A name of an object symbolizing lost youth and innocence in the movie Citizen Kane. The movie's account of the soulless newspaperman was modeled on the misdeeds of William Randolph Hearst, who was incensed by the movie's portrayal of him. It has been suggested that the name rosebud was meant to be doubly offensive to Hearst because Hearst reputedly used that name as a code word used between he and his mistress when referring to her genitals.

Maybe the best bloody cocktail bar in Cologne?

The "Rosebud" (the name was given intentionally due to the owner's fondness for Citizen Kane) is located in a small sidestreet off Cologne's Latin Quarter (or Kwartier Latäng, as the locals call it), where most of Cologne's 100 000 students hang out at night. Not that they would enter the Rosebud, though, as it is just a tad too expensive for the average student night out.

The place itself is a small, long dark corridor with a medium sized bar at the entrance and comfortable seats along the walls and a splendid garden outside, where you can sip your drinks under the stars and forget that you're in urban Europe. The audience is generally youngish between 20 and 40, well dressed but without a trace of snobbishness. The barkeepers are extremely knowledgeable about their cocktails, and I dare you to find a better Manhattan in Germany.

Funnily enough, that magazine every man only reads for the articles declared the place the best Cocktailbar in Germany.

That would explain the prices then...

50674 Köln
Kwartier Latäng,
Heinsbergstraße 20
Tel.: 0221-2401455

Rose"bud` (?), n.

The flower of a rose before it opens, or when but partially open.


© Webster 1913.

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