When I was a child, I heard voices. Whispers, unintelligible voices..

I remember a specific instance - sitting in the car at the gas station on the corner of gholson and lake shore drive. Mom was pumping gas, and they started whispering to me. They whispered so quickly, and there were so many of them it almost sounded like when you hear talking from the next room and you can only pick out the "S" sounds followed by a low exhalation..

I told mom about them, and she told me to pray to Jesus to send them away, as if they were demons or something.

No one can tell me that my childhood was fucked up. I had everything I had ever wanted. Now I can understand the voices as if through growing up I have gained the knowledge to unlock them. My soul (or mind, whatever) understands them. I don't hear them anymore, my mind has locked them away somewhere quiet where it can decipher them and incorperate them into my daily life without actually revealing to me what they mean. A week of acid has unlocked doors that have always been closed to me, and probably always should have been closed. Confusion... Weakness... Depression... The most powerful thing in all reality is within our grasp and we allow these things to crush our spirit and drive us deeper into the hell we've created for ourselves.

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