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   1   Pseudo_Intellectual  13939  101   131    10  13808   96
   2 * dem bones            11472   47    50    10  11422   47
   3 * DMan                 11247  167   180     9  11067  165
   4 * Segnbora-t            9014  131   121    10   8893  133
   5   Saige                 8978   95    43    10   8935  104
   6   pukesick              8915   31     2    10   8913   36
   7 - jessicapierce         8484 -407 -3390    10  11874   90
   8   Deborah909            7071   59    35     9   7036   63
   9   N-Wing                6557   73     0     9   6557   85
  10   tregoweth             6364   39    30     9   6334   40
  11   JeffMagnus            6311   26     4     9   6307   30
  12   pingouin              6297   28    31     9   6266   27
  13 * yossarian             6134   18     6     9   6128   20
  14 - knifegirl             6133    4     1     9   6132    4
  15   ModernAngel           6090    8    12     9   6078    7
  16 * Lometa                5779   90   133     9   5646   83
  17 - Jet-Poop              5755  108    62     9   5693  116
  18 * dannye                5677  137   101     8   5576  143
  19 - ideath                5639  106    46     7   5593  116
  20 * sensei                5617   75   132     7   5485   66
  21 - General Wesc          5507   30    16     9   5491   32
  22 * Tem42                 5504   95    82     8   5422   97
  23 - hoopy_frood           5501   23    13     8   5488   25
  24 * bozon                 5336   21    90     9   5246    9
  25 - novalis               5330    2     5     9   5325    1
  26   moJoe                 5266   44    44     9   5222   44
  27   /dev/joe              5177   73    67     8   5110   74
  28   Asamoth               4528   79    11     8   4517   90
  29   nine9                 4518   17    74     9   4444    7
  30   yam                   4328   42    72     7   4256   37
  31 * alex.tan              4256   64    27     7   4229   70
  32 - Sarcasmo              4244    2     1     8   4243    2
  33 * juliet                4022   72    61     8   3961   74
  34 - ariels                3964    4     1     7   3963    4
  35   Uberfetus             3764   43    68     5   3696   39
  36   Sylvar                3759   21   145     7   3614    0
  37 * RockLobster           3668   82    70     8   3598   84
  38 - Templeton             3615   67    13     5   3602   76
  39   kessenich             3548   15    20     8   3528   14
  40   knarph                3515    3    -1     8   3516    4
  41   Quizro                3453   41    27     8   3426   43
  42   CaptainSpam           3431   17    14     8   3417   17
  43 * bitter_engineer       3408   28    45     7   3363   25
  44 * sabre23t              3389   61    58     6   3331   61
  45 - Woundweavr            3373   12     0     8   3373   14
  46 - discofever            3335    3     0     7   3335    3
  47   ailie                 3285   23    40     7   3245   20
  48   Lord Brawl            3091   10    11     8   3080   10
  49   artfuldodger          3030   17     1     6   3029   20
  50 * hatless               2973   20    73     8   2900   11
  51 - Xamot                 2910    9     1     7   2909   10
   *   EBU #51               2910   27    10     *   2900   30

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sabre23t: Random Nodes

While I slept an earthquake struck EBU. The esteemed jessicapierce has been docked an unprecedented whopping 3390 XP, for some reason. And she dropped from EBU #2 to #7. ENN didn't give much clue, though Chatterbox did elicit some light. Some random chatter ...

  • Server time: 00:49 Sun Jun 11 2000
  • <sabre23t> Mojoe: What happened to jessicapierce on EBU today, June 11, 2000?
  • <moJoe> wow, I dunno, I'll ask her. that looks...sucky.
  • <N-Wing> Wow, jp lost over 3000 XP ?!?!?!
  • <Shanoyu> How did she do that?
  • <sensei> Jaypea spake unto me about rectification for a double voting/bonus thingee that occured. Perhaps she has scourged herself for the benefit of us all. Let us bow our heads.
  • <sensei> Jaypea is suffering for the sins of the multitude and blessing them with her schmozlenumyhoppin ess.
  • <N-Wing> sensei - what double voting/bonus thing occured? and when?
  • <sensei> ...She said it had been "taken care of". Oh, the humility and compassion and yurdleslowlyishish ness of it at all.
  • <Pseudo_Intellectual> sensei - do you have any idea how many votes it takes for 3000 XP?
  • <N-Wing> But I doubt her votes were worth 3000 points, unless that happened every day
  • <Uberfetus> Hmm, isn't there a "bestow votes" power?
  • <Pseudo_Intellectual> The chance is, what, 1/6 per vote? It would take me maybe three months of using all my votes every day ... (hm, actually that doesn't sound so out-there after all 8)
  • <sensei> P_I thus the majesty of her sacrifice. (I really do not know what happened and am just extrapolating wildly.....)
  • <N-Wing> 1/5 chance for voting... P_I, read the Voting/Experience System writeup, so we don't have to answer these questions. Since you're new here, you should also read the Everything FAQ.
  • <Pseudo_Intellectual> sensei, that's gonna get you in trouble someday 8)
  • <Pseudo_Intellectual> 1/5 is harder for me to calculate 8)

I'll post more info, when I find it.

sabre23t: Nodes to node

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JeffMagnus node of the day: Everything 2 Civil War

This is an e-mail I got from one of the best.

Shit. I was just going to call you, but I don't have your home phone number. Sigh, listen I emailed you last week to let you know that the wedding is on Friday, September 15 at 7 p.m. A little over a week from your birthday if my memory serves me right. But I am a quarter of a century old, so it's entirely possible I'm wrong. My message must have been lost in the great void out there. Anyway, I also asked about Shmuel in my note to you because you were nervous about meeting him and his parents. I told you not to worry because you can only be yourself: no more, no less. Shmuel and I love you, so you've got to be good! All this advice has come a little too late, though. From what you've written, sounds like everything went swimmingly. Although I haven't met Shmuel, I like what you've told me about him. I can tell from the writing on his web site that he's an introspective guy who turns thoughts over and over in his mind, like fingering a smooth stone in his pocket. It's good to have someone like that in your life to give you balance. Please, please, please bring him to the wedding. I'm anxious to meet him. As for what's going on in my life? I could tell you about the wedding stuff, but quite frankly, I usually find that kind of stuff banal. When I tell women that I'm getting married it's the same schtick:

Them: OOOooo! When?
Me: September 15
Them: Where?
Me: Meadowlark Gardens
Them: What are you wearing?
Me: A red dress.
Them: Red?
Me: Oh. Did I say red? I meant an off-the-shoulder, A-line, silk organza Vera Wang dress. No. Really. It's red. I think that the wedding dress industry is a total racket. The only reason women wear white is because Queen Victoria made it popular...

I usually lose them for a little bit here, but women are tenacious when it comes to weddings

Them: How many bridesmaids are you having?
Me: None.
Them: What? You aren't?

At this point I'm convinced that most women have a ninety percent hearing loss.

Them: Well, what are your colors?
Me: I plan on having a lot of colors at the wedding.

That's when they give me that smile reserved for humoring their Great Aunt Trudy who's telling her gall bladder surgery story for the 50th time.

Poor Rodney has the opposite problem. Men usually mimic wearing manacles, toss their heads skyward and groan, "Oh man, your freedom won't last much longer. It's never the same after you're married." After a five-minute rant about the dangers of marriage, Rodney usually asks, "Then why are you married?" The men are usually quiet after that.

I think that the big story in my life right now is that we're going to get out of Dodge and move to a new place VERY soon. Our rent just went up a $100, a lot more than the 3%-4% inflation the U.S. experienced this year, and people around here are fucking mean. I've started mooing in the DC Metro, too, because I feel like cattle going down the chute. I hate my job and I've decided that I want to get my masters in journalism so that I can carry out my life's ambition to tell stories because that's what I do best. Even though I hadn't realized it, I've been trying to turn myself into somebody I'm not. You know? I'm not a science writer. There aren't any people in science. I like people (there are exceptions) and I like to write.

My plan is to give my notice mid-August and quit a week before the wedding. Rodney and I will take our 2 week honeymoon to Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and Taos, then we'll come back, pack up and be moved out by early November. Destination: we're still deciding. Boulder, Colo.; Ann Arbor, Mich.; and Madison, Wisc. are all in the running. I'd be very excited about being a Midwesterner with you...

I should be home any night except for Thursday when I have my belly dancing class, so call me!

I love you,

Mon Feb 14 16:27:56 EST 2000

today in the car i was listening to the radio and i heard the following ad:

it made me sad to hear that. people are in such a hurry to get to something that they miss what is going on now. valentines day is a stupid day to begin with, but if you are going to buy into a gift as expressing your feelings for another person, then you could at least spend a little time on it. what else is time good for? i would rather have somebody give me a bag of shit they had spent all day in a field collecting than something they went to Joe's Valentine SuperStore and picked up in five minutes - at least it would mean something.

-rory (rory@csh.rit.edu)

This place is not appropriate for bitching about my love life (or lack thereof). But heck, no place is, and all my friends to whom I tried to talk tried to understand me and sympathize... and failed.

Today is my ex-girlfriend's birthday. ("ex" since June 1, 2000; yes, I noded about that too) In an attempt to be polite, I called her to say "Happy birthday"; I was hoping that I'd be able to do just that, say "Happy birthday", and then excuse myself with dignity and hang up. I couldn't do it. We talked for 40 minutes, and I could neither be polite nor keep my dignity...

She talked to me about her newly found boyfriend. (Ok, I asked for it) And she sounded so happy! I could imagine her finding comfort in someone else's arms; it was a long distance relationship after all, I had done it before, and so had she. I can't, however, imagine her loving somebody else, and being happy and excited about this. And given that, in a few months' time, she will move far from her current location, she effectively dumped me for another long distance relationship.

We talked about long distance relationships, and whether ours would have had any kind of future. Hell, we both knew the answer. Definitely not, but the feeling of ignoring every call to reason and still pursuing a dream was exhilarating and wonderful...

And I told her I would most probably not call her again, ever. I wish I could. But every night I dream of her; every morning I hug my pillow remembering the times when we slept in each other's arms. I remember every moment we spent together, every time we made love, every time we kissed, every time we talked, every time we fought. I so much wish there was a way to turn back time...

Now I should go and try to sleep, but I can't. I'll try to keep myself busy, either noding, hanging around in #everything or playing Tetrinet.

I might have lost her, but I gained you; it was our breakup that made me come back to Everything and start noding on a regular basis. I met a bunch of really cool people in here. Thank you all for listening...

Feeling in a funk today. I should be at least a little happy. After all today is my 5th anniversary of staying clean and sober. Recovery anniversaries are usually rough for me. I've been in and out of 12-step programs since 1989. During those years I've had two other periods of over 18 months of abstinence. The first time going back into active addiction was pretty scary, but the second time nearly killed me. So, why did I go back out into the war zone? Bottom line: I wanted to get wasted more than I wanted to fight for my life. No exaggeration here, friends. Mine has been a life and death struggle at times. Am I trying to be a martyr? Fuck no! I'm just compelled to tell the truth about my experiences because I'm tired of watching people die due to drugs, alcohol and other related side-effects.

On the flip-side, sometimes the ones that die are actually luckier than the rest of us, recovering or not. I mean... what worries does a corpse have? Game over, period. but still, look at all the sorrow they leave behind... grieving family and friends... It just doesn't make sense!

My disease has been working overtime. I posted my last day log shortly before letting my neighbors know that my family and I had returned from our trip. I found out that only a few days before our neighbor who lived across the street had blown out his heart smoking crack. Five years ago today I wished that it would happen to me.

I'm getting all jammed up over this. And please forgive me if any of it sounded remotely preachy. It was not intended as such. Hey, dat ain't my yob, meester. But as to why people like me keep on hanging in there... this may help explain.
Last night/this morning was lived in the shadow of of struggling to pilot something huge, expensive, and out of control. My night job at the good old hotel, of course!

My pager alarm didn't wake me, and I overslept big time. I had major BO, besides I spanked the monkey before going to sleep, so not showering simply wasn't an option. I showered, and was thus even more late. I get in there, and the slow on the uptake guy is at the desk alone, totally getting clobbered by a mob of angry customers. Normally, we keep him in the back office, away from the customers, except for an occasional smoke break. In other words... next ->

This mostly-finished true story was sponsored by:

The Unfinished Stories Metanode

Number One Son has paraded through the living room with the latest copy of Consumer Reports The sky blue cover blares Let's Eat Out in shrieking yellow. I laugh at his silliness and tell him not till next payday. He wants to go to Red Lobster for his graduation dinner. Something that real life keeps putting us off with getting cracked windshields and mowed down mailboxes repaired.

Husband has reviewed the results of my test and made (in good humor) fun of my math scores (6.9 grade level and a recommendation for remedial work and to 'use a calculator') No surprise to me I joke back it's kind of scarey considering I do the bills and manage the money. He hasn't accepted my disability and the test is evidence he can't dispute. I can see sometimes in his eyes. 'Can I live the rest of my life with this person?' It's understandable, one that everyone considers after 20 years of marriage. Only for him I wonder if he wants the girl back that he fell in love with. I have been changed against all our expectations and it is difficult for him, as the person who he is, to participate fully in what I'm going through. He has limitations as I have mine.
Acceptance~ That is the nitty–gritty of any successful realtionship in life. I did not plan on having an illness that redefined my life.

I can't discuss it with him right now because I'm trying to come to terms with the evaluation and and remove myself from personalizing it so I can see it objectivley as an indicator as to where I am and what I want to see happen next.

And would it have been worth it, after all,
After the cups, the marmalade, the tea,
Among the porcelain, among some talk of you and me,
Woud it have been worth while, To have bitten off the matter with a smile,
To have squeezed the universe into a ball
To roll it toward some overwhelming question,
To say: "I am Lazarus, come from the dead,
Come back to tell you all, I shall tell you all"--
If one, settling a pillow by her head,

Should say: "That is not what I meant at all.

That is not it, at all."

I am down to 167 pounds today!

See, only a few months ago I was at 175, and felt hopeless and stuck there. It was a major challenge to even get down that low from 180. (That is quite overweight, seeing as how I'm only 5'8".) I've been wanting to lose weight for a long time. I've felt unable to. I want to get some sort of feminine figure, and I'm hoping to get my weight down before I get on estrogen since that'll make the moving of fat easier (since there'll be less to move).

My goal is 160. At this rate it looks like I might be able to get to 150 eventually.

I've been using the eat watch program to monitor my weight, and half-assedly following The Hacker's Diet to have something worth monitoring. Here are some choice log entries:

13 march - beginning of file. Weight 175. Played racquetball for two hours.
14 march - Down to 171 (mostly water weight). Played racquetball for 1.5 hours, lifted weights for a while.
15 march - back up to 173.
Logs continue regularly until 28 march - down to 171. Have been there for a week. I lost the drive.

4 april - got back to regular weight-tracking. Weighed 170.
6 april - gained a pound from a party. 7 april - played racquetball for 1.5 hours. 8 april - back down to 170. Stayed there for a while. Lost hope again.

5 may - first entry since 13 april. Back up to 172. Got depressed. Isolated entry.
25 may - first since 5 may. Up to 172. Felt like a pig.
27, 28, 29 - 171, 170, 171. Still felt the 170 level was insurmountable. I was in Hong Kong at this time.

8 june - first entry after a while. I was at 168!
9 june - 167.5!
10 june - 168 again..
11 june (today) - 167!

That means I've lost almost 10 pounds in 3 months. That's too slow for my tastes, but then again, I've only been working at it half-assedly, and doing it mostly through reducing my caloric intake. It also helps that it's summer, and so I'm sweating a lot more. But still... 167 pounds... I still have quite a ways to go before I'll actually look healthy (or at least, not so fat), but at least now I have some renewed hope.

dwym hang in there pal. Everything's gonna be all right. Yeah everything's gonna be all right.

Didn't do much today. Watched both the US men's soccer team, and the NASCAR race. We won the soccer match 2-1 over Mexico.

It's supposed to storm here tonight. I hope my surge protector makes it.

After I got done noding last night, I went out with my ex-wife. That's always a bad idea as it leaves my balls blue and my mouth bitter. I'm sad that way. She struts around looking all good and shit, and I follow like a hound dog. Not good for the self-esteem thing. Not good at all. I wanna find someone just so I know I'm not chasing Amy, and it's hard to pickup women with the ex in tow.

F1r3br4nd and the Night Shift from Hell: is a great story. I noded some Baseball Lore: over the last couple days. I think I'll keep up that theme. I need to get working on the CIA World Factbook and the Charter of the United Nations, but they're so boring to format. Still I started 'em I'm gonna finish 'em.

I'm so tired of this drama.

Not at Everything, but at my real home. My roommate hates our new house (oh yes, but did she help me look for a new house, will she help me move or transfer any of the utilities over? Hell no!) She's just passive-agressively waiting until AFTER we sign the goddamn lease (she didn't bother to look at the house until afterward). Now, she finds out that its a one year lease (almost all leases on houses are, anyway) amd she freaked out. At 7 a.m. To be quite honest, I wasn't very sympathetic.

Why the hell should I be? SHE didn't look at the house before she signed the lease. SHE didn't READ the lease to see where it was very plainly printed that the term of the lease was for one year. Besides that, she's never around.

See ... my roommate (she's going to be one of three in the new house) is never there. I guess the most identifying facet of our frienship in the last six months has been her absence. She's ALWAYS with her boyfriend (and when I say always, I mean every single day - I see her about every two or two and a half weeks, on average. One month, I didn't see her for 23 days.) So I don't really see what she's bitching about. Realisticly, she uses the apartment to store her clothes and as a place to stay when her boyfriend's out of town or when he's boring her. So, does it really matter where she stores her stuff? Besides that, the house is cheaper and has a washer/drier (ahhh, rapture!).

Maybe I'm just punishing her because I feel neglected (although I really do like the house). Oh well ... if I am, I guess that's the little bitchy child in me.


I need to stop bitching. It's a beautiful day, it's Sunday and I am, for a change, not the slightest bit tired.

So, it's cool, right?


Well today was a day of emotional battery. I don't know if it's just the way things are intended to be or if some monumental screw up on my behalf caused it.

Two people I care about more than anything or everything2 have been totally bashing the crap out of me today. I'm pretty sure its not intentional but it still hurts.

Its gotten to the point that I don't know what to do. I'm trying my hardest but they don't seem to care about me. If I say something its met with immediate disgust and automatically rejected. All my thoughts, actions and ideas are crushed. Its hard to maintain hope in a situation like this. As of right now i'm faced with the prospect of living alone in all aspects of the word. I don't wish to control anyone but it's hard to live in a world between love and hate and alot easier to live on either end. As it stands the love end is in a questionable state and in desperate need of help but I don't believe it can be repared.
Worst thing i heard today:
"Your grandmother and I have been wondering if you're going to finish school and get your degree. We don't want you to waste all your talents."

Best thing:
"But how are you now, mentally? You seem so strong." (sincere and intent)

Other best thing:
The rain outside tonight.

It feels good to be free.
I like to be free.

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