Something with a high "feel-good" factor can be said to be uplifting.
I find good music and beauty in nature to be uplifting.
Anything can be uplifting, depending on one's tastes. Friends of mine find going out and getting into a good fight can lift them out of the doldrums.

A genre of trance music (not really limited to trance but, this is probably the most known genre) with (very) long build-up sequences (stereo)typically consisting of a synthsound that starts out real quiet (and often as the only audible sound, at first) with high cut-off and then builds up by increasing volume, decreasing cut-off and sometimes also increasing pitch. Another very typical element in an uplifting trance build-up sequence is an aggressive snare fill (sometimes also a similar bassdrum fill).

A couple of well-known artists making uplifting trance (track name examples in brackets)

  • Armin (Communication)
  • Gouryella (Gouryella, Walhalla, Tenshi)
  • Svenson and Gielen (Beauty of Silence)
  • Lost Witness (Happiness happening)
  • Skynet UK (Open the Floodgates)

(see Break's wu on kiksutrance for more examples.)

At rave parties this is often the point where the VJs (videojockey, if present) and LJs (lightjockey, a necessity) go crazy and the arena is flooded with scanners, strobes and smoke. Also, for those rolling on E or speed this is typically the point where the drugs peak and people dance like crazy (because they feel like young Gods on an egotrip).

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