Today I had no meetings. Tomorrow I have three, two of them overlapping. Thank you, Art, for this masterful screwup of a pretty complex day.

I tried to buy a Palm Pilot, but I failed. Apparently all the shops in Mexico City have decided to sell only the very stylish, aluminum-cased, ultra-thin Palm V, which is cool as hell and costs about 60% more of the Palm III. But I want a Palm III, because I think that my personal image is beyond repair, so a stylish PDA would be simply out of place on me.

I also did boss-things, like inventing an email account management policy, pondering quota, being supportive to nice budding engineer boys almost out of the eggshell.

No hacking. Damn. The boss-things are serious time traps.

Oh, and a secretary had pity on me and organized my (paper) files. I also wrote some email to my SO which I did not feel like writing but felt was necessary to give the impression that I care. And I do care, but there are days when I would rather not write email.

  • Note to self: going home at 2200 every day is not normal. 12 hours of work is kind of like too much.
    Now that tomorrow is here, I can vent my uncontrollable anger about the bloody bastard who is drilling a concrete wall just below my office.
    Why, oh why, in office hours ? How can one hack in these conditions ? Why can't I stop my violent and destruction filled thoughts of revenge ?