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Time: Fri, 9 Jun 2000 01:05:18 GMT
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JeffMagnus node count: 3704 (9 new since June 8, 2000)
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JeffMagnus node of the day: Everything 2 Civil War

12:59 EET

Well, the day has been going just swimmingly. Not.

I missed the bus this morning, since I couldn't find my keys. Naturally, I located them approx. 2 minutes after it was too late to get to the bus stop. Great.
With the next bus coming in an hour, I decided to get to the office by foot. It's only some 4.5km anyway, and the weather was nice. A bit too nice actually - I started to feel extremely hot and thirsty after only a short hike. So I took a little detour in order to buy something to drink from the mall.
Yep, you guessed it. I left my wallet home.

Oh well. The day can only get better from now on. I hope.

At least I'm going to kick my friend's ass on our MTG nostalgia night.
Yeah, right.

Hmm, I should really try to make my daily node look more interesting. For example, Booyaa's daylog is great to read just because of the layout. :)

Tasklist for June 9, 2000

Season - Summer

Current Status:
Age: 16
Mood: Still Bored
Job: Unemployed
Car: 1995 Saturn SL1 w/ Factory System
Girlfriend: Single
Best Friends: Yesterday my friend called me pathetic (more than once, mind you) because I slept till 3pm...dunno why this bothered me, but it did.

Things to be started and finished today

  1. Read: Chapter 3, Programming Perl
  2. Read: Chapter 2, Teach Yourself C++
  3. Read: Chapter 2, Using Visual Basic 6
  4. Read: Chapter 2, Schuam's Outlines: College Physics
  5. Locate: Damn Copy of Neuromancer
  6. Read: Whatever chapter I'm on in Neuromancer
  7. Task: Drive to Petsmart and obtain application (I didn't do this yesterday)
  8. Task: Return application to Suncoast (ditto...)

Things to be started today and possibly finished today

  1. Movie: Watch 5th Element
  2. Work: Clean bedroom (haven't started)
  3. Work: Clean office (haven't started)
  4. Work: Clean out car and use wet-vac (guess what...haven't started)
  5. Work: Fix loose speaker in car (hrmmmm...)
  6. Work: Clean out garage so both cars can be parked (fuck this, i don't park in it anyways)

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   1   Pseudo_Intellectual  13795  110   38    10  13757  122
   2   jessicapierce        11829   98  185    10  11644   83
   3   dem bones            11357   44   37    10  11320   45
   4   DMan                 10893  163  130     9  10763  168
   5   pukesick              8882   37   17    10   8865   40
   6   Saige                 8815  101  156    10   8659   92
   7   Segnbora-t            8689  121   37    10   8652  135
   8   Deborah909            7001   68   41     9   6960   72
   9   N-Wing                6448   81    1     9   6447   94
  10   JeffMagnus            6258   27   27     9   6231   27
  11   pingouin              6254   29   29     9   6225   29
  12   tregoweth             6228   29   29     9   6199   29
  13   knifegirl             6125    3    3     9   6122    3
  14   yossarian             6094   18   18     9   6076   18
  15   ModernAngel           6074    7    7     9   6067    7
  16   Jet-Poop              5635  126  126     9   5509  126
  17   Lometa                5561   83   83     9   5478   83
  18 * ideath                5502  120  120     7   5382  120
  19 - General Wesc          5486   37   37     9   5449   37
  20 - hoopy_frood           5473   27   27     8   5446   27
  21 * dannye                5444  145  145     8   5299  145
  22 - sensei                5409   64   64     7   5345   64
  23 * Tem42                 5358  102  102     8   5256  102
  24 - novalis               5324    1    1     9   5323    1
  25   bozon                 5240    9    9     9   5231    9
  26   moJoe                 5204   48   48     9   5156   48
  27   /dev/joe              5033   73   73     8   4960   73
  28   nine9                 4441    8    8     9   4433    8
  29   Asamoth               4429   90   90     8   4339   90
  30   Sarcasmo              4240    2    2     8   4238    2
  31   alex.tan              4194   76   76     7   4118   76
  32   yam                   4117   20   20     7   4097   20
  33   ariels                3962    4    4     7   3958    4
  34   juliet                3830   64   64     8   3766   64
  35 * Uberfetus             3633   35   35     5   3598   35
  36 - Sylvar                3615    0    0     7   3615    0
  37   knarph                3512    4    4     8   3508    4
  38 * Templeton             3512   74   74     5   3438   74
  39 - kessenich             3505   13   13     8   3492   13
  40   RockLobster           3485   79   71     8   3414   80
  41   Quizro                3410   48   14     8   3396   54
  42   Woundweavr            3351   13    3     8   3348   15
  43   discofever            3332    3    2     7   3330    3
  44 * bitter_engineer       3323   23   38     7   3285   20
  45 - CaptainSpam           3313    3    9     8   3304    2
  46   sabre23t              3256   59   57     6   3199   59
  47   ailie                 3208   17   30     7   3178   15
  48   Lord Brawl            3079   11   12     8   3067   11
  49   artfuldodger          3018   22    1     6   3017   26
  50   Xamot                 2906   11   13     7   2893   11
  51   hatless               2876    9   27     7   2849    6
   *   EBU #51               2876   31   27     *   2849   32

Server time: 01:57 Fri Jun 9 2000 TZ +0100 not UTC since May 26, 2000

* = users rising up in the EBU; - = users falling down in the EBU
l_ = last (previous) value; inc = increase in stats value
wa7 = ((stats + (6 * l_wa7))/7) = weighted average with denominator 7

sabre23t: Random Nodes

I've spent most of the morning today rewriting my spreadsheet for the EBU Snapshot to be less labour intensive. Now, down to ...

  1. Get node Everything's Best Users
  2. Copy & paste server time
  3. Copy & paste EBU, all 51 users
  4. Copy & paste old l_XP and l_wa7
  5. Generate text.prn from Excel
  6. Copy & paste into appropriate Everything Day Logs

Still quite a number of manual steps. It'll have to do until I'm able to rewrite it in Perl5 to autonode directly on to E2. Or may be even get Perl5 to autonode and drive Excel via automation.

Excel's ability to understand copy & pasted HTML table tags was nice, and VLookup ability to search for exact match from unsorted list was useful too. However, have to use work around of printing to "Generic/Text" printer to get fixed column output without tabs from Excel.

sabre23t: Nodes to node

wake up

forego shower and do the three point wash instead. brush teeth and hair. put on deodorant. go to the grocery store. get blueberries and cottage cheese for breakfast, and a veggie sandwich for dinner.

go to work

one cup of coffee, and one bowl of cottage cheese with blueberries.

check the morning news.

compile the latest server build. post builds to internal release site.

so far, so good.


it's friday. after work i'll go to practice, then on to craig's house. i think we'll see a movie with the free passes we got because of the fire drill during mission impossible 2. i want to go hiking tomorrow. maybe we'll climb sugarloaf mountain. who knows. i'm broke so the activities need to be free.

more later...

to node:

butterfly garden
Mughal Empire

These last few days, this past week, well it's been confusing, strange and utterly exhausting both mentally and physically. Intensely emotional if not somewhere along the lines of puzzling.

My father has been taking some of his stress out on me, I suppose, in the form of angry words spoken in an agitated, almost loud voice and sent in my direction. I've never taken well to such stuff from him because it happens very rarely, thus making it rather potent when it does. Well, this would be the reasoning behind my lack of sleep, especially these past two days. It's no longer acceptable for me to be up late and then sleep away the hectic, disgruntled morning of my household. I've many problems with wandering into dreamland at a sane hour, so I've been rising with the sun after very little sleep.. this isn't quite the best idea for a person like me who has much trouble retaining any level of emotional composure without adequate amounts of sleep.

I was napping on the couch this morning and ended up dreaming of my teeth being pulled loose but left in my mouth, it didn't hurt, it was just a sort of strange feeling. It was almost relief. Odd. When I woke up almost too suddenly shortly after, the back door of the house was open, mysteriously. I'm not sure as yet why or who might have been responsible for opening it, or why my dog didn't try to devour them. (Then again, perhaps he did and I just failed to wake up.) Actually, looking around now, I don't even know where my dog is.. strange.

My "ex" called me yesterday, throwing a little bit of his own brand of confusion into my life at quite an inopportune time. I suppose it wasn't so bad, I guess it's nice to know people are thinking of you. He mentioned coming to visit this summer, to which I replied, "That has many implications, consequences if you will, that I'm not so sure I want to deal with." He didn't understand, though I suppose he wouldn't, he seems oblivious sometimes.. oh, little oblivious humans, is anything more peculiar than someone who can't understand why it is that the person whose heart they wounded nearly beyond repair might not want to see them, despite the forgiveness that has occurred. I'm a forgiving person, but I'm not willing to create more emotional damage to forgive him for. Bleh.

I had an everything2 dream the night before last, as well, my first ever I believe. Damian and yossarian, hodgepodge and juliet were in it, all doing very strange things. Juliet was writing and I was watching and I felt awkward because she looked so breath-takingly gorgeous, I felt much like a wilted flower amongst flourishing, over-powering companions. Damian, well who knows what was going on there.. I really can't remember, and yossarian and I were of course devouring mangoes. Podge'y and myself were walking by a lake and I fell in, he was laughing, a duck landed beside me in the water and then I woke up. (I remember asking him why he was wearing the shorts he had on rather than strolling naked, as he had in his home node. He-he.)

I'm hoping that this weekend holds something more than the odd feelings the week leading up to it has..

Sorry for the rambling, I just need to ramble today..
I'm hungry.

Everyone is so energetic in the office today. I feel we are but .002 units away from throwing paper airplanes.

My choir, though on a summer recess, is to go busking in Stanley Park to raise money. Yay! I'm dubious about the fundraising potential of the whole thing, but it certainly sounds like a good time. We may even do a set with kazoos. Whee!

Ms. Ziola is here today doing some filing. Every time I pass her I feel really odd, like I'm in a dream. It's the sort of thing I might dream - some humdrum setting with wrong but familiar faces in place..

My partner is away again today - flex day. I really like working with her, yet I find the stress level drops a notch or three when she's away. Don't have to restrain my latent control freak tendencies, I suppose, I can just do everything myself.

My birthday is next week, and my vacation soon after. I've been absent-mindedly counting the days all week. I feel kind of peaceful and rested already, though. In march and april I was keening after a vacation with bags under my eyes and the breath knocked out of me from RRSP season. I like my church today for this reason: instead of sleepy worries, I start the week with songs and voices stuck in my head. I don't sleep much more, but I feel better rested when I'm humming something. Carry the flame.. oh, it's better than sucking on sugar cubes and watching the minutes crawl by to lunch time.

Erk, speaking of which, I now have Butterfly stuck in my head. It's the catchiest song known to man, though I'm tempted to blame it on being hypnotised by the flashing lights of the Dance Dance Revolution machine, or perhaps just the disturbing image of a gyrating Pseudo_Intellectual displaying his somehow incongruent (but still very hairy) grace which has burned the song in to my mind.

Damn, it's good to be back home! Ft. Pierce makes Melbourne look like Beverly Hills - no kidding!

Anyway, it's been a serene day at Casa 247. Sure, I've got tons of unpacking and cleaning to do, but it can wait. My family has earned some slack time. Hubster and Munchkin have been having fun with the PlayStation while I've been catching up on message boards and such.

Note to self: Medievil 2 for Hubster's Father's Day gift!

Today is my Mom's birthday. We're all going to my sister's house later for a party. I'm looking forward to it. Years ago it wouldn't have mattered much if I ever saw most of my family members again. Thank goodness Mom's not on that list. We still get on eachother's nerves once in a while, but at least now we've both matured enough to know that love, space and a little time can ease the way towards more honest and meaningful communications.
Have you have had a REALLY bad day? Not just your normal bad one, nor your really bad one, but one of those that is pretty much over in your mind before it really even starts?

Today was one of those days. I had a fight with my SO last night, about nothing really even worth fighting about, and only because we were misunderstanding each other and thinking the other person was saying something different then they were. We made a fight out of nothing.

So as a result, I got like no sleep last night, partially due to the fact I become really timid after a fight and won't like do anything, so I wouldn't pull the sheets & blankets back over to my side, so I just lay half covered and miserable.

This morning, when I actually am asleep, one of the cats decides it's feeding time at least an hour before we need to get up, and you can't exactly ignore him. So that hour was more or less blown also due to him, and one of the others who also had to chime in with her displeasure.

I can't find anything that I want to wear. I find out one of the cats puked at the bottom of the stairs, and another apparently decided to wipe their behind on the carpet after using the litter.

I laid back down to try and calm myself, and remind myself that I can still have a good day if I want to, and I just need to stop making everything seem so bad. It seems to somewhat work, so I get up and finish getting ready to go. And I go to put on a dolphin necklace I like (even if it is pretty cheap), and manage to ruin it in the process, and then throw a mini temper tantrum, and decide to give up on the attempt at a good mood.

All this, and it's not even nine yet, and I haven't even left for work. I just want to go back to bed and wake up tomorrow.

Maybe a weekend of Rollercoaster Tycoon, movies, shopping, and junk food could help...

I'm too lazy to look back to the last time I wrote, but I know there was a vacation todo list in there. I did some of it, and I didn't do other parts of it.

I'm still thinking a lot about IP in both its forms. I like the battle between Internet Protocol and Intellectual Property. I get silly in my pursuit of information, and I'm a network administator...

IP vs. IP the big battle for freedom. there's a node in that.

Notable events of the day

  • Henri threw all three of the kittens in her pool. They look like rats when they're wet.
  • Played an hour of Red Alert
  • Stared at everything for a while

Current Status (stolen from burnboy):
Age: 26
Mood: Bored
Job: Network Administrator
Car: 1998 Dodge Neon (stereo status stable... for today)
Girlfriend: Single
Best Friends: Spent a couple hours with her today.

Today I laid a friend to rest. The funeral was beautiful, held in his old school, with his teachers, his school minister and a wonderful choir singing in harmony with each of the hymns. Whilst I do believe in a God, I don't believe in organised religon, but I haven't felt at peace in such a long time.

I went up to Warwick to visit an old friend home from Boston. Cortney (yes, it's spelled without a 'u') had just moved, so I wasn't really sure how to get to her new house, and her mom's directions were something less than comprehensible. So, armed with a street address and a sheaf of equally obfuscated MapQuest printouts, I set out.

I made it to Warwick sans incident, but spent twenty minutes cruising up and down the same street trying to find her house. Mentally throwing my hands up in frustration, I gave up and called her house. She, not knowing the area any better than I did, decided to go outside and walk around in hopes that I would spot her as I drove in circles.

After another twenty minute lap around the city, I spotted her, a semi-forlorn vision in a Moxy Fruvous t-shirt, blue-tipped hair braided at the nape of her neck. A couple honks, a grin, the car door slams and off we go.

We ended up going to see Gone in Sixty Seconds. Cage and Jolie were awesome, though I think we both concentrated a little too much on Jolie. (We've both had a thing for her for a while now.) The movie ended, we went to get some ice cream, and spent a comfortable half hourish rating the women who walked by.

Good time, all in all.
Current Status
Coffee in mug: Tepid, 1/2 full
HP Color LaserJet 4500N: Drum Kit Out (mailroom has been called)
Car: Outside
SO: Awake.

Burnboy is a trendsetter, like Farrah Fawcett.

I had a coffee headache all morning after work. But attributing it as such didn't occur to me until Y said (during lunch in the A.M.) "How much coffee did you drink last night?"

"2/3, maybe 3/4 of a cup in all."

"And how much do you usually drink?"

"Uhm...two." (and I looked sheepish, because it could be more than that)


So, I drank some coffee and my headache receded a couple of hours later. Not only that, but I was able to get to sleep soon after I had the full cup at lunch. Tonight I'm back to drinking my usual amount. Too much blood in my caffeine stream.

More packing. I encased two large framed things in this super mutant bubble-wrap I got from a mailbox place, packed some books (which still leaves a lot of books), and took a fraction of the books to a bookshop ($62 trade). I would have liked to use the big bubble-wrap as a dance floor.

The [the X-Files: Season 1|X-Files Season 1 DVD set that I ordered came today, along with Arthur (DVD).

I was told by my brother to wake up early since we (myself and his family) will be going to Florida by car. However, my brother took me out for a trip to the IBM Research Triangle Park campus first. He was looking for a backpack or something of the sorts in the sundries shop. The backpacks were all sold out, and I wasn't in the mood to shop for any IBM-related clothes yet.

Later, he took me out for a haircut. The barber shop is an old-school, with an old dude named George taking care of the scissors. George squeezed in time to give me a haircut, but I could've been better if I have made an appointment first...

After the barber shop, we went for breakfast. He's the worst kind of person to think of breakfast, since he took me to Burger King for a little something. It just doesn't feel right, me being the "two eggs sunny-side up with grits" guy eating a croissandwich for breakfast.

Speaking of grits, I bought some instant grits for the breakfasts in Florida.

Afterwards, we went back home to take the rest of the family to Florida. Oy, they were arguing a bit about the supermarket discounts for their food before we left.

We left around 1:00 PM, to the interstate highway 95. I slept in the back of the minivan while the kids watch "Jumanji" and "The Rugrats Movie." Zzzz....

My brother went out to a motel in Georgia at night before continuing our way to Florida... It was a shared room, and poor little Kit L. Lo slept on the floor while everybody else slept and rolled over in the beds. I think one of the kids fell to the floor while I was thinking about the massacre that was "Kit Lo hangs out with a girl..."

I was sitting in law class during the last day of class before i graduate, and there was a girl scratching a scratch ticket for something to do.

She scratches and shouts, "I've won $2!" A few minutes later she completely freaks out shouting "Holy shit! Holy shit! I've won $100!!!!!!"

she runs around really excited for about 5 minutes and finally calms down a bit, and decides to scratch the rest of the ticket. She starts screaming and stuff yet again saying that she won $252. She carries on for a bit, then runs out of class to go tell her friends what's happened.

She finally gets back after telling her friend, and the friend's whole class, what she's won when someone takes a look at the card. It turns out that you needed 3 of a kind in the little box to win, and she only had 1. Apparently she believe that she would win as long as there was a dollar amount in the box :P.

After we all laughed at her for a while, we found out that he actually did win the original $2. The ticket cost $5.

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