Tetrinet 2 is already in beta, this version doesn't include server files, And is only for Windows. But it's really fun. It has tons of improvements over the older versions.
You can get it in here http://boards.gamers.com/messages/overview.asp?name=tetrinet (also the official forum of Tetrinet 2)
There are a lot of new features, but the most notable are the new blocks:
(Shamelessly ripped from the Tetrinet 2 readme)
  • Clear Column - Clears a line vertically
  • Attack Immunity - Invincible to attacks by you or your opponents
  • Darkness - Blackens your field for a period of time, but leaves a bubble of light so you can see a limited area around the falling piece
  • Confusion - Rearranges your controls for a period of time.
  • Mutated Pieces - Gives you several difficult-to-place pieces that are randomly generated.