went to a wedding yesterday and saw everything i don't want in my own (someday) wedding. i don't want:

one thing i enjoyed learning was the word agapine, which is the type of love that god has for man, and the type of love that jesus christ has for god. father david says that this is the type of love that should exist between husband and wife. although i am not christian in the popular or traditional sense (see Why are you not an atheist or agnostic?), i do read the bible and feel a certain awe at the stories of the life of jesus christ and the power of his love for people and for god.

agapine love is like faith in god... you can't prove that it exists. you can only have faith that it does.

this is why i sometimes get angry at people who insult a belief in god because there is no proof of his existance... there's no proof for the existance of love, either. it's a feeling. there's no proof that someone who says they love you really does, you have to have faith that they do. love for god is a feeling, backed by faith that he loves in return.

btw, i may have not spelled agapine properly. if what father david says is true, it's a greek word, one of three meaning various types of love (eros, agapine and another i didn't quite catch). if i have misspelled agapine, or if you know the third greek word for love, please /msg me in chatterbox or on #everything. thanks.