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Even though I was up the night before until almost 3am, I woke up at 9 this morning. I already knew I had to go to work, even though we are not open on Saturdays, because I said I would deliver this one man his Honda Accord, since he has to pay for his own rental. I almost delivered him the wrong Accord on Friday, so I felt I owed it to him. I've gone in on Saturdays in the past to help my customers who simply can't wait until Monday. Having never been in a car wreck and out of a car (or stuck in an unfamiliar rental) for a significant space of time, I try to sympathize with them, even though they usually annoy me more than anything.

The painter who was going to help me put the car back together (all it needed was some stripes put on and the rear bumper reflectors screwed back in) didn't come until almost 1pm, so I had been sitting there since 10am for nothing. So I noded, listened to mp3's, like I do when I'm bored at work on the weekdays, which is pretty much a daily thing for me. I wrestled with the idea of grabbing some fast food since I hadn't eaten yet today, but managed to convince myself to buy actual groceries to conserve cash.

While waiting for the painter to come, I got talked into writing an estimate for an elderly man whose work truck had been rear ended pretty hard. One of the porters had a soft spot for the guy, so I caved. Normally I don't want to be bothered by typical work week duties as these when I'm here, unpaid, on my own time to help a customer. But it was something to do. Once the painter had finished doing his thing, I changed into my work uniform and quickly washed the Accord and drove it to the lot where its owner could pick it up.

Just as I was trying to leave at 3pm, a tow truck driver came up the drive with two tow bills for some cars he'd scooped up for us over the last two days, two days of solid, unrelenting rain that the area deeply needed. Rain brings us business during dry patches of work, so we welcome it. I wrote him two purchase orders, took the keys from him and finally was able to go home. I am too nice sometimes.

Even though it was sprinkling on and off all day, I wanted to go walk in the park. I try to walk every day. It helps me get out of my head for a half hour or so, a place where I can see trees that go on forever, trees that have been around for hundreds of years, it seems. Audubon Park is always busy with activity on the weekends in the summer, with company picnics and family reunions, all sorts of people striving for better health in much the way I do. People from all walks of life. I love people watching, so going to the park is a Cliffs Notes version. You get to see people racing past you or up ahead of you for yards. You get to see people being themselves, and it's comforting to see. I need to see that almost every day.

Saturdays are the days I try to stay out of the apartment as long as I can, since I normally don't have much daylight to myself. If I don't actively force myself out there, I never leave, and that's just not good for me. After the park, I drove to the Rue De La Course on Magazine, another favorite people watching place. Only here, it's almost all college age fare. One guy sitting a few tables down from me is sitting in front of a notebook, a paperback, mug and smokes. I watch his profile, which by location is directly in front of me, so I don't feel as much of a voyeur. He is simply in my line of sight, I say to myself. He is clean shaven and wearing one of those baggy white short sleeved button ups that small framed guys typically wear. I watch him rest his head against the wooden high back chair as though he is expressing his melancholy, despairing slightly at the thoughts in his head. He looks at his book and notebook as things he must wade through, things that contain knowledge that he already knows but must read a second and third time. I watch him tap his cigarette and sip his coffee. I watch him as he, like I do sometimes, checks his periphery for people who may be watching him. I see, from the side, his pupils slide over in my direction but he doesn't turn his head. And then I realize that he is gesturing in all of the similar ways that I do when I know someone is paying attention. You feel this need to be something worth looking at, since you're already being watched. He gets up and leaves, and I return to my book, a book Shmuel's dad Ralston leant me called Bird by Bird my Anne Lamott

I rent two movies from Blockbuster and head home, whereupon I started actually (kinda) cooking dinner while removing the nail polish from my toes. I got a call from Byzantine a fellow noder and friend, while I was out. He's in some Army training for the summer, so I caller ID the pay phone number and returned the call. Ironically the phone normally wouldn't receive incoming calls, he says. In fact, the phone did not actually ring. He was just about to pick up the phone to call another friend of his and heard me asking for him, since I didn't know who would pick up. We talked for a little while, and he says he's going to ship me all the Army gear I want; he said it horribly cheap. I've always wanted a T-shirt that had ARMY on it, so he's sending me one, plus a pair of running shorts, a duffel bag and a canteen. He said getting them to me before I go off for the Cornerstone Festival in July should be no problem, so they will be much appreciated, as I will be likely camping on the festival grounds for at least three of the days I am visiting Shmuel. It was nice to talk to him and I think we are becoming good friends. I promised him I would send him lots of letters, since mail is a status symbol in the Army, he says. I mean, shit, if I can write a long node like this about how I spent my boring little Saturday, imagine how many letters I can write about the last two weeks.

A trip into the city tonight left me with a sore throat and feeling worse than I did prior to departure, which wasn't exceptionally well, any way. The trip was fun, though, I have to say.. I managed to drag the parental figures and siblings as well as a friend out to play pool for a time. The pool tables we tend to frequent are in the bowling alley in Owen Sound, which is a dreamy place really.. they have glow in the dark bowling when it gets late enough, and play music the whole time, which I quite like. Too bad the music is mainly Britney Spear-ish stuff. I'd like to be in charge.. slap on some June of 44, possibly a little Cat Stevens..ahh, yes. I mingled with the glowing people, for a while, but they didn't notice.. even though my shirt was glowing like mad.

Well, after the pool playing was over with.. that is, we got quite tired of it (I'm an awful player any way), it was off to somewhere else because I really didn't want to head home right away. We ended up at Tim Horton's (a donut shop, for those who aren't familiar with the chain). It was around 11pm and filled with people who couldn't have been any less than 70 or 80.. this is alright, but doesn't make for the most exciting atmosphere. My dad and I were seated next to eachother.. he tends to "talk with elbows", that is to say, he nudges the person he's next to whenever he's talking. I decided to nudge him back. It got to the point where we were elbowing eachother right out of the seats after about ten minutes and laughing hysterically whilst the other people kind of stared at us with confused looks. I think they probably assumed we were intoxicated, and I guess we were in a way, intoxicated with the hilarity of it all. My dad commented on the fact that he wasn't looking forward to being that old.. and I said something to the effect of "pfft, you're still young" with a swift elbow to the side that nearly sent him out of his chair. Ahh, I love my dad. We told so many awful jokes.. it was terrible, just horrid.. you all should have been there!

After leaving the donut shop (not before we made complete fools of ourselves, mind you).. we headed to my uncle's house for a brief visit. He was watching people swimming on television with his crazy girlfriend who tries to kill herself every second weekend. (That's another story, though.) We burst in with our leftover Iced Cappucino's and tasteless jokes, saw his new house and his new guitar.. at least his girlfriend smiled a bit. I wish I could help her, or even get any sort of close to her.. she's so distant, so far away from everything and everyone except I suppose my uncle, and even he has trouble, I'm sure. They're both still so young, in their twenties.. I can't imagine what it must be like to live with someone who attempts suicide regularly, or to be that person. Ah well.. I recall saying that was another story before I started rambling.

Overall, this really wasn't a bad day.. nothing too shabby went on. I was intensely restless for a while but that faded and I was left with a fairly interesting evening. I still don't feel that well, though and will probably head off to dreamland shortly.

I love everything2.. and the people, the dreamy little humans who say such sweet things to me.. you know who you are.. thank you.
if you've never seen the legendary pink dots live, then this is unlikely to make much sense. there is a certain closeness, almost a oneness with the divine, that happens in a small club with a barefoot prophet shrieking before a discordant band on a stage that's barely above the floor. the silvercrow and his luscious sister (depravity) still pull at the back of my mind, even after all this time...

kissing around maraschino cherries and blowing feathers at the stage...his face and mine buried in her heaving bosom...angels with broken wings, we three. she pawed at me, he drank her beer, i pushed cherries into his mouth with my tongue...edward wailed with melancholy in the background, and niels came upon us like a jovial angel of the apocalypse, blinding our triad with the lights on his mole glasses. (i sat at the bar with niels for a little while.)

they opened with 'spike'. "oh captain, my captain--" i wailed, "my joy is complete!" i resisted the urge to call him 'father', like a priest. silvercrow began to cry at some point, and we held him and dried his tears with our lips and fingers. "sabrina!" he shrieked, "i wish she was here! it isn't fair!" i gathered from the continuaton that she was dead. he clutched us close and sobbed like a child. i felt the messianic urge rise in me... "everyone you ever loved is here in this moment. we may not be able to go to heaven, but he will sing the sky down and heaven upon us." i pointed to edward. we danced. we shrieked lyrics in each other's faces. we blew feathers to heaven. we breathed each other's breath. we pointed to the ceiling, yelling "the saucers are coming!" "lay down and trust," we screamed. i drank from the flesh of these vampyres; i let them taste of my soul. they packed my clothes full of feathers. up in arms we came together, arm in arm, we left as brothers...silvercrow kissed my shirtfront on his ecstatic quest for heaven, and sister depravity stepped closer behind me, becoming an extension of my wings (!?!) and spine, her breasts and knees sliding through my oddly discorporeal flesh...to sleep, perchance to dream. it all loses continuity here, like a beautiful dream.

Well, I got the job I interviewed for the other day. That's kind of cool. Network/System administrator for a software company with about 50 machines and 35 programmers. Of course, it will cut into my noding time drastically, but I won't have to teach rat bastard high school kids (e2 RBHSK's excepted). Just a hint for those who are still in high school, don't sleep in class. If you are that bored, don't go to school -- Quit!

This also means that I'll be moving my nodebase out of the cornfield, and into the (relatively) big city of Peoria, Illinois. Hahaha I know it's not a big city, but moving from a town of 2,500 to one of 150,000 is a leap. Peoria's more of a medium size city I guess, but I'm gonna go smack it down.


went to a wedding yesterday and saw everything i don't want in my own (someday) wedding. i don't want:

one thing i enjoyed learning was the word agapine, which is the type of love that god has for man, and the type of love that jesus christ has for god. father david says that this is the type of love that should exist between husband and wife. although i am not christian in the popular or traditional sense (see Why are you not an atheist or agnostic?), i do read the bible and feel a certain awe at the stories of the life of jesus christ and the power of his love for people and for god.

agapine love is like faith in god... you can't prove that it exists. you can only have faith that it does.

this is why i sometimes get angry at people who insult a belief in god because there is no proof of his existance... there's no proof for the existance of love, either. it's a feeling. there's no proof that someone who says they love you really does, you have to have faith that they do. love for god is a feeling, backed by faith that he loves in return.

btw, i may have not spelled agapine properly. if what father david says is true, it's a greek word, one of three meaning various types of love (eros, agapine and another i didn't quite catch). if i have misspelled agapine, or if you know the third greek word for love, please /msg me in chatterbox or on #everything. thanks.

- | +

It's been a while since I've noded anything... at all really. Not even my current undertaking of Songs by the Beatles. I believe I've hit not only noder's block, but a creative stonewall altogether. Thats very unlike me.

My days of summer have been filled mostly by practicing guitar, something I've been at since mid-December. I should have kept at it when I was 13. Every once in a while I get uspet I had so little patience then, I could have 5 years experience under my belt by now, be in a local band, maybe the one my bud just started up a little while ago. Oh well.

I would be working if I could find a job. It seems that basically I'm in the limbo position for finding a job. I'm overqualified for your average slightly-above-minimum wage job, but I don't have my B.S. yet so I can't get myself a real job.
I applied at CompUSA a week ago or so, with a friend. He got the job on the floor, and the manager referred me to the hardware center thinking they needed people badly. I went through a second interview and they are running a background check. Awful long time for a check if you ask me, because I've heard no word. Once again, Oh well.

Lately I've been wavering in my emotions. Not having moodswings or any such thing, but my outlook on how I ought to act and move on has wavered. I just want to to close an old chapter in my life and start anew. But I live close to her, we share friends, we feign friendship, and my cousin is her best friend. Makes it hard to break free. I've tried in every way, and succeeded to some degree, but I feel as if I have a responsibility to help her out, to help her regain her baerings on her moral compass. I recently heard that she's cheating on her new boyfriend with a co-worker. If its any consolation, I hear he's hot. I'm fighting the urge to talk to her about it, I shouldn't even know, and it's not my business. But its always seemed different with her that even though we budge into each other's business and don't like it when the other does the same, we feel as if we have a responsibility to do so. She was suppsoed to call tonight. She didn't, but since when does she keep true to her word?

I need to get away from my parents, her, everyone who interferes. I just want to go out, and do things for myself. Most of all I want to find a new girl to share my life with for the time being. I went to pick up my family's pizza at the local pizzeria. Driving there I became astutely aware that I was preparing, and hoping that a girl I knew would be working there. Maybe I could ask her out some time... I arrived and spoke with her, but she was rather busy and I just didn't have it in me to ask. But as she got back to work she called back "See ya soon, babe" as she does with most every guy she knows, and I couldn't help but enjoy the subtle nicety of being called "babe". It puts a smile on your face, in the same sort of way that you couldn't help smiling when Jen started talking in an almost baby-ish voice. It meant she was truely concerned for you and cared very much, and at one point she did explain to me that when she did that it was that she was just worried that she may never see you again so she was reluctant to let you go and was holding back a deluge of I love you's. Obviously the word babe doesn't mean as much, but it kept my lips upturned for the ride home.

It's the small things that keep you happy, and every once in a while you get a day where God's lined em all up for ya in a row, and you can't shake the feeling. Today wasn't one of those days, exactly, but it wasn't a bad day either.
I am just unspeakably depressed. I don't know if it's being stuck in this funny-smelling motel, or that I have nothing to do most of the time, or that Kai is mostly out of contact on his own road trip, or that we still can't find an apartment (and will be paying far too much for one when/if we do) or what... I suspect a lot of it's the boredom, really. I mean, I watched GOLF on TV today, for crying out loud.

N is for Neville who died of ennui

I desperately need a night out, or a card from someone, or a hug or a good joke or something. I get closer and closer to just not wanting to do anything at all.

Oh...and once again, thank goodness for Starrynight.
I'm back in North Carolina for one more week before my return to New York City, but not until my sister-in-law reminded me of something... An old friend from High School in 1993 who I really wanted to ask out on a first date... Ah yes, her name is Kira. Really nice girl. Smart, good-looking, just right for the neutrality that is North Carolina.

Well, I called the folks in her home to see if she's there. Nope. She's still out in college. My sis-in-law said her neighbor passed on a note that she is in town. I'll have four or five days to clear this mess.

As always, I'll be nervous for this occasion because Kira is one of those girls who I would want to date but I'll not admit to it.

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