Goooooooooooood Morning, Everything...


Played Half-Life again... The end score for me was roughly 20 kills, 35 deaths. Or something. k = (1/2)*d + n or somesuch, anyway - ie, total kills was a bit more than half of deaths. I'm improving. I was about in the middle of that server's score list. Better than some newbies who just stood there. =)

My day was ruined. I confess: I accidentally downvoted something I wanted to upvote! Sorry, sorry, sorry... Well, I think there should be "JavaScript are-you-sure-you-want-to-cool-this-writeup" thing someone proposed, provided it works with JS-unenabled.

Uh, yeah, and a sacrilege. I edited SDiE2 DayMetaNoder sourcefile with... vim! IcKkKk! Well, I suppose it wasn't that bad. The end result is what matters =)


I just learned why Microsoft is the company publishing Mechwarrior 4: they own FASA Interactive. So, in order to get MW4, I have to... gulp, pay for MSware. And not buying it isn't an option. =( I went to shopping earlier today, and bough nothing because Baldur's Gate and Mechwarrior 3 are still sitting on the shelf with full prices!


Yeah, I tried that Santageddon thing. Looks like a decent 3D shooter - it ain't Half-Life, but it ain't bad either... The game itself was free (I got it with a magazine or it can be downloaded), playing is 20 FIM per week - and since we are, after all, in Finland, payment is via telephone and the access code will be sent as SMS message.

The game... well, I'll node about it later if I'll remember. Now, I'll go playing Half-Life for a change.


The HL round went nicely. 12 frags, 6 deaths. Quiet server in Wisconsin with people there who used nicknames like "(whatever) Newbie" - number of my frags was irrelevant, the cool thing was that they could frag me 6 times. Cool for them. =) My favorite map too. Don't let me loose with an assault rifle... =)


I just updated my homepage. The front page, dammit, haven't done that for ages. It is much smaller now, while it does have a lot more links than it had before. And, for the first time, it has links to Everything2, too! I mean, I had it on the link page, but now on the front page...

...oh, and I have a bunch of new photos there, too.

Other day logs o' mine...