced. Those pillows made from a single cotton ball that the airline provides its coach passengers with are insufficient for my comfort needs, so I planned ahead. Most people hadn’t.

    We arrived in England around 6:55am their time. Everyone was dead. I still am.

    Sixteen people in a bad mood is no fun for anyone. Mr. And Mrs. Allison, Aunt Sue, Mrs. Valdo, Jenn L., Kristen C., Kate S., Danny L., Danny E., Ariel N., Stef E., Mike F., Kelli F., Gwen H., and Angie V., and Katie too. We are associated with CHA, the tour group, and every single one of us has decided CHA sucks. Our tour guide’s name is Ruth. I’m guessing she’s about 55, a rather large girl, and she never lacks in irrelevant excessive knowledge which she never hesitates to share with everyone.

    We were all loaded onto a tour bus with several other groups participating in the CHA thing. The group who is supposed to be travling with us over the next few weeks speaks mostly Spanish and not much as (as far as we can tell). They’re all from Huston, TX, and of the “old money,” Stef tells us. Whatever that means.

    We had a very long ride from Gatwick to London, with Ruth droning on and on without end. Ariel, Mike, Kate and I were searching for ghetto cars the entire way there since it seems like every car here in England would be considered a luxury car back home. There are Mercedes-Benz cement trucks! Absolute craziness.

    When we got to the hotel, the Royal Eagle, everyone was surprised by how nice it was. I was sitting out on the steps in front when all of a sudden a Jamaican man wearing a green, red, and yellow floppy hat grabbed my hands in his, smiled wide as could be, and never broke stride or stopped singing his music. It was weird, but a nice welcome I guess.

    We went down to the Underground and rode the subway thing around. Something about a Circle Line. Ended up in a huge square with a statue of Nelson-something-or-other on top of a huge pedestal. The statue looked tiny in comparison to the height of the column, but it was really 17 feet tall, according to Ruth. The rest of the square was gorgeous. There were huge black lions on the four corners of the base of the Nelson monument, as well as a huge fountain with beautiful blue water. But then we noticed the naked man standing in it. I had already taken a picture of the fountain without realizing Naked Man was there. Oops. He was holding a sign that said something along the lines of “God created man without clothes.” After a short while, the police shut the water off and asked the man to move. The police didn’t even seem that interested or offended or upset. In fact, the man simply sat down on the edge of the fountain with his feet still in the water and had a lengthy conversation with the police, naked as the day he was born. And that was my first adventure of the trip.

    We were set free for the day after this event. Kate, Jenn, Mike, Kristen, Ariel and I went off to get some money exchanged. We mostly wandered. I bought the journal in which I am currently writing after we had lunch at an Italian restaurant. We had to be back at the hotel for dinner at six, so I didn’t eat much.

    For dinner we went to a restaurant that put us way up by the roof where I could touch the ceiling without even raising my hands all the way above my head. We were served some rather buckis chicken Kiev that squirted grease with every bite, although I seemed to be the only one who didn’t care for it. I’m just too picky.

    Went to bed immediately after we got back to the hotel. And that was my first day (days, technically) in Europe!

    * : Miss Hill is the assistant principle for the eleventh grade class. She has a reputation for being extremely absentminded and completely empty in the mental department.

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