Day Off = Good Thing

Today is the day that I go to the crazy doctor to find out just how crazy I am. Yes, I am a little nervous. I'm liable to be a sniffling wreck by the end of the day.

It's about 10:30 am right now, and I feel like I've already accomplished something. I called in and canceled my appointment with my trainer this morning so that I could call back someone about a job. Yes, when it rains it pours folks - I got a call yesterday from someone I sent a resume to. Its a local publishing company that makes testing software for K-12 schools, and the position is a QC/QA technican. Not sure if I want to do it, but I am stoked that someone else called me. They wanted some references and a salary history, so I just emailed the woman the information. I am hoping that they call me for an interview.

I am enjoying sitting here in my bathrobe writing this day log. I could get used to this. Heck, I might get used to it since I QUIT MY JOB YESTERDAY. :) Hehe.. woo! I'm so happy that I just quit like that.

I am going to go have lunch with my mother in an hour or so. I haven't told her I quit my job. I'm not sure if I want to tell her I quit since she will lecture me about money and responsibility. I think I will not say anything at this point and see what happens next week. I think I'll have another job in a couple of weeks if things keep going well.

Last night was somewhat lame. I wrote a node about it after everything happened. Basically, I'm tired of calling 911. At least the rest of the night was quiet.

I should probably get in the shower.

Nodes That I Wrote Today:
(last night really) I'm tired of calling 911

CD’s I’ve Listened To Today:
Fiona Apple - Tidal

Today’s Horoscope on my Calendar - unsure. The horoscope calendar is at work, and I'm at home! :) :)

I love having Friday off. :)