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New style (Gregorian): 11 August 2000
Old style (Julian): 29 July 2000 C.E.
730343 R.D.
Astronomical (at noon):
2451768 j.d.
Friday, Week 32, Year 2000
5 Misra 1716 A.M.
5 Nahase 1992 E.E.
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10 Jumada I 1421 A.H.
21 Mordad 1379 A.P.
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Mash'iyyat Kam'al, B'ab of V'ahid 9, Kull-i-Shay 1 B.E.
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10 Av 5760 A.M.
cycle 78, year Geng-chen, month 7, day 12
Hindu Lunar (from sunrise):
12 Sravana 2057 V.E.
Hindu Solar (from sunrise):
26 Karka 1922 S.E.
Decade III, Quartidi de Thermidor de l'Annee 208 de la Revolution
Mayan (long count):

Oh my god, I suddenly realised a few minutes ago, today isn't the 9th of August anymore here (which is Belgium), but the 11th of August.

Anyhow, I had this crazy idea before, to have some other languages here on E2 besides English, because hey, if the name is to be Everything, we at least have to have some place for these other languages besides English.

Ofcourse it's only an idea of a small person in a small country where most people are able to speak 4 different languages, but hey, everything matters !

The place to be is the Translation Project, and the task is translating a little piece of text in your own language. If people would contribute, this could become something unique on E2.

Just my little idea.

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Just over 24 hours ago I told him how I felt. And, I admit, part of me would have loved him to say "YES!" but at the same time it just feels so good to have it out in the open regardless of the outcome. And, I'm in no rush. It's not like I'd take him to bed right away even if he did say yes. Sorry, I'm just not that kinda girl.

In many ways this is all so new for me. I'm falling for someone, I have multiple people to discuss it with, who actually give a shit, he likes me (to what degree I don't know but...), and I'm not completely stressed over it. Because, yes and no both have upsides, and I'm relatively confident that, no matter what, we will still remain friends. Also, for the first time in my life I told a boy I liked him and I didn't get shot down in flames. Is that cool or what?

You know, sometimes this life rocks. And the complications and difficulties along the way along the way just make it that much more interesting.

Factgirl's fact of the day:

You know that little voice in your head? Your inner voice? Deaf people have one too.

As deaf people learn to read and write, they pick up phonological representations of the letters and words even without auditory input.  This makes sense because the regions of the brain that are active while they sign are the language areas - not the small motor areas.

Bonus Fact: Deaf schizophrenics have auditory hallucinations, and blind schizophrenics have visual ones.

-its a fact!

source: Deaf World Web

Goooooooooooood Morning, Everything...


Played Half-Life again... The end score for me was roughly 20 kills, 35 deaths. Or something. k = (1/2)*d + n or somesuch, anyway - ie, total kills was a bit more than half of deaths. I'm improving. I was about in the middle of that server's score list. Better than some newbies who just stood there. =)

My day was ruined. I confess: I accidentally downvoted something I wanted to upvote! Sorry, sorry, sorry... Well, I think there should be "JavaScript are-you-sure-you-want-to-cool-this-writeup" thing someone proposed, provided it works with JS-unenabled.

Uh, yeah, and a sacrilege. I edited SDiE2 DayMetaNoder sourcefile with... vim! IcKkKk! Well, I suppose it wasn't that bad. The end result is what matters =)


I just learned why Microsoft is the company publishing Mechwarrior 4: they own FASA Interactive. So, in order to get MW4, I have to... gulp, pay for MSware. And not buying it isn't an option. =( I went to shopping earlier today, and bough nothing because Baldur's Gate and Mechwarrior 3 are still sitting on the shelf with full prices!


Yeah, I tried that Santageddon thing. Looks like a decent 3D shooter - it ain't Half-Life, but it ain't bad either... The game itself was free (I got it with a magazine or it can be downloaded), playing is 20 FIM per week - and since we are, after all, in Finland, payment is via telephone and the access code will be sent as SMS message.

The game... well, I'll node about it later if I'll remember. Now, I'll go playing Half-Life for a change.


The HL round went nicely. 12 frags, 6 deaths. Quiet server in Wisconsin with people there who used nicknames like "(whatever) Newbie" - number of my frags was irrelevant, the cool thing was that they could frag me 6 times. Cool for them. =) My favorite map too. Don't let me loose with an assault rifle... =)


I just updated my homepage. The front page, dammit, haven't done that for ages. It is much smaller now, while it does have a lot more links than it had before. And, for the first time, it has links to Everything2, too! I mean, I had it on the link page, but now on the front page...

...oh, and I have a bunch of new photos there, too.

Other day logs o' mine...

12:03 EET

Yum, double cheeseburgers from Carrols. Junk food is good, m'kay?
I just wasn't in the mood to make breakfast today.

Card is visiting me tomorrow, so I have to fill up his CDs with stuff. You see, at the recent IRC party I accidentally took his CD-R folder with me, and he'll grab it tomorrow while he's visiting southern Finland. And naturally I have to burn some anime to the blank discs included. Too bad for that old tasteless-freak, since I don't have any hentai-crap to burn. :p

Heh, Petri Nygård's CD was released today. I feel the sudden urge to node him.

This update was quite short , but I'll be back to write more later. Time to do some noding and maybe try to slip in a few minutes of actual working.

14:27 EET

Sometimes E2 seems like such a hostile place. Since some editors around seem to be happily destroying writeups with no reason, backuping ones work would seem to be a good idea. But I'm not a coder, and can't create a script that would automatically gather all my writings with the tags and everything. The process would just be too slow by hand, since I have made nearly 350 writeups already.

Any ideas?

00:55 EET
the next day

Just listening to an mp3 of imitated Metallica, Dr.Dre and others singing Sue All the World.. This thing is damn hilarious.

Hey, what happened to the day log? It's all out of proportion. Damn you booyaa! :)

I have made backups of approx. 110 of my first writeups now, and expect to have them all by next tuesday. So mr trigger happy editor, better nuke my nodes fast, because after I've made backups of everything I have contributed, I will re-submit everything that is nuked without a reason. You can't stop me from noding, except by banning me from E2 entirely.

Didn't have much to say here today, and now it's time to sleep. Good night, fellow noders!

Today's Writeups
Dream Log: August 11, 2000 | Petri Nygård

Arp Odyssey | Vladislav Delay | Finland Metanode | Matti Nykänen | Pan sonic | Mika Vainio

I was talking to factgirl on #everything last night about her autistic son. She wrote a beautiful, funny, sad node about it, three-year-old boys are usually not very interesting people. My brother has Asperger's syndrome (a mild form of autism) so I can empathise with how factgirl is feeling and I also have some idea of the problems that factgirl's young lad will encounter later in life. Plenty.

Anyhow, I think I'm inspired to try and write something about this myself but to be truthful just thinking about it feels like a crushing weight pressing down on me. Although I have my own problems I still spend a lot of time and emotional energy worrying about my brother. I feel very close to him even though he can't really reciprocate this.

Lighten up Noether!

It's a beautful English summer day outside and although I'm a bit knackered after mowing the lawn this morning I think I'll head out to the park this afternoon and read a little more of The Snow Leopard which is wonderful.

My great alphabetical CD listening project is proceeding apace, Bauhaus,Beethoven and Bjork are but a distant memory and it's on to Tracy Chapman

I've got my ticket
I think I'm going to use it
I think I'm going to fly away
Good plan!
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12:25 BST

Ugh, I've been working all morning without a break. I know that you're supposed to be proud after hard work, but I just see the imperfections in what I've been doing.

I had a "frank exchange of views" with my Project Leader today. I blew up at him after he stood over me for 10 minutes demanding to know when I would finish the racks. They're supposed to take a week to do - I've had a day off sick and about half a day at the doctors this week. I'm not surprised that the job isn't finished yet.

I cannot comprehend the mind of this guy. Every issue I had with my work or every problem I raised was greeted by a phrase straight out of management school. I'm reminded of that dilbert picture where people are stamped with the management template and walk off as pointy haired zombies.

Yearning to... fail

I replied to a girl who contacted me through an internet dating site. I sent a vapid, bland and boring email to her; possibly I was subconsciously trying to scare her off? She replied, telling me small bits about herself and also berated me a little about my "I'll try and make myself interesting" subcontext.

In my heart, I've already failed. My PMA is non-existent where girls are concerned.

I just can't find the root of my negative feelings about relationships. Am I afraid of intimacy? I don't think so. Do I hate girls? No! Girls are nice. Am I simply being lazy? Possibly.

The ADSL itch

My phone bill is now 60 pounds a month. BT have said that ADSL will cost 40 pounds per month. Why the hell haven't they rolled it out yet? (apart from the obvious making money hand over fist reason)

I have to admit that a large portion of that time/money is spent on E2 and irc. There's a small but growing part of me that wonders if some of that money should be going to the E2 creators...

what is so bad about cooling daylogs?

prev daylog next daylog

Well... I went to my first Trance party last night. Why the hell do these parties start at 1:00 am? Does that make any sense? I always like to go in early to discos etc., because if there's one thing I hate, it's standing in line. So we got there early, and started talking to some people who were there. This one guy was sweating bullets. It was crazy. He was chewing a wad of gum so big it looked like a hamburger, and sweat was streaming down his face. It turns out he was on two ecstacys. I've never done it, never will. My girlfriend was sort of freaked out by it. This guy's wife is 5 months pregnant, and when he gets home in the morning, he sits with her and smokes joints all day to avoid the down. He can't eat or have sex or anything until nighttime. Why do people do that shit to themselves? I'll never understand it.

And what's up with bouncers? Why do they think they are superior? Any position of power makes the person feel superior. King for a day, fool for a lifetime. I used to get pissed off. Now I just quietly find it pathetic.
But then again, it was a great party.

Last night, the last hing I did before I went home was e-mail bomb myself.

I am a spammer

I was testing the email that was going out, making sure the format was correct and all. I didn't realize that the query was still pulling the data and looping it. I was in a hurry and didn't check the code the first time through.
That's what debugging is for.

Well, I sent myself 7984 copies of the spam that I was supposed to send out to our donors.

I am going to spend the whole morning just deleteing the stupid email.

This just keeps getting worse.

My parents came over to visit me last night. We ordered pizza and played on the computers some, then they went home.
My problem with this is that when they left, and I was all alone, I started to drink, heavily. I've always looked at the people who drink alone as having severe emotional problems, well, here I am. When I'm alone, I think about all the good times Stephanie and I had together. This in-turn causes me to drink more.
I would like to break the subject matter for a second to talk about true friends. Your true friends really shine through when they see you have a problem. I have discovered within the last week who my real friends are. Whether I'm right or wrong, my true friends have been backing me up all the way. Now don't get me wrong I've lost alot of 'friends' over this situation, but I suppose those people were never really my friends anyway.
Well after screwdriver #7 last night, at about 11:30pm, JarJar (my cat) failed to do as entertainment, so I called up my friend Jimmy who was just getting off work. He came by and we had several more drinks together, and then he went home.
I went to bed and woke up about an hour ago. I have not felt this bad in a long time. BAD HANGOVER was a word I've not used in quite a while.

Something had better happen to me quick, I can't take this everyday.

What a day this ...yawn... was today. I worked 'till around 2 am this morning, after which I went for a couple of drinks with my friends and coworkers. Must've hit the sack at about 6 am I think.

That's okay though, the tough part was waking up at 9 am! Doh!!!

It's not like I had a choice, even. I was supposed to call this important customer in the morning and it just couldn't wait. I was lucky though: no headache! :)

In the mean time I am surrounded by coworkers who, if they're not singing - loudly too I might add - are busy solving difficult mathemathical formulae like what is the result of e^(1/i).i^(1/e)...

These guys are supposed to be Linux freaks??? :)

I'll be off now: it's food time again, and on friday, that means fem!
Day Off = Good Thing

Today is the day that I go to the crazy doctor to find out just how crazy I am. Yes, I am a little nervous. I'm liable to be a sniffling wreck by the end of the day.

It's about 10:30 am right now, and I feel like I've already accomplished something. I called in and canceled my appointment with my trainer this morning so that I could call back someone about a job. Yes, when it rains it pours folks - I got a call yesterday from someone I sent a resume to. Its a local publishing company that makes testing software for K-12 schools, and the position is a QC/QA technican. Not sure if I want to do it, but I am stoked that someone else called me. They wanted some references and a salary history, so I just emailed the woman the information. I am hoping that they call me for an interview.

I am enjoying sitting here in my bathrobe writing this day log. I could get used to this. Heck, I might get used to it since I QUIT MY JOB YESTERDAY. :) Hehe.. woo! I'm so happy that I just quit like that.

I am going to go have lunch with my mother in an hour or so. I haven't told her I quit my job. I'm not sure if I want to tell her I quit since she will lecture me about money and responsibility. I think I will not say anything at this point and see what happens next week. I think I'll have another job in a couple of weeks if things keep going well.

Last night was somewhat lame. I wrote a node about it after everything happened. Basically, I'm tired of calling 911. At least the rest of the night was quiet.

I should probably get in the shower.

Nodes That I Wrote Today:
(last night really) I'm tired of calling 911

CD’s I’ve Listened To Today:
Fiona Apple - Tidal

Today’s Horoscope on my Calendar - unsure. The horoscope calendar is at work, and I'm at home! :) :)

I love having Friday off. :)

I'm still trying to think of a good reason to buy a Matrix Orbital LCD display. It's cool, and that's a good reason, but what would I display on it?

Sometime before 7AM I heard thunder outside, which is unusual. Florida weather is fairly predictable: high in the 90s, low in the 70s, and a 30% chance of rain in the afternoon. A morning storm is very rare, so I wonder what's in store for the weekend.

Last night I heard from my brother how much he liked my gifts for his birthday: a Safari cologne gift pack and a bunch of CD-Rs I burned with Dave Matthews Band concerts on them. I was asked what I want for my birthday, which is coming up soon, and I said that I've got some suggestions on my home page.

I spent the morning entering data to compare our records against our customer's records. This stuff is all on paper, but since they're a major customer, we generally try to keep them happy.

This weekend I'll hang out with my mom and stepdad in their place near Orlando. I didn't bring laundry or books to read, so I might actually get around to talking with them -- go figure. :)

In the real world,my father is comming home from Columbus,OH after a two day business trip,so my mother made me and my evil sibling clean our rooms,run the vacume,you know the drill.Of course,my sister doesn't do this and runs off to play with her friends.Meanwhile,I'm noding and happy that I've gotten my room in order.Woohoo!Tomorrow is Franke Contract Group's Family Day,which is once again held at that stupid air force base.Ugh.

In the world of Everything2,I've started my Salior Marxism saga,which I hope to complete over the course of the next few weeks,keeping me awake during the begining of my second year at Riverdale High.Stay Tuned,It's my first piece of node fiction,so be nice.Constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated,so /msg away!

August 11th? I'm still at work from August 10, 2000. But I must finish my project....

Yommorrow I'm getting up at 08:00 to clean ENS101 and then pack and clean my apartment. I might even go to a rave in Houston on Saturday night. So social!

After a week of not sleeping much, I feel a little down; assume that it's just physiological, even though I have issues...

A few day logs ago, reported a walking sound coming from a corner of the bedroom, assume now that it's a tree branch brushing the house, but my SO insists it's an animal...

Work is not stressful because we all still waiting for something to do. I'm learning C++ in the meanwhile, halfway through a good O'Reilly book and learning, yes, but realizing that as soon as I'm done with this one, I have to get another more advanced. Determined to learn the thing right, you know?

On the drive down this morning, the radio scan hit KVMR Nevada City, and had a solid half-hour (interrupted only by my arrival at work) of tunes from the early sixties - not songs that I used to listen to, but the songs that my older brothers and sisters listened to when they were teenagers. I was nine years old, tops, and so these songs don't give me nostalgia at all, but something else that I can't describe.

in brief:

  • work. not bad, kinda quiet. Free paintball on Sunday, cool.. :)
  • 14.25: realise that my train leaves in five minutes time. Run down the stairs (and get dizzy), and sprint across George Square in time to get the 14.30 to Edinburgh
  • Take the one short cut I know in the aforementioned city, and miraculously end up where I want to be.
  • Meet various people from school, and watch A Midsummer Night's Dream, played by various other people from school.
  • see hannah after the performance, and say I'll see her outside. But when outside, the various people I watched the show with want to go get train home. I follow.
  • We decide not to get the slow GNER train to Central, and instead wait for the ScotRail service a little later. But ScotRail decide that we are not deserving of a train, but eventually rustle up two carriages supposedly destined for Inverness. So we end up standing in the train's corridor, and Vicky repeatedly falls into the toilet since it has a wonky door.
  • Pizza Hut for dinner, yay
  • We wait around with Doug and Hazel for a 44 bus, but it doesn't turn up in time for Jag and Vicky to get their train home, so they get the 21.06, I get the 21.05, and we leave the other two at the bus stop, Doug with some fresh pigeon shit on his arm.
  • I'm going back to Central Station later tonight, to pick up my cousin from the 23.55 London train. Annoyingly, I can't go on my own because my sis took the car. Grr.
  • And now T in the Park is on tv. I'm off to watch..
It has not been what I would call a good day ... I had to deal with an asshole customer who doesn't really seem to EVER to listen to a damn word I say (No, Charley, that is still outside the realm of possiblity - your book simply won't be printed by NEXT WEEK!).

I'm pretty sure that it didn't help that I was up until 5:30 a.m. talking to Lianne again ... she stayed at my house last night. So ... although I got to hang out with Lianne (which is always clearly cool ... doesn't hurt that she's still really cute *slaps self* quit it ...), I also got two hours of sleep.

God, I hate insomnia.

However, my drive home from work almost made up for all of that, strangely enough.

I was sitting at a stoplight, and I saw this pencil that one of the little ravers that I took to a rave last weekend left in my car. It was baby blue and it has bubbles in the stem of the pencil ...

Kinda cool, actually.

Acting on some sort of impulse that I don't really recognize, I reached down and started blowing bubbles out the window to the cars sitting at the stoplight with me.

One woman laughed so hard she couldn't drive ...

I think I need to blow bubbles more.

How I Ripped Off the Pawn Shop

On a whim, I stopped by the pawn shop in my neighborhood on the way home from work. There was a sign on the door, something like "FIREARMS ARE NOT ALLOWED" But what if I want to pawn my gun? I guess the Value Pawn chain doesn’t take guns, but they do take bows if you are into low tech killing.

Inside I was greeted with an overly friendly salesperson. You know the type – he’ll to sell you everything in the place. He’d try to sell a ham in a synagogue. I dodged his eager salesmanship with the usual excuses. Sorry, but I wasn’t interested in an eighty dollar stereo without knobs. I was there to check out the used CDs.

Since they specialize in ripping people off by underpaying them for jewelry and electronics and overcharging them on interest, not selling records, the CDs are incredibly cheap. Last time I was there, I walked out with a very large stack for just $18. Today I found the 2 CD set The Jimi Hendrix Experience BBC Sessions for only six bucks! It was in perfect condition: there wasn’t even a scratch on the jewel case, and the consumer response postcard was still inside. Unbelievable. Were they smoking crack when they priced this? Even the salespeople seemed surprised by the deal.

The woman who rung up my purchase was quite friendly, not to mention cute. Why couldn’t she have been the overly eager salesperson? Unfortunately, short of checking for new CDs everyday or pawning everything I own, I don’t really have a lot of excuses for stopping by frequently. Maybe I’ll buy that knobless stereo…
I click on the Linux box's monitor, log in, and expect to hit the net running, on my usual kamikazie comic-reading trip.

No such luck.

@Home is pretending to be AOL again.

No outside link. No DNS. No IP connections. inetd goes nowhere. I fire up the Windoze box. No luck there. I attempt to route the connection through @Home's lousy proxy server. No luck; can't even find the damn proxy.

"Wonderful," I think to myself, "I wonder how long @Home will be dead TODAY..."

Implanting the idea in my head to hurry the hell up and network the computers together and get DSL, I wander off to work. Five dull hours later (Short schedule... how odd), I come back home to find the connection STILL dead.

At this point, I try to tell Linux to fire up eth0 again (Which, by the ifup script, fires up dhcpcd again), to no avail.

I leave to cash my paycheck and buy Cedar Point tickets. I return to find the connection live again. "Good, damnit, now I can get somewhere." One shot of ifup eth0 later, and the Linux box is live again.

A little bit later, my IRC connection seemed to die. /ping led me nowhere. After killing off dhcpcd and ifupping again, I was live. I knew right then and there something was the matter.

I spent the rest of the night making a script to kill and fire up dhcpcd again, as well as wondering and worrying if it's @Home or my Linux box. (Well, the script didn't take long at all, it was mainly the wondering and worrying part)

Right now, the connection seems stable. We'll see what tomorrow morning brings.

And the Windoze box is still dead.

CaptainSpam's New Nodes: Various Metaphorical Horses Which I Have Gotten Back Onto After Being Thrown From Them, And Others Who Weren't So Lucky

Birth of Frederick James Hayward at 3.35 AM, 2.2kg to parents Richard Donald Hayward and Lee Sook Meng.

He was resuscitated by two paediatricians for about three minutes after which he took his first unaided breath. Without a scream he was handed to his mother for less than a minute, then placed in a humidicrib. His father then followed the paediatricians as they left the delivery ward with the humidicrib. They took the lift up to the special care ward where his blood sample was taken. An intravenous drip was applied to his hand and this was supported by a foam board. A respiratory monitor was applied to him. He was dressed in a beanie and tartan suit and covered with clear plastic bubble wrap to allow his carers to observe him. He was given a handcrafted sign bearing his name on blue cardboard with a picture of Eeyore. A small soft toy dog "Spot" joined him in the humidicrib. For the remainder of August 11, 2000, Fred remained in his humidicrib.

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