Tetrinet 2 is already in beta, this version doesn't include server files, And is only for Windows. But it's really fun. It has tons of improvements over the older versions.
You can get it in here http://boards.gamers.com/messages/overview.asp?name=tetrinet (also the official forum of Tetrinet 2)
There are a lot of new features, but the most notable are the new blocks:
(Shamelessly ripped from the Tetrinet 2 readme)
  • Clear Column - Clears a line vertically
  • Attack Immunity - Invincible to attacks by you or your opponents
  • Darkness - Blackens your field for a period of time, but leaves a bubble of light so you can see a limited area around the falling piece
  • Confusion - Rearranges your controls for a period of time.
  • Mutated Pieces - Gives you several difficult-to-place pieces that are randomly generated.

The Tetrinet ("tnet") concept (as well as Windows client) was developed by St0rmcat. Gameplay is simple: Play a normal game of Tetris with the ability to send blocks mischieviously to your opponent in attempt to end their game or to cause some discomfort. The last man standing is the victor.

If completion of two or more lines is accomplished by a player, the number of lines minus one will be added to his/her opponents.
Standard blocks that can be used during gameplay are as follows:

  • a - Add line
  • c - Clear line
  • r - Random block clear
  • b - Clear special blocks
  • n - Nuke (clear) your field
  • s - Switch your field with an opponent.
  • o - Block bomb
  • q - Block Quake
  • g - Block gravity

    However, there exists servers that allow games of "pure" Tetrinet. These games are basically normal games of Tetris against others (the add-line punishment still in play).

    NOTE: The above information is based on default server settings. Settings may be changed by the operator of the tnet server. Such options include:

  • Block occurance
  • Time limits
  • Deathmatch settings

    Chat between users may be uttered either in the "Partyline" window or during gameplay by pressing 't'. It is customary to say 'gg' ('good game') after each game as a sign of good sportsmanship.
    Since tnet's inception, few *nix tnet clients have been developed in order to let the open source community in on the semi-phenomenon that is TetriNet.

    Some such clients are gTetriNet (for users of GNOME) and KTetriNet (for, you guessed it, KDE users).

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