What a day this ...yawn... was today. I worked 'till around 2 am this morning, after which I went for a couple of drinks with my friends and coworkers. Must've hit the sack at about 6 am I think.

That's okay though, the tough part was waking up at 9 am! Doh!!!

It's not like I had a choice, even. I was supposed to call this important customer in the morning and it just couldn't wait. I was lucky though: no headache! :)

In the mean time I am surrounded by coworkers who, if they're not singing - loudly too I might add - are busy solving difficult mathemathical formulae like what is the result of e^(1/i).i^(1/e)...

These guys are supposed to be Linux freaks??? :)

I'll be off now: it's food time again, and on friday, that means fem!