Birth of Frederick James Hayward at 3.35 AM, 2.2kg to parents Richard Donald Hayward and Lee Sook Meng.

He was resuscitated by two paediatricians for about three minutes after which he took his first unaided breath. Without a scream he was handed to his mother for less than a minute, then placed in a humidicrib. His father then followed the paediatricians as they left the delivery ward with the humidicrib. They took the lift up to the special care ward where his blood sample was taken. An intravenous drip was applied to his hand and this was supported by a foam board. A respiratory monitor was applied to him. He was dressed in a beanie and tartan suit and covered with clear plastic bubble wrap to allow his carers to observe him. He was given a handcrafted sign bearing his name on blue cardboard with a picture of Eeyore. A small soft toy dog "Spot" joined him in the humidicrib. For the remainder of August 11, 2000, Fred remained in his humidicrib.