It has not been what I would call a good day ... I had to deal with an asshole customer who doesn't really seem to EVER to listen to a damn word I say (No, Charley, that is still outside the realm of possiblity - your book simply won't be printed by NEXT WEEK!).

I'm pretty sure that it didn't help that I was up until 5:30 a.m. talking to Lianne again ... she stayed at my house last night. So ... although I got to hang out with Lianne (which is always clearly cool ... doesn't hurt that she's still really cute *slaps self* quit it ...), I also got two hours of sleep.

God, I hate insomnia.

However, my drive home from work almost made up for all of that, strangely enough.

I was sitting at a stoplight, and I saw this pencil that one of the little ravers that I took to a rave last weekend left in my car. It was baby blue and it has bubbles in the stem of the pencil ...

Kinda cool, actually.

Acting on some sort of impulse that I don't really recognize, I reached down and started blowing bubbles out the window to the cars sitting at the stoplight with me.

One woman laughed so hard she couldn't drive ...

I think I need to blow bubbles more.