I click on the Linux box's monitor, log in, and expect to hit the net running, on my usual kamikazie comic-reading trip.

No such luck.

@Home is pretending to be AOL again.

No outside link. No DNS. No IP connections. inetd goes nowhere. I fire up the Windoze box. No luck there. I attempt to route the connection through @Home's lousy proxy server. No luck; can't even find the damn proxy.

"Wonderful," I think to myself, "I wonder how long @Home will be dead TODAY..."

Implanting the idea in my head to hurry the hell up and network the computers together and get DSL, I wander off to work. Five dull hours later (Short schedule... how odd), I come back home to find the connection STILL dead.

At this point, I try to tell Linux to fire up eth0 again (Which, by the ifup script, fires up dhcpcd again), to no avail.

I leave to cash my paycheck and buy Cedar Point tickets. I return to find the connection live again. "Good, damnit, now I can get somewhere." One shot of ifup eth0 later, and the Linux box is live again.

A little bit later, my IRC connection seemed to die. /ping led me nowhere. After killing off dhcpcd and ifupping again, I was live. I knew right then and there something was the matter.

I spent the rest of the night making a script to kill and fire up dhcpcd again, as well as wondering and worrying if it's @Home or my Linux box. (Well, the script didn't take long at all, it was mainly the wondering and worrying part)

Right now, the connection seems stable. We'll see what tomorrow morning brings.

And the Windoze box is still dead.

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