The watercolor lights float peacefully beneath;
All is quiet, a silent golden rush
Of stillness and sleep
Your face hangs heavy in my mind
I would reach out and touch it if I could
But I'm afraid it wouldn't be there,
That niceness is just a charade
And I will continue to drown in this
Heavy fog of sorrow

Awake, Seeing the Peach Blossoms

Seeing the blossoms of the peach tree
unfurling in the spring breeze,
all confusion is swept away
in the movements of the tangle
of branches and leaves

Dogen zenji

translated by
Yasuda Joshu Dainen roshi and Anzan Hoshin sensei

Con*fu"sion (?), n. [F. confusion, L. confusio.]


The state of being mixed or blended so as to produce indistinctness or error; indistinct combination; disorder; tumult.

The confusion of thought to which the Aristotelians were liable.

Moody beggars starving for a time
Of pellmell havoc and confusion.


The state of being abashed or disconcerted; loss self-possession; perturbation; shame.

Confusion dwelt in every face
And fear in every heart.


Overthrow; defeat; ruin.

Ruin seize thee, ruthless king,
Confusion on thy banners wait.


One who confuses; a confounder.

[Obs.] Chapmen.

Confusion of goods (Law), the intermixture of the goods of two or more persons, so that their respective portions can no longer be distinguished. Blackstone. Bouvier.


© Webster 1913.

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