12:03 EET

Yum, double cheeseburgers from Carrols. Junk food is good, m'kay?
I just wasn't in the mood to make breakfast today.

Card is visiting me tomorrow, so I have to fill up his CDs with stuff. You see, at the recent IRC party I accidentally took his CD-R folder with me, and he'll grab it tomorrow while he's visiting southern Finland. And naturally I have to burn some anime to the blank discs included. Too bad for that old tasteless-freak, since I don't have any hentai-crap to burn. :p

Heh, Petri Nygård's CD was released today. I feel the sudden urge to node him.

This update was quite short , but I'll be back to write more later. Time to do some noding and maybe try to slip in a few minutes of actual working.

14:27 EET

Sometimes E2 seems like such a hostile place. Since some editors around seem to be happily destroying writeups with no reason, backuping ones work would seem to be a good idea. But I'm not a coder, and can't create a script that would automatically gather all my writings with the tags and everything. The process would just be too slow by hand, since I have made nearly 350 writeups already.

Any ideas?

00:55 EET
the next day

Just listening to an mp3 of imitated Metallica, Dr.Dre and others singing Sue All the World.. This thing is damn hilarious.

Hey, what happened to the day log? It's all out of proportion. Damn you booyaa! :)

I have made backups of approx. 110 of my first writeups now, and expect to have them all by next tuesday. So mr trigger happy editor, better nuke my nodes fast, because after I've made backups of everything I have contributed, I will re-submit everything that is nuked without a reason. You can't stop me from noding, except by banning me from E2 entirely.

Didn't have much to say here today, and now it's time to sleep. Good night, fellow noders!

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