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Well... I went to my first Trance party last night. Why the hell do these parties start at 1:00 am? Does that make any sense? I always like to go in early to discos etc., because if there's one thing I hate, it's standing in line. So we got there early, and started talking to some people who were there. This one guy was sweating bullets. It was crazy. He was chewing a wad of gum so big it looked like a hamburger, and sweat was streaming down his face. It turns out he was on two ecstacys. I've never done it, never will. My girlfriend was sort of freaked out by it. This guy's wife is 5 months pregnant, and when he gets home in the morning, he sits with her and smokes joints all day to avoid the down. He can't eat or have sex or anything until nighttime. Why do people do that shit to themselves? I'll never understand it.

And what's up with bouncers? Why do they think they are superior? Any position of power makes the person feel superior. King for a day, fool for a lifetime. I used to get pissed off. Now I just quietly find it pathetic.
But then again, it was a great party.