I'm one of those people who likes and can listen to every genre of music. Ok, correction, almost every genre of music. Regardless of whatever genre Justin Bieber or Rebecca Black belong to, I just don't like their music that much. But other people do, so to each their own I suppose.

Anyways, let me just get back to what it is I wanna writeup about before I digress indefinitely. I listen to almost every genre of music, but I consider myself a rocker. I recently bought a new album by Theory of a Deadman. They are a Canadian alternative rock band. I noticed a similarity with an album from another rock band, Minutes to Midnight by Linkin Park. No, not the style because although they are both part of rock, Theory of a Deadman is Alternative Rock whereas Linkin Park is Nu Metal. No, it was rather a lack of something that was similar in both. So, I decided that I would write a writeup about that something I feel has been missing in rock music nowadays.

What is it that has been missing from rock recently? Well its the Guitar Solo. Throughout rock, there has always been the lead singer that acts as the front man who interacts with the audience, and then the lead guitar with their awesome guitar solos that leaves you feeling pumped. It inspires tons of guitar players to go and learn the solos. There has also been so much innovation with these solos. The Beatles had George Harrison and even had Eric Clapton play a solo (While my guitar gently weeps), Led Zeppelin had Jimmy Page, and so on. Jimi Hendrix is a perfect example of how incredible the guitar can be.

As rock evolved, the guitar solo persisted and remained an integral part of songs. Ever since the 2000s, the guitar solos reduced. The legends of the 70s, 80s, (and 90s?) continued with their own styles, but the new bands seemed to leave it out. Personally for me, I love the guitar solo, and I always look forward to it when I listen to rock. Sadly, a lot of the new music lacks it, and the guitar solo seriously needs to make a return.

Now I'm not a Rock guru or anything, and so I'm sure there are bands that do have solos in their songs. For example, I'm sure in heavier rock music they incorporate them. However, two of my favourite bands, Nightwish (which is a power metal band) and In Flames (which is a heavy metal band) barely have any solos. In fact, I think Nightwish only has a one in their Dark Passion Play album and In Flames doesn't at all in A sense of purpose. Now I love these bands, but I wish they had solos in there because it would make their songs so much more awesome.

Hopefully there will be a return to the great fist pumping, uplifting, So awesome I feel like I can do anything guitar solos, and then I can truly enjoy the new rock music of present times.

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